From Station


Rank: Civilian
Position: Saba's Daughter
Player: Brian


Species: Oratti
Gender: Female
Born: 2378
Hair: Grey Hair-like Fins
Eyes: Yellow
Height: 4'0"

The Oratti are short amphibious humanoids with a slim and gangly build much like that of adolescent Humans. Although the colours vary with each individual, their grey rubbery skin is covered with spotted patterns that shift colours slightly depending on the lighting. Large, frog-like, eyes are positioned on their heads in roughly the same location as those on a Human however their lack of a nose, and slightly wider mouths, makes them seem even larger in comparison. Hundreds of wispy fins which aid in swimming cover their head in an approximation of hair. Those fins tend to grow longer on the females and, along with their slightly less angular jaw and body, is the only real difference between the two genders.


Like most children, Nuii is inquisitive and adventurous and has a thirst for new experiences. While she loves her father dearly she still can't help ignoring his warnings and trying something anyway. Once she has made a connection with someone she cherishes that bond and will prove to be a loyal friend.


Nuii was the first of the Oratti to discover the arrival of Kepler personnel on their planet and was responsible for having the members of the Away Team who had been caught in the storm rescued and brought to the Ocean Priory. After the battle that saw Mustava's ship leave Oratt IX, Nuii accompanied her father to Kepler Station so that he could attempt to convince Starfleet to offer protection for their people (KS14: Curieosity Killed The Cat).

Since then she has adapted well to life away from the ocean, perhaps thanks to the bond she made with Phoebe Paean and Karik during the time they spent on Oratt. The young girl has spent most of her time since arriving on Kepler either discovering new sources of sugar, ice cream being her favourite, or going to school in the Holosuite. She has also become rather attached to the stuffed cheetah, named Chee-tah, that Phoebe gave her (KS15: The Cabinet of Doctor Cuvier).


Father: Saba
Mother: Hual (deceased)