Occultae Umbrae

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Occultae Umbrae

Literally translates as 'Hidden Shadows' which is exactly what the members of this wide-spread criminal organization have proven to be. With only rumours and speculation to rely on, very little is known about their origins. The first recorded mention of the term Occultae Umbrae dates back to the closing year of the Dominion War when a calling card of sorts was uncovered amidst the fractured remains of a merchant convoy located by Starfleet during a routine patrol of the Cardassian boarder. Some time later local authorities on a small colony in the Delta Quadrant turned up the name during an investigation into the murder of a local council member.

Since then information pertaining to numerous criminal activities from every corner of the four Quadrants have been attributed to Occultae Umbrae or their followers, however no headway has been made in uncovering any form of hierarchy which makes it all but impossible to know where they may appear next.

Qui Inter Umbras Vivit Inter Umbras Moritur

He Who Lives Amongst Shadows Dies Amongst Shadows

Known Members

  • Tanis Norvo
  • Petty Officer 2nd Class Judd Fitzgerald | Starfleet Engineer
    • Deceased, Stardate 63027.72
  • Ghor Toet | Breen Assassin
    • Deceased, Stardate 62833.97
  • Jedit | Bajoran Mercenary-For-Hire