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Expanse Oversight Advisory

Following the events surrounding the death of Cardassian delegate Gul Parel and the attack on Captain Vincent Perry during the recent Trade Negotiations, Rear Admiral Jeremiah Holden established an oversight committee to handle the delicate political situation within the Expanse. Acting as the representative of Starfleet's interests within the region, the committee has the authority to work in conjunction with the crew of Kepler Station or as an independent entity. This allows Captain Bakyr to continue dealing with running the station relatively unencumbered.

The committee itself comprises of one Representative from each of the divisions of Starfleet who have been selected by the heads of Task Force 92 due to their individual skills and experiences. What falls under the EOA's jurisdiction, as opposed to what Kepler Station is responsible for, and how each of the Representatives are assigned falls on the Chairman, and Starfleet Diplomatic Representative, Lt. Commander Hank McAllister.

Committee Members

  • Operations Representative: Lieutenant Ulysses Philpot

Former Members

  • Medical Representative: Lieutenant Commander Gerald Hancock | Jan 2387