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Rear Admiral Holden has established the Expanse Oversight Advisory to oversee Starfleet endeavours within The Expanse and offered up Kepler Station as base of operations for the new committee.

Mission Log:

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57 - Zach Eastman, Hana Gable

  • MD 4, 1052
  • While shopping for a present Zach spots the familiar, and attractive, backside of Hana Gable. Accepting an invitation to go jogging with her in the Arboretum they head up to his Quarters to get changed into more appropriate clothing. While Zach is getting changed Hana makes a point of having a look through some of his stuff, telling him that she's looking for evidence of naked Orions. Instead she only finds a couple of memory cards and a holonet isolinear chip labelled 'Horny Housewives of Risa.' Following the prerequisite ribbing over said holonet chip she lays down the rules that Zach had better run beside her and not use this as an excuse to watch her arse in action. After his sound defeat Hana challenges Zach into kissing it which he, somewhat awkwardly, accepts to prove he's as brave as her.

58 - Rexus Spokar, Hana Gable

  • MD 4, 1052
  • Having misplaced his phaser at some point, Rexus heads into his Quarters to search for it when he gets jumped by Hana. Re-enacting part of their fight on Harbinger she pins him to the ground where he finally realises who it is. After she fills him in on what she's been doing since her transfer she gives him a hug and tells him how good it is to see him again, which prompts Rexus to suggest they do something with the other Cadets. Instead Hana convinces him to go out with her by himself after she retrieves her clothes from Zach's.

59 - Hana Gable, Rexus Spokar

  • MD 5, 0035
  • Rexus meeds up with Hana at his favourite bar, Crazy Ei8hts, and almost straight away things start to get awkward between them. Despite pointing out that he has a girlfriend, Hana is determined to try and get into his pants. A plan that only intensifies with each drink. Finally, on the dance floor, things get heated and Hana decides to go back and see Zach. Trying to be responsible Rexus offers to take her since she doesn't seem capable of getting there alone.

60 - Zach Eastman, Hana Gable

  • MD 5, 0132
  • Woken by a loud noise at his door Zach is surprised to find Hana outside in quite a state. Helping her inside he tries to reassure her that what happened with Rexus was more about him than her. Zach soon finds himself in an awkward situation because he doesn't want her to feel rejected again so, worrying about where things might lead, he lies about not having a water shower and then offers to get her some water and aspirin to help with the headache and dehydration. Unfortunately Hana finds the shower and after embarrassing Zach a little when he admits to the lie, she tries to sober up under the cool water. In the meantime Zach replicates some fresh clothes and leaves them by the door.

     Stepping passed the clothes, Hana touches Zach lightly on the back and thanks him for his help. When his reaction hurts her      feelings Zach finds himself wanting nothing more than to comfort her. His clumsy kiss has the desired effect and Hana starts      responding by showing him how it's done. Leading him to the bed she soon shows him a few other things as well.

  • 61 - Rexus Spokar, Cassiopeia Yale
  • MD 5, 1030
  • Rexus drops by Sickbay for a contraceptive booster and a slight lecture from his friendly doctor about being responsible.

62 - John Reynolds, Hideyoshi Shimura, Cassiopeia Yale

  • MD 4, 1830
  • Finding life without Sarah a little boring John arranges to spend some time with two of his friends. Their evening out soon turns into a drinking game when Hide's mention of a counselling session causes John to try deflecting by suggesting that Cassi might drink him under the table.

63 - Hana Gable, Zachary Eastman

  • MD 5, 0245
  • Waking to find his face buried in Hana's cleavage Zach can't help but feel like the day can only get better. A few minutes later though he's treated to a belch that smells like a Klingon mess hall. Deciding that he should check that her hangover wasn't too bad Zach gently wakes Hana up and she comes to the realisation of what happened between them. Regretting the fact that she hadn't been in a good state, despite not totally regretting the outcome, she tries her best in her hungover state to assure Zach that she had enjoyed herself but still makes a hasty retreat after he returns with some medication to help her feel somewhat better.

