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Kepler Newsletter #3: 11 July 2009

Report From The Centre Chair

Darwin's Malady climaxed - ooer - and while we were left with a few loose ends we happily moved on to our next mission, Rutherford's Fork. Disco limped in with new crew and will soon limp back. In fact we're giving her up for another support vessel. Which is a good thing, cause who wants a broken ship anyway?

So welcome to the new people. We love you already :D Thank you for putting up with us while we finished the previous mission, and I can see everyone is fitting in and making friends (lovers / haters and adulterers) quite nicely. And wow are you guys enthusiastic posters. I want you to all know that you are eligible for Newcomer Awards for this current mission, I didn't think it was fair to judge anyone based on the limited antics you could get up to while being ferried and bounced around on Disco. So, I'll be watching you all very carefully...

Just a few quick things and then you can move onto the more interesting stuffs (like awards). We have a chatroom, it can be found on the wikisite (near bottom of the nav). Remember to use location and time stamps at the tops of your posts, very essential when we all split up during this mission. And a reminder, we're an out of the way space station with limited crew and visitors for a reason, we might accidentally blow up, so it's essential to run all PNPCs past the command team as well as any visiting ship ideas. We don't want too many people to maybe accidentally blow up with us :D


Crew Notes (Promotions & Awards, etc)





3 Months with Kepler Award:


NPC Award:

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Antagonist Award

Mission Summary Report: Mission 2: Rutherford's Fork

Having lost a nacelle to the Tiddleoffs, USS Discovery limps to Kepler Station. A swarm of new staff, crew and their children make themselves at home, leaving engineering to clean up the big mess. A team of scientists, protected by marines, go planetside to investigate a crystal city, while those left on station wine and dine a species that have a perverse idea as to what is fun...

What could go wrong...

Mission To Do List

Previous List

  • Marines: The Borg need to be contained. This needs to be dealt with by 3am IC and up to seven days OOC to complete this
  • Department Heads: See to your departments and check in during the Borg kerfuffle. Medical tend to injured, engineering locked down
  • Everyone else: You're scared shitless mostly while escaping from the Borg drones, seeing to injured, locked down awaiting rescue (ie in the Captain's ready room)
  • USS Discovery: Still en route to Kepler. Due to arrive lunchtime next day IC (OOC seven days)

Darwin's Maladay accomplished!

Current To Do List

  • Pre-mission proper posts/jps out by Monday
  • Transport departs Kepler to go back through Solaria Gateway
  • Harby lot: Sciences and Marines can get ready for their jaunt
  • Kepler lot: Business as usual until told otherwise (very soon)

Stuck? Hit me, Sean or Susan up for a JP or chat.

Quotes: He Said, She Said...

I'm ill prepared this month. Promise I'll have some next time. If you see something you really like or would like to help out with gathering quotes, please let me know, or send the quote to me via PM.

Post Count

Total Darwin's Malady: 115
Total thus far for Rutherford's Fork: 120 Contributions (participants to posts and JPs)