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Kepler Newsletter #9: 20 October 2009

Report From The Centre Chair


We've had a lot of personnel changes over the past month and they will probably continue over the next few weeks. Two of them will be:

I just want to assure everyone that this is fine and we'll continue on during this roadworks with our usual awesomeness. The changes should also provide some good character development opportunities for those involved.

Tribulation is ready to set sail on her first maiden voyage from the mother-station. Don't let the mission description below fool you, there's always a slight twist in shakedown cruises :D For more information on Tribulation and the application form, click here

PS: If you need to take more than a few days away from the sim please post an LOA in the forum, or contact me via email as soon as you possibly can. Also if you're involved in a JP and can't finish it before you go or might be away for a day or two, please let your JP partner know. This means it can either be sat on, made a backpost, speed up with use of token tags, or whatever. It's just nice to keep people informed so they don't ponder the best way to turn you into a paste and use you on their sandwiches :D


Crew Notes (Promotions & Awards, etc)


  • 7 Oct: We welcome civilian Violet Matthews, the new waitress at the Treehouse Lounge


  • 5 Oct: Kepler Station says a sad farewell to Assistant Chief Medical Officer Raoden Imenand

Character Changes:

  • 19 Oct: Our CMO Lieutenant Liesel O'Brien has stepped down from her position (to get married) and will now write for civilian Orchids & Jazz Owner / Operate Jade Lantz



3 Months with Kepler Award:

Mission Summary Report:

Kepler Summary Mission 3: Halley's Complaint

A pesky comet passes close by Kepler, intermittently affecting the station's power supply. Mayhem and hilarity ensue. As if to make matters worse an unknown disease appears to be spreading through the station's population, how is as yet unknown, but Kepler will be under quarantine until it is under control.

To do list:

  • Engineering / Ops - open the box
  • Sciences - track the comet and gather data
  • Marine fighters - investigate approaching comet for sciences (check with sciences for details)
  • Medical - CMO handover, meet new CMO Michael Harris
  • Everyone - business as usual until we call for volunteers for evil nefarious things...

Tibulation Summary Mission 1: Spanner in the Works

The Tribulation's crew has begun to gather, from various corners and... circumstances. Her commanding officer, Lieutenant Commander Robert Tainer almost ran into Captain Blake on his way to meet him, before being treated to a breakfast meeting at the Orchids & Jazz. The decision was made to take the Tribulation out on a test cruise, to test the new weapons and engine systems installed on her.

New crewmembers appeared on their way to the Tribulation, some more willing than others. The Tribulation readies itself for it's cruise, and awaits its final crewmen.

To do list:

  • All crew members arrive on Tribulation
  • Staff meeting of senior officers, explanation of mission
  • Tribulation leaves dock

Quotes: He Said, She Said...

Violet goes window shopping...
This station certainly isn’t lacking attractive men in uniform!

Emileen reveals how she passes the time on those long lonely nights
"It's appealing, Wiggums, really, but if I want to see another woman's bouncing boobs, I can jump up and down in front of the mirror in my quarters; it's cheaper anyway."

How a CO gets what he wants...
"She's inexperienced. I'm not above resorting to offering sexual favours and/or blackmail to get you, David."

Zoey starts with the basics
"Yes, I'm a girl... and you are a boy."

Makani wishes
"I'll do my best to do all those things, though I'll shoot for ruggedly handsome rather than pretty, if you don't mind."

Svetlana asks the million credit question
Not you, too!" she said, despairingly. "Half of squadron get here, take one look, and file for transfer! Vhat is problem? Casualty rate so far no higher than expected for neu frontier outpost. Station is nice! Old, but nice!"

Cade gets straight to the mission at hand
"Okay," he yelled as he sauntered further in, "where's this fucking box?"

Cassi proves difficult to even ask on a date
"Hypothetically, you mean? What do - did you change your mind at the last minute? In theory, I probably would have said sure."

Isis complains about the children
"I think there is a serious lack of discipline and a great deal of whining going on throughout the lot of them," Isis answered.

K shows us all that he has a death wish
"Hush, woman," K huffed, "I'm the one that should be upset - At least I know where my tail has been.. I can't speak for your-"
Kate dug her elbow into his gut and said in a low and threatening voice, "If you value your whiskers you will not finish that sentence."