64 - Violet Matthews, T'Vei

  • MD5, 1301
  • After the rush from a fairly busy lunchtime shift dies down T'vei askes Violet about a PADD she accidentally picked up after running into a male Cadet. Realising that it must belong to Rexus the pair stumble upon some rather unexpected files, one of which involves two nude women posing as Borg drones.

65 - Hideyoshi Shimura, Rebecca Rines

  • Dream Sequence
  • Hide has a rather intense dream that involves a violent fight against Rebecca.

66 - Nilari Shendehor, Rexus Spokar

  • MD 5, 0903
  • Having only recently learnt of her pregnancy Nilari is still rather distracted when she finally returns to active duty. When she doesn't respond to his attempts to talk to her, Rexus uses his communicator to get her attention. Feeling a little foolish the Andorian assures him that she is simply missing Bruiser and that everything is fine.

67 - S. R. Wesson, Rexus Spokar, Kittiana Novus

  • MD 4, 1240
  • Rexus rescues an overwhelmed Lt. Wesson from a myriad of choices in the food court. While they head to Zombo's for some good old-fashioned burgers, Rexus introduces his girlfriend, Kitt, and offers to show Wesson more of the station. The new Chief Engineer mentions his passion for sports, boxing in particular, and Rexus asks for a few lessons.

68 - Zachary Eastman, Cassiopeia Yale

  • MD 5, 1047
  • Suffering from concerns over what happened between him and Hana, Zach confesses to Cassi about what happens. Pretty much as confused as he is, she still manages to make him feel a little better.

69 - Rexus Spokar, Zachary Eastman

  • MD 5, 1123
  • On a call out for Security and Medical, both Rexus and Zach arrive at a scene where a man is suffering from tachicardic arrythmia after a mugging. Trying his best to ignore Rexus as best he could, Zach takes care of the man and has him transported to Sickbay, for proper treatment, before trying to make a hasty retreat. His attempt is foiled though when Security expect him to come and answer some questions which gives Rexus an opportunity to try goading the Medical Cadet into a confrontation in the Turbolift.

70 - Zachary Eastman, Maya Takagi

  • MD 5, 1201
  • Following his run in with Rexus a rather pissed off Zach heads to see Maya to ask for help, either in a teaching or counselling capacity, to work on some of his problems. Maya points out that she is already his teacher and that Hide would be the first port of call for the latter option. However she does decide to take the Cadet somewhat under her wing and suggests that he join her on the search for the missing Science team.

71 - Cassiopeia Yale, Violet Matthews

  • MD 3, 1758
  • Violet drops by with some chocolate milk to catch up with Cassi. She has a slight ulterior motive though because she needs to get a few things off her chest.

72 - Zachary Eastman, 'Alotta Titillation' (Hana Gable), 'Scorpio' (Rexus Spokar), 'IQ' (Phoebe Paean)

  • Dream Sequence - MD 5, 0400
  • After his morning rendezvouses with Hana, Zach falls asleep and has a rather interesting dream where is is the dashing hero, Agent Eastman and Hana is the comely Miss Alotta Titillation. Along with IQ, his holographic technical support, Zach must get to the bottom of evil business man Scorpio's plans to use a charity as a front for weapons smuggling.

73 - Grey Daughtry, T'Vei

  • MD 5, 1545
  • T'vei finds herself heading to Kozo's with Grey without really knowing how it came to this. After she points out that his actions could be perceived as stalking the two get to know each other a little better. Things get a little awkward when he starts talking about the fact he considers her attractive.

74 - Cassiopeia Yale, Rexus Spokar

  • MD 5, 1715
  • Rexus begins plotting his grand volleyball tournament despite Cassi's attempts to point out that a game would be just as much fun and not require as much forced effort on anyone's part.

