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An amphibious humanoid lifeform which make up the dominant species on Oratt IX. They are roughly as developed as bronze-age humans however due to the natural supply of electricity via Teslacite, and interference from slavers visiting the planet, they also posses some technological know how. The Oratti resemble adolescent humans in build but can grow up to 5'5" in height; their large eyes are tinted due to the protective layer that allows them to see under water; the thin wispy fins that resemble hair allow for faster movement under water as well as their webbed hands and feet. Due to their amphibious nature they have some features similar to various species of frog such as the textured skin, although much more pale, and a lack of a prominent nose.

First contact was made with at least one Oratti tribe from the southeastern continent, the largest landmass on the ocean world, in 2386 after the planet was incorrectly listed as uninhabited. Culturally the Oratti are much more simplistic than the various humanoid species throughout the Alpha Quadrant. They don't fully understand the concept of gender (although they do have both male and female) and consider one another 'brothers' whether they are related or not. A leader is selected once per generation and is usually the most physically or mentally dominant of the group. Social gatherings take place in their 'Ocean Priory', which is the largest subterranean structure they seem to have constructed. It also serves as their medical centre when one is required (KS14: Curieosity Killed The Cat).

Known Oratti People

  • Saba | Male adult - Priory leader and the only surviving Oratti to return from the 'bad place'
  • Nuii | Female adolescent - Saba's daughter and the 'creature' that was spying on the Away Team
  • Garu | Male adult - general assistant to Saba and Kulu
  • Kulu | Male elder - Priory healer
  • Kage | Female adult - head of Saba's protectorate

Oratti Terminology

  • Brother: someone who is connected to you personally, but not necessarily by blood
  • Ocean: both the term for the ocean and the planet
  • Sire: used to denote parentage
  • Bad Place: known by all Oratti as the place they are taken by the slavers
  • Arrakis: a dessert that is a favourite of Oratti children because of the sweet taste
  • Narrah: small deer-like creatures that are roughly the size of rabbits
  • Quava: squids with a natural sedative produced upon contact with their hide