Nilari Roessler

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PO2.pngNilari sh'Erahyaas Roessler


Rank: Petty Officer 2nd Class
Position: Master At Arms
Player: Brian


Species: Andorian
Gender: Shen (Female)
Born: 2359 (28yo)
Hair: Platinum White
Eyes: Hazel
Height: 5'7" (excludes antennae)


Although she possesses many of the traits her species have become known for Nilari is somewhat shy and reserved. This is mostly because of the tragedy that took the majority of her family from her at a young age. Her continued absence from her own culture has only served to increase those differences.


Shortly after Nilari was born her family moved to Athlirith Orbital Research Station situated inside Andorian space where her fathers Leros and Ashal, and her mother Erah worked on various projects for both Andoria and, by proxy, the Federation itself.

Growing up, like any other Andorian child, Nilari often contemplated where her future might take her. Science never interested her despite, or perhaps because of, the fact she grew up in such an environment as the Research Station. However she was fascinated by the Starfleet Officers she would see coming and going from the station. That fascination would eventually lead to her own enlistment years later. Before then she would suffer the loss of almost her entire family during an attack on the research station and almost die herself. If not for the quick actions of her brother Galian, who was able to protect her through the remainder of the attack, then she wouldn't be here today. With everyone else gone the now nine year-old Nilari was left in the custody of Galian and the pair returned to Andoria. Having always looked up to her eldest brother, this new situation made the loss of the rest of their family slightly less devastating than it might have otherwise been and also started Nilari on the path to being distanced from her own people. This wasn't helped by the way she was treated during the prolonged recovery from antenna injuries suffered in the attack.

As she grew up, and Galian followed their parents into a scientific career, Nilari found it difficult to decide on a career path of her own. The attack that killed her parents had left her feeling shy and withdrawn which made other children's infrequent attempts to befriend her mostly unsuccessful during her school years. When she eventually settled on joining Starfleet, which seemed to hold the promise of a better future, Nilari enlisted just before turning eighteen. Bidding farewell to her brother and the planet her family had been born on, she set off to embrace life as an NCO.

Kepler Station

Having dedicated most of her life to serving in Starfleet, Nilari never really expected to find herself in the family way. Her last few postings (where she served under her current Chief, John Reynolds) had only served to create a greater distance between herself and her fellow Andorians which made the chances of finding a Quad of her own seemingly impossible. However when the station was attacked by terrorists she met a Human, named Maxwell "Bruiser" Roessler, who would change the way she thought about her future (KS9: Freud's Hostage). Although a few months passed before they began dating, Nilari and Bruiser soon feel deeply in love with each other and were near on inseparable (KS12: Fleming's Stratagem).

Very early into 2387, while Bruiser was completing a contract with Starfleet to transport technology discovered on (2433614) 2386 KA to Janus Outpost, the couple were hit with a shocking surprise; Nilari was pregnant. When the station's Assistant Chief Medical Officer, Doctor Cassiopeia Yale, couldn't give a reasonable explaination for this supposed impossibility, Nilari turned to her brother Galian who worked at the Phlox Medical Research Institute on Denobula. As well as a grave warning not to tell anyone about this, Galien explained that their parents had secretly been involved in genetic research on Athlirith Station. After their deaths he had discovered that Nilari and a number of other children had been subjected to genetic manipulation in an attempt to make future generations of Andorians more compatible with alien species. This was in part because of the fertility and population issues facing Andoria over the past couple of centuries; it was hoped that producing a generation of Andorians capable of cross-breeding with other species, a subject considered taboo, could help them to become more like other Federation members who are thriving away from their home worlds.

Galian had then learned that the attack on the station which had taken the lives of his and Nilari's parents had been orchestrated by people wishing to gain access to the research for themselves. After the deaths the project was mothballed and all knowledge was disavowed. It had taken almost the nineteen years since for Galian to piece the information together. Reeling from this discovery, Nilari found solace in Bruiser and they began to focus on their future.