75 - Maya Takagi, Ivan Tillman, Henry McAllister, Iari Eolical

  • MD 4, 1200
  • The few members of the EOA currently not on assignment elsewhere get together to discuss a few matters of immediate need of attention.

76 - Elena Perim, Iari Eolical

  • MD 4, 1125
  • The station's two new resident Intelligence Officers meet for the first time. Unfortunately, as Iari makes it clear that she expects Elena to know her place, things begin to unravel. Neither seems to like the idea of backing down and, despite the fact Iari is now the highest ranking Intelligence Operative, Elena doesn't see why things should have to change.

77 - Rexus Spokar, Taylor Lawson

  • MD 3, 1205
  • Rexus heads over to sit with Taylor during his lunch break so they can catch up.

78 - S. R. Wesson, Vyrs

  • MD 4, 1723
  • Wesson encounters the Sanitation Engineer Extraordinaire for the first time and asks for help salvaging the station's scrap to help with repairs. Wesson gives Vyrs an open invitation to his office, while Vyrs offers to introduce Wesson to some nice ladies.

79 - Rexus Spokar, Kodan, Elara 4, Cassiopeia Yale

  • Dream Sequence - 2397, 1650
  • A now adult Rexus Spokar, who has become the head of the Angosian Galactic Space Corps, returns to Kepler Station as part of their invasion of the Federation. He soon sets his sights on an old flame; Chief Medical Officer Cassiopeia Yale. Determined to have what he once failed to take in the past, Rexus has Cassi brought to him on his flagship where he tries to force himself on her. Trapped in the dark and, seemingly, at this dictator's mercy, Cassi manages to get hold of a weapon and shoot Rexus before he can hurt her.

80 - Lance Van Eden, Nikolas Bakyr

  • MD 4, 1130
  • The commanding Officers of Kepler Station and the USS Tokyo meet in person for the first time. Nikolas thanks Lance for delivering his new Chief Engineer and then the pair bond over exaggerated stereotypes of Engineers and First Officers.

81 - Alys Snowden, Jon'a Despard

  • MD 4, 1810
  • Jon'a reunites with the reporter, Alys Snowden, who interviewed him not long ago on Ba'ku. After mentioning Kepler Station as her new assignment, he had returned in an attempt to keep her from finding out about his torrid past. The two exchange pleasantries, but a comment she makes as they part spur him into further paranoia.

82 - Fernando Smith, Judd Fitzgerald, S. R. Wesson

  • MD 5, 0820
  • Engine trouble on the USS Tokyo causes the ship to delay its departure, while two engineers from Kepler assist Lt. Fernando Smith in getting the warp drive up and running again. Wesson chats with Fitzgerald as they work, blissfully unaware that his subordinate is responsible for the sabotage.

83 - Rexus Spokar, Cassiopeia Yale, Violet Matthews, T'Vei, Kittiana Novus

  • MD 5, 1730
  • Cassi and Rexus attempt to watch a holovid when the system fails and knocks out the lights. In a panic at the sudden darkness, Cassi knocks into Rexus and then they get tangled up and fall onto the floor. Right at that moment the door opens and T'vei and Violet find themselves witnessing a confusing scene. Thinking the worst, Violet worries that Rexus tried to take advantage of Cassi and rushes to her aid. Once the truth is revealed she feels a little foolish for jumping to conclusions and then scolds Rexus for altering his room's systems so much that something like this could happen.

     The women then admit that they have Rexus' PADD and, in the process of proving it belongs to Rexus, T'vei accidentally links      it to the holographic system and the five of them are subjected to one of Rexus' extracurricular (pornographic) videos.

84 - Jon'a Despard, Alys Snowden

  • Dream Sequence - MD 4, 2312
  • Jon'a fears manifest in his subconscious as he experiences a vivid dream of his wife, his mistress, and the reporter who he fears might expose his darkest secret. Alone and shaken, he comes to the alarming conclusion that he must kill Alys Snowden to keep himself safe.

