Noah Fichera

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Noah Fichera


Rank: Ensign
Position: Assistant Operations
Player: Stephen

General Information

Name: Noah Fichera (pronounced Fish-era)
DOB: 18 August 2363
Place of Birth: Deep Space 7


Height: 5'10"
Weight: 164lbs
Eyes: Green
Hair: Brown, with reddish highlights that is often a bit messy.

Distinguishing Features: Freckles

Family & Friends

  • Father - CAPT Joseph Fichera, Chief Test Pilot - Fighter/Shuttle Testing Center, Utopia Planitia
  • Mother - CDR Michelle Fichera, Assistant Chief Medical Officer - Utopia Planitia
  • Friend/Significant Other - PO3 Holly Wilson, Shuttle Pilot


Eager, young, and inexperienced are a few ways to describe Ensign Fichera. Another would be up to a challenge, and also a bit nervous. Noah is a capable and intelligent young man eager to take on the challenges of life, adventure, and career alike. Nervousness and inexperience are his worst enemies but he works hard to get through new experiences and educate himself in the way of life, society, and starfleet.

Devotion, is something that's also a large part of Noah doing anything he could for his friends, family, and the people he serves. He believes that it's his job as an officer to facilitate those under his command, and not the other way around. He relies heavily on others, and at times can be a bit dependent on advise of those he feels have more experience in a situation. At times his devotion steers him in a wrong direction and can become easily distracted from his main focus.

Appearance, is another item that also crosses Noah's mind regularly, placing importance on what others think of him. While on duty and representing Starfleet and his Commanding Officer he does his best to make sure that he plays by all the rules, and hates being made look like he's incapable or in the wrong. Noah is also very proud to wear his uniform, and to be a member of Starfleet.


Noah is an avid swimmer, however he also enjoys spending time taking leisurely walks and enjoying scenery from around the galaxy on the Holodeck.


Noah was born on Deep Space 7 where his parents were serving aboard, his Father a fighter pilot and his mother a medical officer. Noah’s parents served until the end of their tours aboard Deep Space 7 and then they moved to Earth. His father being assigned to an Earth based squadron, his mother taking a leave of absence.

Noah grew up on Earth, with his mother who returned to service working at a Starfleet hospital on Earth. This particular hospital treated Starfleet and Marine servicemen and women who had received injuries or contracted terminal or prolonged illness in the line of duty.

When Noah was eight years old his Father was assigned to a ship, and they were separated. Noah and his mother lived on Earth still as she served at the Starfleet Hospital. They were separated for a total of four years and on Noah’s twelfth birthday the family was reunited once again, on Deep Space 7.

Deep Space 7 became their home one again, and they lived there for another three years. This time, at the age of 15 he moved aboard ship with his parents to the USS Akira and fell in love with life aboard a ship.

He completed his schooling and turned 18 years old aboard the Akira. Noah applied early to the Academy and was accepted to it after his 18th birthday. He moved to Earth a few months prior to re-acclimate to planet based life before starting his Starfleet Adventure.

He became very interested in flying during his Freshman (Fourth Class) year, and of course from his father. Even though that he loved flying more than anything, he looked at the long term goal of wanting to be able to move through the positions into operations after serving in Flight Control on a ship. He elected to receive his pilot qualifications but chose the major of Computer Engineering.

During his First Class Year of the Academy he saw his parents once more during leave as they prepared to move to Utopia Planitia for new postings there. It was this year that Noah opted out of Fighter Pilot training decided that he was happier at the controls of a Starship more than a fighter and also liked the thought of possible advancement through Operations and Command.

Noah received his first assignment after commissioning to the USS Eclipse, he was very excited to be assigned to a brand new ship. Also the fact that he had been assigned from the Academy to an Assistant Chief position within Flight Control. Although when he arrived to the Eclipse he didn't find things exactly how he expected them. Because the ship was still not commissioned he spent most of his time training, or serving on the Starbase to augment their staff. He spent time piloting various shuttles through out the area or serving with the operations department working to help update some computer systems on the station.

During his assignment with the Eclipse he also met Petty Officer Third Class Holly Wilson who was assigned to the Station. However she had orders to transfer to the USS Eclipse upon it’s commissioning. The two got along quite well and quickly became friends, with their relationship being relatively discreet due to the fact that she was an NCO and he was an Officer. Their relationship moved quickly toward more than just being friend and became more of a steady relationship.

When Kepler Station was suddenly relocated to the Gavarian Frontier the expected Operations Area of the Eclipse he received orders to transfer to the station to fill one of many vacant positions aboard the station. Noah was originally very disappointed in this turn of events, afraid of losing Holly as well as losing his position aboard a shiny new starship as Assistant Chief.

During the time in transit aboard the Eclipse he served as a helmsman, and also assisted in working out a few bugs within the system. Noah also got some experience working as part of Boarding Teams in the operations conducted enroute to Kepler's location. He was found to be a valuable member of the command staff and received a letter of commendation from the Commanding Officer for his service to the ship in the short time being aboard.

When the Eclipse arrived at Kepler Station he was very reluctant to go aboard the station, leaving the Eclipse behind. He did however accept the position of Assistant Chief of Operations, and was beginning to get a bit more excited about the prospect of being assigned permanently in the Gavarian Frontier. Also to help matters a little Holly was also reassigned to Kepler Station which was in a great need for new crew to replace those who had not made it to the station's new location.

Service Record

2381 - Applied Starfleet Academy, Accepted, Appointed Midshipman Fourth Class
2382 - Advanced to Midshipman Third Class, Aeronautical Science Major
2383 - Advanced to Midshipman Second Class, Summer Training - Support Craft Pilot Qualification
2384 - Advanced to Midshipman First Class, Summer Cruise - USS Yorktown, Flight Control
2385 - Graduated Starfleet Academy - BS Aeronautical Science, Commissioned Ensign
2385 - USS Eclipse, Assistant Chief Flight Control Officer/Shuttle Pilot
2386 - USS Eclipse, Temporary Duty - Helmsman/Computer Specialist (Awaiting Transfer to Kepler Station)
2386 - Assigned Kepler Station, Assistant Chief Operations Officer