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Kepler Newsletter #5: 11 August 2009

Report From The Centre Chair

First up, some thank yous...

I want to take a few moments to thank and acknowledge some people who have really stepped up to help out recently. And I'm gonna bullet point them :P

  • Susan and Brandon for creating and leading the Harby mission
  • Sean for creating and leading the Kepler mission
  • Shawn for being a solid sounding board and doing the dirty work :P
  • Honourable mention to Nick and Mitchel for keeping me motivated
  • Everyone for pitching in and enjoying yourselves, it really shows in your writing and JPs

It looks like things are starting to heat up in the Kepler and Harby missions. Things are getting a little weird and information is being drip fed to those who are following along at home. We're also settling down into the mid mission groove, but fear not (or be fearful) as the pace will pick once more when these missions reach climax! And what a gooey mess that might end up being... o.O

I won't bore you any longer folks as I know you want to get into the meat of this newsletter (if you were quoted!). So go forth and enjoy!

Cheers Sarah

Crew Notes (Promotions & Awards, etc)


Mission Summary Report:

Kepler Summary Mission 2: Rutherford's Fork: Kepler Station

1. The Havian Diplomatic Party officially arrived on the station and was greeted by members of the senior staff.

2. Caroline Post, of the FNN, was only too glad to interview the two primary members of the Havian diplomatic party.

3. The Costume Party in the Treehouse Lounge has officially begun.

This week:

  • PARTY!!! All week.

Not sure what your character should be up to? Check in with your Department head or PM Prith (Sean)

Harbinger Summary Mission 2: Rutherford's Fork: USS Harbinger

So far, in August, Dr. O'Brien dragged Captain Shard on a walk, including the town of Cyrus. During that visit, the two put together some facts they both had and came to the conclusion that Cyrus is not a town at all, but appears to have some kind of computer parts.

Lt. Ivanova takes 2nd Lt. Carlisle out for a little training on the ultra light flyer. Carlisle is impatient to take off and almost crashes the flyer. At the last minute, Carlisle manages to avoid crashing and enjoys a look around the planet.

Meanwhile, on the evening of Day 4, Ling takes a walk with Nurse Vanger, but they stop without entering the city, since the nurse doesn't know him well enough to trust him completely.

The morning of Day 5, O'Brien asks Lt. Ivonova to make a special reconnaissance flight over Cyrus and take pictures from new angles.

Gunny Ling and Ensign Freitas begin exploring a desert south of Harbinger's position. It appears they are headed for either an affair or heartbreak. They don't get far in their scientific plans for the day when they are called back to base camp.

O'Brien and Shard have met with the Despards and discover even more - there are clones in underground areas . . . and they appear to be the power source for a transmission/receiver set-up, which is Cyrus itself. When Captain Shard hears this, he calls everyone back to base camp, and orders the Despards into quarantine for 24-hours.

Quickly taking charge, Shard orders all non-essential personnel and half the Marines back to Kepler with a report for the XO in charge there.

The Marines remaining on Acheron set up a perimeter of guards and a second sensor array. They also set up a tent for Sickbay and a containment field to keep the Despards in quarantine.

In the coming weeks of the mission, it appears that:

  • we will discover exactly what the purpose of Cyrus is;
  • we will discover something about the clones below Cyrus;
  • we will discover a very large antenna on the planet;
  • someone will come into further contact with Wicked;
  • personal relationships will continue to grow;
  • characters will examine who they are and what they want;
  • emotion may rule logic;
  • beyond here there be monsters.

Stuck or lost? Let Liesel (Susan) know and she'll see you right. Marines should hit up Justin (Brandon)

Quotes: He Said, She Said...

Says David of his warrior princess
"I'm probably not the best person to ask that sort of thing since I've had nothing but hostile encounters with new species. In general, I don't mind alien species, though there are one or two Federation allies that I try to avoid. But I have yet, in my years of service to the Federation, to meet one that didn't kill someone I love, try to kill me, or kill one of my crew members. I don't believe for a second that these people want or need us as allies, and I don't believe we need them either."

Justin displaying his romantic techniques
"See, now, you, I wouldn't shoot. Maybe just tie up a little."

Cade loves to party
"Party," thought Cade. "Stupid fucking party."

Doctor O'Brien's unique medical prescription
"Maybe we could just find a private spot and relieve some tensions. Save some lives that way. You might need 'em later."

Cassi is well versed in the art of mistakes
"Mistake?" Cassiopeia adjusted the strap over her shoulder then completed the handshake that was offered. "No, I know what mistakes feel like, and it's nothing like this. Are you waiting for someone here?"

Jon'a finally decided to give up acid when his last trip involved...
"...there were babies. Babies from the race that we presume built this place. Perfectly preserved in some sort of liquid in a cylinder. At first we thought that maybe it was a burial ground. All the pieces fit. There were carvings on the walls...lots of cobwebs as you would just seemed right. Creepy...but right."

Ayel has that affect on men
"Shit I'm sorry. I would have expected at least a knock or something. Do you always walk into the rooms of women without asking for permission!?" She was still a bit wound up though she tried to not let it show. "Winters, you say?" she cleared her throat and sat the phaser back in it's place. "I'm sorry to make you drop your tools..."

Gunny Ling has his priorities straight
"I got the phaser rifle first. Lunch is second on the list."

Alex has a permit to perve
"Don't shoot, I have a work order for a repair." He did his best to avert his stare from her naked bits. That was made easier as his eyes were drawn to the phaser. "I'm Chief Petty Officer Alexander Winters."

Makani falls back on the tried and tested schoolyard romance tactics
"If I didn't like you, I wouldn't spend so much time trying to annoy you. When you look at it like that, it's kind of respectful, isn't it?"

Gerda understands her function in Starfleet
"I just patch them up and send them out."

They don't know us very well, do they?
"I imagine that they do, probably some kind of phased particle weapon. How else could they had beaten back the Tiddleoffs," Toocka asked. "All the same, I think it best to put our best foot forward. If they did indeed attack and defeat the Tiddleoffs do you really think we could stand up to them in an armed conflict," he asked, arching an eyebrow at Marcha.

Svetlana imparts wisdom valuable to any pilot
"Vith no ving is no lift. Vith no lift is fall."

Everyone is grateful that Emileen doesn't have to fly Harby o.O
The sixth [gauge] was peculiar to this breed of craft, a tachometer. I wonder what that does?