85 - Hideyoshi Shimura, John Reynolds, Cassiopeia Yale, S. R. Wesson, Rebecca Rines

  • MD 4, 1920
  • The drinking competition continues with only a slight interruption as the conversation switches to Rebecca or Bride of Frankenstein as John likes to call her. This topic quickly draws the attention of Wesson who joins the trio to lament about his own encounter with the Security Observer. They shortly find themselves discussing Hide's recent love life before Cassi reveals that she's an old hat when it comes to drinking, much to John's surprise. But that doesn't slow down their drinking competition in the slightest.

86 - Cassiopeia Yale, John Reynolds

  • MD 4
  • Stumbling back to Cassi's Quarters the pair make small talk before John tucks Cassi in on the couch. Without thinking he leans forward to kiss her on the forehead, something he used to do when his sister was sick. Unfortunately this is just as Cassi starts moving around, causing the kiss to go way off course. Equally embarrassed by the accidental lip locking they try to take the blame from the other until their focus shifts to how they're going to deal with it. John does his best to convince Cassi that it was an accident and therefore they hadn't done anything wrong, which Sarah would understand, and the end up falling asleep on the couch together.

87 - Ashara, Hana Gable

  • MD 5, 0815
  • Tokyo's half-Klingon Security Chief and her young Cadet spend some time in the holosuit sharpening their skills. Ashara wastes no time in getting down to business as she picks up a bat'leth and strikes without mercy.

88 - Rexus Spokar, S. R. Wesson

  • MD 5, 1605
  • Wesson starts Rexus off on his first boxing lesson, which isn't much more than jabbing at pads. As he makes sure the cadet is keeping his guard up, Wesson and Rexus talk about their upbringings and their lives in Starfleet. Male bonding via sports and smacking things around.

89 - Rexus Spokar, Kittiana Novus

  • MD 5, 1815
  • Rexus brings Kitt up to speed on his recent shenanigans and then tries to convince her that a hot tub is an important part of social interaction. After that though he brings the conversation to a much more serious junction when he tries to pin down the nature of their relationship.

90 - Hayden McGuire, Rexus Spokar

  • MD 5, 1315
  • Hayden is subjected to the ins and outs of Rexus' love life.

91 - T'Vei, Vaatrik Orta

  • MD 5, 2350
  • After finishing up her shift in the Lounge T'Vei is looking forward to a nice, relaxing shower when Orta arrives with a bottle of Vulcan Brandy. The Bajoran had originally planned to catch up with her after her shift but had missed his chance so instead tracked her down to her Quarters. Deciding that she ought to take him up on the offer rather than sending him away, T'Vei invites him in and they enjoy some time getting to know each other.

92 - T'Vei

  • Dream Sequence
  • Following her drinking session with Orta, T'Vei is subjected to a rather strange dream that starts off with her disapproving father reminding her just how controlling he could be.

93 - Hideyoshi Shimura, Vaatrik Orta

  • MD 5, 0759
  • Orta instructs Hide in the ways of the Bajoran faith as they get to know each other better.

94 - T'Vei, Rexus Spokar

  • MD 5, 1900
  • Following his break up with Kitt, Rexus heads to the Treehouse Lounge where he finds T'Vei working late. The part-Vulcan dutifully plays the part of the bartender and lets Rexus talk about what's bothering him before continuing some of the things they had been talking about previously.

95 - John Reynolds, Rebecca Rines, Nilari Shendehor, Rexus Spokar, Singh, Tamahere

  • MD 5, 1047 / 1329
  • John is put through his paces by Rebecca in an exam-style simulation onboard a holographic representation of his former ship, the USS Archimedes.

