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Kepler Newsletter #4: 3 August 2009

Report From The Centre Chair

Wow. Seriously wow...

July turned out to be a mega awesome month for us all. Everyone met and surpassed four posts each, something we should all pat ourselves on the back over. That is an achievement in itself. Some led the way and did more than just posting heaps. They posted with others; helped us newbies and oldies get involved in little subplots and interactions; helped find ways to bring us all into the missions and interact, either with their PCs or PNPCs. It's something I aim to do, but I don't always have the time or ability to do so, so my thanks to you all for stepping up when I couldn't. Please keep doing it, I'm not gonna complain :D

Not only have we been active, but what we are all writing is, in my opinion, a very high quality read. We're all here because we enjoy Star Trek and we also enjoy writing, on our own and with each other. It's why we sim. We're all creative people. Pshaw, you say, but it's true.

We recruit with creativity in mind. We want and seek out creative people. Even if people haven't simmed before (like some of our newer players) we will still accept them, because they too are creative. Heck, you can all write, and you write well. I'm seeing three dimensional characters that interact with each other on a daily basis. I'm seeing characters rubbing each other the wrong way, getting pissed off, committing adultery, falling in love, second guessing themselves, improving themselves and, sometimes, just getting drunk and doing stupid things. And all of this is happening in a Star Trek environment. I don't know about you, but I'm finding this to be compelling reading.

So, here's to Kepler. A group of creative writers who write more than people on ships blowing stuff up, or straight out bad porn. Seriously we don't write porn o.O

Cheers Sarah

Crew Notes (Promotions & Awards, etc)


Mission Summary Report: Mission 2: Rutherford's Fork

Kepler Summary

This week on Kepler Station the Havian Hegemony made first contact with the United Federation of Planets. After informing Kepler's acting Commanding Officer, Prith, that they wished to begin negotiations concerning normalized relations with the Federation, they generously accepted an offer to attend a reception to held for them upon their arrival. In the meantime, the members of the senior staff, and acting members of the senior staff, met to discuss the plans for the negotiations and the evening at hand.

This week:

  • The Havians will arrive on Kepler
  • The party will begin

Not sure what your character should be up to? Check in with your Department head or PM Prith (Sean)

Harbinger Summary

Beginning in mid-July, USS Harbinger left Kepler Station for the planet Acheron, 12 hours away. Acheron had been visited by a survey team briefly, and ruins were discovered on the large continent. During the trip, a meeting was held of the scientists on board, including some moments of argument between the Despards and Dr. O'Brien, lead scientist.

Other conflict came between O'Brien and the Chief Petty Officer commanding the ship when the man disagreed with Starfleet's privacy policy for patients and tore down the sheets put up by Nurse Vanger. The Chief's engineer and Marine Gunnery Sergeant Ling figured out a way around that problem.

Personal relationships are developing nicely: The Despards are figuring out ways to work together in spite of their failed marriage and the secrets they keep from one another; Ensign Freitas and Gunny are on the cusp of having an affair; O'Brien and MarDet CO, Captain Shard, may be making progress in their solid bond with one another; Russian pilot Svetlana Ivanova is striving to overcome her concerns about the newest fighter pilot and offer her lessons in flying the not-really-a-toy-just-looks-like-one airplane brought on the mission for planetary flyovers. Nurse Vanger gets along with everyone. Chief Russell doesn't like anyone.

Ruins of the town, Cyrus, are not so ruined. Both the Despards and O'Brien have been doing research there. Something Wicked has been aroused, and it considers the humans food. So far, it hasn't caught any . . . or made it's presence known. The scientists and fighter pilot are each exploring the planet in their own ways. Captain Shard is trying to keep everyone safe, with positive results so far.

In the coming weeks of the mission, it appears that:

  • we will discover a unique ability of Cyrus;
  • we will come into further contact with Wicked;
  • Personal relationships will continue to grow;
  • characters will examine who they are and what they want;
  • we may lose some characters in surprising ways;
  • emotion may rule logic;
  • beyond here there be monsters.

Stuck or lost? Let Liesel (Susan) know and she'll see you right

Quotes: He Said, She Said...

Cat shares her observations on men
"Oh screw you," she snapped, fresh tears filling her eyes. "You're just like bloody David, making assumptions. Sod the lot of you!"

Makani Freitas reveals the man of his dreams to his son, Pili
"Yes," Mike cut in, "And of course when you see someone that looks like a flesh-eating zombie, the first thing that goes through your head is 'I wonder if he'd like to date my dad,' thank you...very flattering."

It's raining men, hallelujah, it's raining men!
"If you're saying this isn't the first time you've been hit by an engineer falling through a busted access panel, then this station is in worse shape than I thought," Cade told the kid.

Justin recalls what sold him on becoming a marine
"Yup, just what my recruiter told me when I first joined up. Travel! See strange new places, meet strange new people...and shoot them."

Sesame Street teaching meatheads to count since the late 20th century
"As I stated before, Lieutenant Commander. I can count. People can believe what they want about us security people but contrary to popular belief, we aren't all stupid meat heads." Ayel grinned.

Marissa thinking happy thoughts about our beloved CMO
In the corner! Like little school children! Why that impertinent little piece of snot!

David has scores of armies hidden under his pillow...
"Don't worry," David assured him as he chugged back his drink,"I'm more likely to start a war than you."

Gerda wanting privacy for potentially illicit reasons...
Gerda laughed. "Well, what I want is probably illegal. What I need is some sort of privacy screen that can't be ripped down on a whim and can be put up when needed."

Bluey is too smug for his own good
"Nearly, but not quite," Prith replied with a small chuckle. "You've got a lot of spirit, and more than a little lip," he continued, placing his hands behind his head and interlocking his fingers.

Sounds like Ling has been there, done that and obtained the grainy night vision video...
"Yeah, all sorts of places. No place you'd ever pay to go, no place you'd ever want to go in your right mind, but lots of places."

Zoey quotes little known 21st century female singer...
"I'm Becca, Zoey only wishes she was as hot as me..." she said

Harby's rough and gritty atmosphere rubs off on Liesel...
"Cretin," she muttered. "Neanderthal. Borg Hive Slave - petaQ!" Yes, there were some things that could only be said satisfyingly in Klingon.

Raoden wants to talk date business
"It's not a date? Damn, and I had my best pickup lines ready," he said and smiled. "Sure then, you can explain the whole interview and journalism thing to me, then we can proceed to do it.

Go ahead punk, warning from Svetlana, I think it would make her day
Speaking about who has to obey the safety precautions: "Anyone," Ivanova said, standing, "Hu does not vish to die abrupt and terrible death as object lesson to peers."

Alex considers a career change
Alex laughed a little. "How much does home massage boy pay?"

Emileen reveals the rule she lives by
Emileen laughed at the comment. "Have you met many pilots, Gunny?" the question was really rhetorical. "We're selected for our trouble-causing abilities."

To think he was talking about urine but it could easily apply to most areas of Greg's life... hmm...
"I've a habit of ruining things," Gregory said with a grin. "I should have left you blissfully ignorant."