A future that seemed likely to fall apart when Galian arrived. He was accompanied by Tharaanmel Zh'Rosia, a prenatal specialist and the zhen who would be carrying the babies to term. Or at least that was the case until Galian began performing tests on the fertilised embryos his sister was carrying and realised that, because of the mixed genetic make-up of the Andorian/Human hybrids, it would be impossible for Thara, or in fact any Andorian female, to accommodate the children. Luckily for the desperate pair a saviour came to the rescue in the form of Doctor Cassiopeia Yale. Having been there to help Nilari since the discovery of her pregnancy, she agreed to act as their surrogate for the remaining six months (KS14.1: A Tiny Oversight).

As she and Bruiser got to know Cassi better, and prepared themselves for their new future, they all had to endure a number of life threatening events, much like the one in which they first met. Firstly there was the contagion which granted an Oratti Cephalopod control of people's minds, and then sabotage to the new holographic datacore unleashed a dozen homicidal holographic programs on the Promenade (KS15: The Cabinet of Doctor Cuvier, KS16: Maxwell's Dozen).

None of that compared to the more personal crisis the couple faced during the asteroid strike to the station though. Using the evacuation of Kepler Station as their cover, a team of Boslic mercenaries kidnapped Cassiopeia with the intention of handing the unborn children over to an Andorian with possible connections to the Treishya Party within the Parliament Andoria. With little to go on but a rapidly decaying warp trail, Nilari boarded the Dacoit and they set off in search of their friend and children. Over three harrowing weeks there was no word as to where the vessel thought to have been used in the abduction might have gone and Nilari was pushed to the brink of despair. She was plagued by nightmares and might have given up entirely if not for Bruiser's steadying presence. Finally they were contacted by Lieutenant Maya Takagi, who was heading up the search, and given co-ordinates to a possible location within Ferengi space. There they encountered the former pirate ship, Vengeance, under the command of Sorok, T'Vei and Eugene Reynolds. The latter gave them the good news that Cassiopeia had been rescued and that she, and the newborn twins, were all in good health (KS19: Boy Who Cried Wolf).


Being such a highly communal species, for the majority of Andorians the Kethni, or clan, they belong to is of the utmost importance, second only to their Quad (bondgroup). For Nilari however, there always seemed to be a distance between her and the other members of the Keth. Indeed, she only ever felt a sense of connection with her older brother Galian, which had left her isolated and lonely.

That isolation had made working with other species, in postings with little to no Andorians, a common occurence for her over her career in Starfleet and eventually led to her relationship with Bruiser, something of a taboo for her species. When news of the birth of their children, Thanleros and Andromeda, reached Andor the backlash was as swift as it was expected; Nilari was discommunicated by the head of the Kethni, leaving her as cut off from her species as she had always felt. Surprised at the lack of impact this change in status had on her, Nilari was able to finally put aside her childhood feelings and begin to invest her emotional energy in building a Kethni of her own with Bruiser and their children (KS23: Take It or Leavitt).


  • Fiancé:
  • Children:
    • Thanleros Magus Roessler
    • Andromeda Imaru Roessler
  • Mothers:
    • Zhavey (Zhen): Imaru Zh'Nishetira Shendehor (deceased)
    • Shreya (Shen): Erahyaas Sh'Jaylas Hrisvalar [Erah] (deceased)
  • Fathers:
    • Thavan (Thaan): Ashalkeen Th'Cheeni Shendehor [Ashal] (deceased)
    • Charan (Chan): Thanleros Ch'Endilev Shendehor [Leros] (deceased)
  • Siblings
    • Thi (Thaan): Galian Th'Ch'Endilev Shendehor
    • Other siblings deceased


Snuggly Bunnies Award
Mission: Fleming's Stratagem
Romance Ribbon
Mission: Fleming's Stratagem
Subplot Stripe
Mission: A Tiny Oversight
Wedding Band
Mission: A Tiny Oversight (engaged to Maxwell "Bruiser" Roessler)
Pirate Hunting Patch
Mission: Hunting Party
Subplot Stripe
Mission: Hunting Party
Personal Log
Challenge 3: 14th - 21st June, 2013
Dream Sequence
Challenge 3: 2nd - 16th December, 2013
Asteroids Survival Pin
Mission: Boy Who Cried Wolf
Baby Pin
Mission: Boy Who Cried Wolf
Cute Stripe
Mission: Boy Who Cried Wolf
Subplot Stripe
Mission: Lewis' Bond
Combat Medal
Mission: Take It or Leavitt