Phillip Sheridan

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PO2.pngPhillip Tecumseh Sheridan

Rank: Petty Officer 2nd Class
Position: Linguist / Historian
Player: Bryan


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Species: Human
Gender: Male
Born: 3 April 2129 (27yo)
Hair: Brown
Eyes: Blue
Height: 5'10"


Phillip will not hesitate to speak his mind if he feels a superior officer has made a serious error in judgment.

When put in charge of a project Phillip will delegate various tasks to those best suited to carry them out and work on his own part of the project occasionally checking on the progress of others. However, he is not afraid to let a subordinate know they are not performing their task correctly, if it will cause major problems; if there is little harm in letting them make a mistake, Phillip will usually keep quiet and let them learn from their mistake. If disagreeing with another officer he will let them know but tries to do so in a respectful way.

Phillip has three levels of friends, each level being a deeper friendship and a higher level of trust. The first level is casual acquaintances; those he knows but rarely interacts with. The second level includes most his family and co-workers as well as a few others; people he not only knows but interacts with on a regular basis. The third and smallest level, are those he trusts implicitly. Between each level are a few people who don’t quite fit into a specific level. The only people who fit in the third level are fellow MACO from the Neptune.

Hobbies & Interests: Pool, Reading, Darts

Languages Spoken: English, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, Irish (Gaelic), Romulan, Vulcan.


In 2129, Phillip was born on the ECS Anti, the youngest of four children. The diverse nature of the crew created an environment that fostered the learning of languages. The captain of the ship and his wife were from Italy, and the Chief engineer was from Germany. Growing up, Phillip would take language lessons from them. For a brief time the Anti had an Andorian onboard. During those 5 months, Phillip took the opportunity to learn a little of the language. In 2143, the Anti took on a new chief engineer who came from a Spanish background. For the next four years, Phillip took lessons in Spanish until he left the Anti for Starfleet Training Command.

SF Training Command

In 2147, Phillip made the decision to attend Starfleet Training Command in San Francisco. His choice of major, Communications, was an obvious one with an emphasis on the Vulcan language. As was often the case, he minored in security. Due to his status as a space boomer, Phillip applied for and was accepted into the accelerated program at STC. This enabled him to complete his studies at the Academy in 3 years instead of the usual 4. Upon graduation in 2154 he was assigned to the Intrepid-type starship UES Valkyrie which patrolled the area of space near the Seginus colonies. As his 4th year of enlistment rolled around, Phillip made the decision not to re-enlist in Starfleet. Instead, he decided to join the MACO as he felt they had a more direct impact on the security of the Earth shipping lines After completion of Commissioned Officer Training, Phillip was given the rank of 2 Lt. and assigned to the MACO squadron operating in the Hemera sector. As part of the “Ares Platoon” he got an early taste of combat skirmishing mainly against the Nasuicans and Orions who would cause trouble in the area.

In 2156, with the outbreak of war between the Romulan Star Empire and the Coalition of Planets, mainly Earth and her colonies, the Ares Platoon was pulled from the Hemera sector and folded into the newly formed 129th Infantry. The 129th saw action in the early battles for control of Gatrai V and Vorle Prime as well as several other planets. In ’57, with the growing number of ‘nuclear incidents’ Phillip was reassigned to the Chemical Biological Incident Response Force, CBIRF. While taking him out the direct fighting, he still found himself engaging the ground forces of the Romulan Empire. This also exposed him to the early effects of a nuclear winter on a planet.

In early 2158, while onboard the UES Neptune for his 3 month shipboard rotation, he along with the rest of the crew disappeared during the Battle of Zoryana. The crew was declared MIA and presumed dead.

In 2385 the Neptune suddenly appeared in almost the same spot from which she disappeared. An official inquiry into the matter determined the vessel travelled through a temporal anomaly. The decision was made not to send the Neptune's crew back to their original timeline, but to allow them to remain in the present. Severely damaged, the Neptune was towed back to the Sol System by the USS Thunderbolt. Thanks to the efforts of both ship's engineering teams, the Neptune was able to make the entry into the Sol System under her own power.

During the 3 week journey to Earth, Phillip made the decision to re-enter Starfleet as soon as possible. After one week on Earth, Phillip was assigned to Kepler Station's science department as a linguist with the Starfleet rank of Petty Officer 2nd Class. During the trip to Kepler station, he focused on anthropology training since intimately knowing the language is a big step towards learning about the culture.

Service Record:

2147-2150 Starfleet Training Command"

2150-2154 UES Valkyrie- Communications Officer

2154 Commissioned Officer Training; MACO

2154-2156 2 Lt. MACO; Ares Platoon

2156-2157 2 Lt. MACO; 129th Infantry

2157-2158 2 Lt. MACO; CBIRF

2158; 1 Lt. MACO; UES Neptune

2158-2385: Temporal Anomaly

2385- Present: Kepler Station Science Dept. (Petty Officer 2nd Class)



Awards Received

  • Purple Heart
  • Romulan War Service Medal
  • Sharpshooter Badge
  • Bronze Star
  • Humanitarian Service Medal
  • Starfleet Extended Tour Ribbon

Medical Supplement

Dr. Kimberly Nissim, counselor USS-Thunderbolt

At the request of Admiral Keni Thomas I have performed a standard psych eval on the Neptune's crew. All things considered, Phillip Sheridan is handling the transition well. However, like many combat veterans he should be watched for signs of PTSD which may be complicated by suddenly finding himself over 200 years in the future. For now, I declare him to be in good mental health and competent to perform any duties required of him; with the stipulation that he check in with the nearest counselor, Starfleet or Civilian, within 2 weeks upon arriving at his new posting following retraining.


Father: Robert Salazar (Deceased)
Mother: Michelle Kennet Salazar (Deceased)
Brother(s): Robert (Deceased)
Sister(s): Jennifer (Deceased), Michelle (Deceased)
Other Family: Keri Salazar, George Salazar, Jane Simmons, Ann Kennet, Richard Kennet, Kristi Salazar


Newcomer Award
Mission: Maynard's Fright
3 Months with Kepler
8 Jun - Sep 2010
6 Months with Kepler
8 Jun - Dec 2010
Combat Medal
Mission: Freud's Hostage
Personal Log
Challenge 1: 8th - 15th April, 2011
1 Year with Kepler
8 June 2010 - 2011
Dream Sequence
Challenge 1: 4th - 11th June, 2011
Personal Log
Challenge 2: 13th - 20th January, 2012
Red Shirt
Mission: Schwann-upmanship
Project Quantum Leap
Leap Year Challenge 1: 29th February, 2012
Combat Medal
Mission: Curieosity Killed The Cat (as Kirsten Santos)
2 Years with Kepler
8 June 2010 - 2013
Cosmic Stripe
Mission: Faradays Gone By (as Kirsten Santos)
Cosmic Stripe
Mission: Faradays Yet To Come (as Kirsten Santos)
3 Years with Kepler
8 June 2010 - 2013
Asteroids Survival Pin
Mission: Boy Who Cried Wolf (as Kirsten Santos)
4 Years with Kepler
8 June 2010 - 2014
Simulation Cup
Outstanding Star Trek Sim - 2014
Service Citation
8 June 2010 - 2015
Tournament of Simulations
Excellence in Characters - 2015