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Kepler Newsletter #7: 13 September 2009

Report From The Centre Chair

Mmm... cake...

Now that I have your attention let's get down to business. First off my apologies for having to take most of last week off due to suffering from the dreaded assignment-itis. However I'm back now and am stepping up to direct the station-side plot while Sean is tied up in real life (kidnapped and everything, they sent a ransom note). I'm fairly confident that Kepler is back on track to finish by the end of the month. And Harby is looking to be meeting the same deadline. And those Over There... well maybe you don't want Greg back, he's gonna be more pissed than a bull :D

You know what I'm really excited about? The subsim. Tribulation now has an Officer in Command, Hylton who writes for Lieutenant Command Robert Tainer. He will be supported by Nick (whom we all know and love) as Lieutenant Commander Shirina Walker. In character they will be traveling through the Gateway with Greg and Cat, in some random starship, along with any other new players/characters. If anyone is interested in creating a PNPC for Trib or transferring their PC over (Starfleet only) then please wait until nearer the end of the month and submit an application through the Trib's page then.

PS: End of mission awards coming soon!


Crew Notes (Promotions & Awards, etc)



3 Months with Kepler Award:


6 Months with Kepler Award:

Current LOAs:

  • Stephen (Zoey) - LOA returning start of next mission
  • Shawn (K`rillim) - LOA returning start of next mission

Mission Summary Report:

Kepler Summary Mission 2: Rutherford's Fork: Kepler Station

Engineering has been busy. While the Chief Engineer has been off bonking his Risian girlfriend the underlings have been trying to penetrate the secrets of the Havian vessel. After accosting flight control and sending out a probe, the Assistant Chief Engineer found something worrying, a hidden or cloaked area in the centre of said ship. He sends his evidence off to security who are still reeling from their Chief's sudden resignation.

The Havians invitation to join them for entertainment aboard their ship has been accepted by Lieutenant Commander Prith. He is joined by Caroline Post, her assistant Pili Freitas and four buff looking security personnel.

This week:

  • The group on board the Havian vessel settle in for some entertainments only to find themselves in the middle of some kind of on board civil war
  • A handful of people are on board Tribulation for minor repairs and restock
  • Shit hits the fan and those on Trib might be in a position to do something about it

Not sure what your character should be up to? Check in with Sarah

Harbinger Summary Mission 2: Rutherford's Fork: USS Harbinger

Action has picked up this last week on the planet Acheron. The Marines (Capt. Shard, Lt. Ivanova, Gunnery Sergeant Ling and Corporal Johnson) planned and executed a recon mission to the central area of clones, in the middle of Cyrus. Unwilling to be left behind, Lt. O'Brien determined to sneak off behind them. Ens. Freitas saw where she was going and followed her, catching up and offering her no choice but to take him with her.

During the recon, two Marines (Ivanova and Johnson) were faced with phase creatures. Two Marines (Shard and Ling) were faced with three clones. Phaser fire had no effect on them. The scientists gathered information and came up behind the clones. Even catching them in the crossfire, with a different phase Freitas had programmed into their weapons, the net effect was simply to scatter the clones. Shard has called a withdrawal and everyone is going about that in their own way.

The two scientists discover a datastream being transmitted. In looking at it, there seems to be a pattern emerging, but they aren't sure if it's a language or mathematics. They have lots of hope.

"What is it? I don't know, but I hope it isn't about us. I hope the Despards didn't wake up something we can't put back to sleep. I hope they aren't calling home for big brother's help."

Meanwhile, the Despards could be getting themselves in trouble as well. We aren't sure yet.

In the coming weeks of the mission, it appears that:

  • the Marines will make us safe for further exploration
  • we will discover a very large antenna on the planet;
  • someone will come into further contact with phase creatures;
  • personal relationships will continue to grow or diminish;
  • some characters may have surprising developments

On USS Harbinger:

  • Boring ride back home to Kepler. Oh look a comet

Stuck or lost? Let Liesel (Susan) know and she'll see you right. Marines should hit up Justin (Brandon)

Over There Summary Mission 2: Rutherford's Fork: Over There

After getting his divorce Gregory talks with his baby sister, Eva. Then he escorts Catalina to her brother's wedding. She further enlists Gregory's help by having him look mean while she ensures her brother's marriage is legal tender in the Sargosian way. This turns out to have severe ramifications for the fake couple from Kepler. It appears that Cat's brother sought revenge and married her off to Gregory while they were all liquored up!

Still to come:

  • Catalina wakes up and finds out how truly evil her family are
  • The command team of Tribulation receive orders and meet
  • Everyone jumps on a starship, go through the gateway and return the Kepler

Quotes: He Said, She Said...

Caroline enlisting under-aged help to look out for number one
"Stick close, and think of ten ways to use that camera as a weapon to defend your boss."

Shard shows his marine nature
"This posturing and discussion is really getting us no where."

Brodie curses with the best of them
"Damn you, Winters!" he shouted again, then smiled. It felt good to rage against the man.

Cat jinxed it
"Play nice," she ordered, "Or I'll make sure the chief bridesmaid throws the bouquet in your direction," her threat completely mangled the human traditions but Cat didn't realise that. "You look nice, just smile and nod in the right places then you can get drunk and forget all about at. Look at it this way, at least it isn't YOUR wedding."

Liesel saving her hide by halving her hiding
"Since you invited yourself along, you can take half the fallout when Justin finds out what we've done,"

Alex isn't male? dun dun DUN!
"Well, I probably could go again. But, I want to talk."

Jon'a prefers dead people over his living wife
"I am best with things that have been dead for a long time."

Jael's Risian sex lust proves to be on par with most teen males...
"My god...I wish it were me. I mean...I wish I had seen her naked...what an incredible body she has. Did you like what you saw?"

Svetlana explains the intricacies of shooting the scary monster thing
"If target is hostile, it must come into phase to attack. Then shoot. Better if shoot target, not me."

Who needs enemies - or superior officers - when you have Eva?
"Is she older? I think you need an older woman. You're maturing now, by the way you have some grey chest hairs, and I think a woman that knows what she wants is just what you need. She can order you about. I mean who else would order a Starfleet Captain around?"

Philosopher Ling at your service
"Corporal, they don't pay us to think. They pay us to be the canary."

Makani shares his deathly fear of marines with the group
"I'm not so worried about dying down there . . . I'm more worried about what's going to happen once the marines catch up to us. A quick, clean death might be the easy way out."

Pili's Spidey sense is tingling
"That 'property' comment about me the other night, those hard wooden staffs, just, I don't know, a feeling that this civility is some kind of mask or playacting. - Pili

Greg's famous last words...
"No! It's not my bloody wedding," said Gregory. "And there won't be a next time. Ever."