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Kepler Newsletter #8: 5 October 2009

Report From The Centre Chair

Mmmmmissions end

Yes! Done! Yay! Celebratory cake for all. Not to mention awards. Thank you to everyone on some excellent writing. We had everything aliens, angst, drama, romance, DEATH (not the Terry Pratchett kind), comedy and treknobabble. Not everything went to plan, we did have a few issues crop up but we handled them. I might not have handled them as well as I could have but no one died, well Marissa did but as the poll says at least one person thought she whined way too much, and the station did not blow up. Station not blowing up is usually a mark of a mission well done, in my mind at any rate.

Our next mission looms. When we get the Department Head JP out, will help if I start it first, we'll officially have started. Until then feel free to post arrivals and normal station business in Rutherford's Spork. We'll also kick Tribulation out to do it's own mission before we get down to business. Halley's Complaint (next mission title) is a bit sciencey but it will have something for everyone, from civilians to engineers, to the marine fighters. What's it about? I'll give you a hint, a comet, a rather pesky comet that will affect the station's power supply. Also we'll be shoulder tapping various people for another plot, so check your PMboxes regularly!

Tribulation is currently taking applications. If you are interested in creating a PNPC for Trib or transferring your current PC over (Starfleet only) then please fill in an application or PM Hylton (Robert Tainer) direct. For more information and the application form, click here

PS: o/~ I like big cakes and I cannot lie!


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Mission Summary Report:

Kepler Summary Mission 2: Rutherford's Fork: Kepler Station

The group on board the Havian vessel settled in for some amusing entertainments only to find themselves in the middle of some kind of on board civil war. The assigned security team rushed their charges to safety, some were carried while one was pushed. Luckily for all involved once they made it out of the shielded area, they were rescued by the recently resigned Chief Sec / Tac who had commandeered Tribulation. Special thanks to the engineers that also assisted and made this rescue possible. The shaken group were given the all clear by medical and returned to Kepler Station. The Melk amazingly won their bloody victory and vowed to save their fellows back home before they sailed off into space to do just that.

Mission Completed

Harbinger Summary Mission 2: Rutherford's Fork: USS Harbinger

As we come to the close of the adventure on Acheron, we have had an adventure with the clones, requiring the death of three of them - by falling ceiling. We've made an effort to wound phase creatures, but aren't sure that was successful. Nevertheless, our intrepid Marines and Scientists managed to escape and Cyrus was put off limits.

Unfortunately, the Drs. Despard didn't listen, and in a sneaky trip to the crystal building of the city, Marissa dislodges something and plunges to her death of a broken neck. Something hungry down there has nibbled on her by the time Captain Shard finds her body and gets it up to the surface. Having his wife go back to Kepler in a stasis bag is not exactly the way Jon'a thought his marriage would end.

Lt. Ivanova does a recon and discovers something odd about a valley - could it be a satellite dish? Now that she knows about the phase creatures, she has set the surveillance to find them, and they are all over the valley. The Lieutenant continues her surveillance and discovers more facts which will help major future Starfleet mission to Acheron.

Ensign Freitas and Gunnery Sergeant Ling find a second antenna in the mountains, while searching for the nests of the huge birds they had seen before. No phase creatures go that high, so they are safe in an idyllic hot springs setting. During the 3-day science field trip, they discover each other, as well as the antenna, and have the start of a torrid love. The course of true love never runs smooth, and they have an argument and break up just before Harbinger returns to pick up the team.

Captain Shard and Lt. O'Brien decide they've had enough of Starfleet, as well as Acheron, and determine that upon their return to Kepler, they will submit resignations and take their accumulated leave while they wait for approval. Justin romantically presents Liesel with an O-ring from his rifle, and she can't resist that proposal.

At last, a tired and some miserable, some happy crew are retrieved by Harbinger and return to Kepler Station.

Mission Completed

Over There Summary Mission 2: Rutherford's Fork: Over There

Gregory and Catalina wake up married and naked after a night of alcohol, coffee and potential debauchery. This is later followed up by a hit and miss sexcapade while en route to Kepler.

The new Officer in Command of Tribulation and his Executive Officer meet for the first time and dance around each other unhappily. The new medical guy wins a boxy crate thing that puzzles him muchly while all journey to their new home.

Mission Completed

Quotes: He Said, She Said...

Justin taking charge
"You will stand down or I will have you shot! You're the reason that this has happened and I damn well won't have anyone charging off for more trouble! Do I make myself clear?!"

Yarinson seems intimately acquainted with the Kepler lot...
"Just a bit of a warning, son, this lot can be... a bit of a handful, so step lightly”

Toocka: (on the Federation)
"They seem perfectly genuine, even if their press is a tad more... animated than ours is."

Dr. O'Brien realises on then that Justin is colour blind
"Eat dirt, Shard. I'm not one of your Marines."

Sargoasians have the best pillow talk
"I've not kicked your arse yet have I?" she asked between kisses.

Pili explains the secret to attracting grumpy men
"I met a new friend, too, I mean other than Caroline. He's an engineer here named Cade. He fell out of the ceiling on top of me and well, we' a couple of times."

The guilty Despard! Despicable!
"I think I knew. I didn't want it to be true." He was silent a minute. "I thought I still had time."

Vanessa entertains kinky thoughts about her former boss
"David Roberts is a good friend, but sometimes . . . sometimes he's a dumb ass and I want to smack him one."

Mmmm, Michael has sexy chips
“Awww come home my little darlings.” Harris drew in the chips and started kissing each one in turn as he added them to his stack while the dealer shuffled.

The mystical gypsy Svetlana Ivanova, tells predicts the future!
"Vhat part of 'do not go alone if not vish to die terrible death' vas mystery?"

Alex describes waking up next to Jael
"I am sort of indisposed at the moment."

Ayel is the only one with enough balls to actually ask Cade:
"May I ask for a cup of coffee? Black. It's quite early still."

Robert tells his pilot what no man wants to hear
“Thank you for the ride, Chief” he said, his mood slowly darkening as the light increased, “Was smooth and quick”

Ling suggests using the scientists as red shirts
"I'm sure they think they're saving us, Sir. At least it's a distraction. Let's use it!"

Cade goes to his happy place
"I'm an engineer," Cade thought. "Not a fucking counsellor." Gingerly, he patted the kid's shoulder and thought longingly of warp core maintenance.

Ling demands to know the exact date and time
"So exactly when did you start thinking about me as a sex object, Sir?"

Emileen's Guide to Elegant Insubordination: Rule #7
"Unless you're fond of writing letters of condolence, I strongly recommend a different course of action."

Makani finds an interesting fork in their path o.O
"Should we head that way or would you prefer a murder/suicide pact right here to save them the trouble?"

No Shirina, you don't say?
"I am told that I lack certain social graces."

Whoops, Greg did it again!
This, he told himself, is a mistake. A huge mistake, which I'm going to do anyway, cause I'm a big fucken idiot. With that thought he dove in for another kiss. This is gonna bite me in the arse.

Phase creature at the McDonald's counter...
So many choices, the creature thought. Food.