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Kepler Newsletter #6: 27 August 2009

Report From The Centre Chair

Six Months!

Yes, Kepler has been active now for six months. For some it seems like hardly any time at all, while for others it feels like an age... well according to Susan :P

I'm looking forward to the next six months as well. We've a few ideas for plots and we're also wanting to focus more on the departments, try to juice things up a bit more. Maybe slot in some unexpected (and probably some expected) plot events while our characters go about their day to day lives on Kepler. And of course I always enjoy seeing what everyone comes up with. We are all spanners / wrenches (personally I'm a monkey wrench) in Kepler's story. Let's see what mischief we can get up to! ... without blowing the station up, please.

A couple more things quickly before you rush off to find out if you were quoted or not. You might have seen the news announcement regarding the Task Force that Kepler is a part of. I have taken on the position of Task Force Executive Officer, although I'm still not sure what that will require of me. I will apparently be running the Task Force for a few weeks, come this weekend o.O And it's just dawned on me that there may be this expectation for every sim in the TF to become like Kepler in terms of community, activity, creativity and fun. I'm not too worried, just not quite sure how to bottle Kepler... I want you all to know that you and Kepler are my first priority. If I seem to forget that or you feel neglected, please let me know. Sometimes I'm oblivious.

So much for quickly... July was nuts. August is somewhat quieter, but that's fine. I'm happy with what we've achieved this month and I wasn't expecting another month of crazy insane post fests. Everyone has to come down after a high like that. September however... jokes, jokes :P Just contribute what you are able to, hit up Sean, Susan and Brandon if your character if feeling lonely, and post LOAs if you need them.

Last on the list is USS Tribulation. The plan here is to launch the subsim when the Kepler and Harbinger missions close (penciled in for mid-September). At the moment we are taking applications for the Officer in Command of Trib. These applications close 5 September (NZT) when we'll announce the lucky (or unlucky) person who will run Trib with our support and encouragement. If you're interested in applying check out the subsite or if you have any questions, get in touch with me.

PS: Is it just me or is there an inordinate number of wanton and dangerous women on this station? o.O

Cheers Sarah

Crew Notes (Promotions & Awards, etc)



6 Months with Kepler Award:


  • Stephen (Zoey) - LOA until 2nd week September
  • Shawn (K`rillim) - LOA back September

Mission Summary Report:

Kepler Summary Mission 2: Rutherford's Fork: Kepler Station

1. Party!

2. Havian Invitation to their ship

This week: 1. Going to Havian Ship

Not sure what your character should be up to? Check in with your Department head or PM Prith (Sean)

Harbinger Summary Mission 2: Rutherford's Fork: USS Harbinger

Things have moved a little slowly in the last couple of weeks.

Lt. Ivanova has done a recon photo flight and brought back pictures that reinforce Capt. Shard's opinion of Cyrus as some kind of bio-computer.

A meeting of all scientists and Marines was held, apportioning duties. Harbinger was sent back to Kepler with some Marines and scientists, while others stayed on planet. The station's antenna field is not completely in place, and there are no receivers pointed in the direction of Acheron, so Lt. Carlisle was sent back to talk to the XO on Kepler. The crew of Harbinger approaches the new orders with their usual attitudes.

The Despards were quarantined, and it was discovered they were exposed to a low level radiation that interferes with the DNA, but it's completely reversible.

Ensign Freitas tried interviewing the Despards, but was frustrated with the information he received, and the questions that went unanswered.

Gerda Zsu Vanger and Dr. O'Brien work out the best treatment for the radiation sickness so that the city can be explored.

Marissa Despard and Dr. O'Brien have a discussion about managing her disease since the radiation issue has provided a new option. The discussion turns ugly. Later, they work things out.

Gunny Ling sets two remaining Marines to forming a tighter perimeter and planting a few surprises for anyone who runs into it. He and another Marine go to Cyrus to explore for booby traps or any other dangers Marines might find.

In the coming weeks of the mission, it appears that:

  • the scientists will put their heads together over current info
  • the Marines will make us safe for further exploration
  • we will discover a very large antenna on the planet;
  • someone will come into further contact with Wicked;
  • personal relationships will continue to grow or diminish;
  • characters will examine who they are and what they want;

Stuck or lost? Let Liesel (Susan) know and she'll see you right. Marines should hit up Justin (Brandon)

Quotes: He Said, She Said...

Makani warns Ling of the deadly snake...
"As for dangerous creatures, you know as well as I do that all creatures can be dangerous in the right situations."

Shard outlining the next step of his plan
"Cleaning house and getting rid of some of these damn cats!"

It's all too hard for Cade...
"Nobody ever learned anything with small talk and dancing," he thought.

Dr. Liesel O'Brien, Bedside Counsellor
"No one knows how much life they have. It doesn't matter what the prognosis for your disease. It doesn't matter that it looks like I have a long healthy future ahead of me. I could die first. Any of us can die at any time. I hope you'll decide to focus on living instead of dying."

Ayel's killer legs!
"You were planning on sliding your hand up my dress?" she raised an eyebrow and grinned at him deviously. "Just remember then, the knife is on the left leg. The other leg is perfectly safe for wandering fingers."

Marissa's life in a nutshell
"I know this will be my last time to discover anything, and I don't want to miss out on any of it. Sitting here is like I am wasting the last days of my life...."

Prith turns red!
"Mister Roberts, if you're threatening me you'll find yourself in what used to be your own brig," Prith said in a low tone. "Now, get out."

Have you tried turning it off and on again?
Jon'a sighed. "In the facilities that were working we found cloning operations. There was one clone for each individual of the species that are hooked up. We came to the understanding that they are what is powering the systems in Cyrus because...well...we unplugged one."

Cassi tries a new pick up line...
"There do seem to be a lot of grumpy Gus-es around here. Parties should be fun, not work - and some of these costumes look like they took a lot of work to climb into." She heaved a sigh as she grabbed his wrist, "Come on, there's no sense in dressing up then spending the entire night standing by the wall looking like you'd rather be counting the number of hairs on the back of your hand."

Svetlana's casual observation of ruins
"From air, looks like printed circuit. Am sure is different from ground."

Oh if only Kennedy knew
"Just a question, if you don't mind. Are there any medical or mental health issues I should be aware of that are particularly relevant to the crew?

Gunny takes charge!
"We have our orders, and we will follow them to the letter. If you want to survive, don't depend on your vision," Ling said harshly. "We have civilians here and we will do this by the book.

Next on as the Station turns, David suffers from amnesia...
"I'm afraid you are mistaken, sir," David answered with a sneer. Data could be faked, it wasn't even hard to do. "Your records are incorrect. There is no Lieutenant what did you say? Roberts assigned to Kepler Station. Her Chief of Security is Petty Officer Second class Ayel Hayle. And I can do this all day as well. Is there anything else, sir?"

Gerda isn't afraid to express herself!
"No, never! I'm perfection personified."

Jackson's responsibility goes only so far...
"Because my responsibility is to this ship and the people on it," he explained as they weaved through the ward room and he pushed her through the hatch to the bridge. "And they ain't on it."