96 - Rexus Spokar, Alys Snowden, T'Vei

  • MD 5, 1935
  • Alys spots Rexus drowning his sorrows in alcohol and chocolate. She is easily enticed by his compliments, but she becomes most interested in his position within the Security and Tactical department. With a couple of Cardassian sunrises provided by T'Vei, they salute the late Gul Parel as Alys tries to ensnare an impressionable asset with flattery and more drinks.

97 - William Maddox, Elena Perim

  • Dream Sequence - MD 6
  • Elena dreams about a rather traumatic event from her past.

98 - Maya Takagi, Isis Rae

  • MD 4, 1247
  • Maya drops by for an unexpected lunch with Isis.

99 - Cassiopeia Yale, Rexus Spokar

  • MD 5, 2015
  • A somewhat inebriated Rexus arrives at Cassi's door and, after lamenting about another failed relationship, the Angosian ends up sleeping on the couch until he sobers up.

100 - Hideyoshi Shimura, Hayden McGuire

  • MD 4, 0910
  • The two resident counsellors get together to discuss how they plan on tackling the various logistical issues that come with having multiple members of their department working together.

101 - John Reynolds, Hideyoshi Shimura

  • MD 5, 0859
  • John surprises Hide by turning up to the required counselling session. The conversation starts off fairly casual but then the subject matter becomes a little more awkward as John reveals what happened between he and Cassi the night before.

102 - John Reynolds, Jemima Anderson, Maya Takagi

  • MD 5, 0811
  • From the moment that Maya and John encounter one another there is an instant disliking that won't be easy to resolve.

103 - John Reynolds, Vyrs

  • MD 5, 1420
  • After discovering signs of a fight down in Waste Management, Vyrs calls up to Security and John comes to investigate. Once he locates the Sanitation Engineer Extraordinare, he is led through the confusing maze that makes up the bowels of the station until they arrive at the crime scene. It is clear to John that there were at least three people involved, but further investigation is required to learn their identities.

104 - Rexus Spokar, Vyrs

  • MD 6, 1345
  • Vyrs becomes even more popular with the Security staff when Rexus tries to utilise his knowledge of the station to uncover anything that might otherwise be overlooked by routine checks.

105 - Rexus Spokar, Cassiopeia Yale, John Reynolds

  • MD 5, 2106
  • Cassi is stuck in an awkward situation when a drunken Rexus puts on John's favourite jacket, thinking he's in his own Quarters, right when the owner comes by to get it. Despite his conflicted feelings towards Cassi at the moment John does his best not to make her feel awkward about everything and assures her he's not worried about getting Rexus cooties on the leather jacket.

106 - Cassiopeia Yale, Rexus Spokar

  • MD 5, 2125
  • Looking through her sketch book Cassi tries to make sense of the last couple of days. Finally she decides that it would be a good idea to check on Rexus and make sure that he's alright. Rexus answers the door and promptly receives an apology for what happened. He invites Cassi inside but almost instantly confronts her with questions about her relationship with John, worried that the holographic boat ride they had all gone on might be the cause. Awkwardly she assures Rexus that there isn't a relationship and that she and John are just really good friends.


107 - Hideyoshi Shimura, Maya Takagi, Andrea Carter

  • MD 4, 0858

108 - Violet Matthews, Alys Snowden

  • MD 5, 1810
  • Violet is too busy thinking about all the strange things she had seen at Rexus' when she collides with Alys. Feeling guilty for ripping the other woman's skirt, Violet suggests that Alys come and find one of hers to use in the meantime.

109 - Vaatrik Orta, Phillip Sheridan

  • MD 1

110 - Hideyoshi Shimura, John Reynolds

  • MD 5, 0932

111 - John Reynolds, Rebecca Rines

  • MD 5, 2140
  • Conflicted by his feelings over the kiss, John decides that drinking got him into this problem so it can get him out of it. Unexpectedly though when Rebecca sits beside him at the bar things start to slowly improve to a point where they agree that their troubles from the past are behind them.

112 - Violet Matthews, S. R. Wesson

  • MD 6, 0730

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