Nora and Judith's Excellent Adventure

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Interlude: Nora and Judith's Excellent Adventure

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While their friends and co-workers deal with tragic events on Kepler Station, Nora Reagan and Judith Pond continue their holiday to Earth for Nora's brother's wedding blissfully unaware that anything has happened back home.

Chronological Mission Log

6 July, 2387

7 July, 2387

8 July, 2387

9 July, 2387

10 July, 2387

11 July, 2387

12 July, 2387

  • 0634 Hours - Some changes are in order for certain family members - Judith Pond, Nora Reagan, Nyssa Reagan, Kelli Reagan, Brandon Reagan, Emily Reagan
  • 1021 Hours - Tearful goodbyes - Judith Pond, Nora Reagan, Brandon Reagan, Nyssa Reagan, Emily Reagan, Kelli Reagan, Natalie Reagan, Will Reagan
  • 1500 Hours - An excited Judith can't wait to introduce Nora to England and her family - Judith Pond, Nora Reagan, Susan Williams, Jenny Williams, Amelia Williams
  • 1600 Hours - What starts off as a relaxed arrival soon takes a turn for the worst when Nora deliberately antagonises Judith's mum - Susan Williams, Jenny Williams, Judith Pond, Nora Reagan, Amelia Williams