Phoebe Paean

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Ensign.pngPhoebe Paean


Rank: Ensign
Position: Environmental Scientist, Janus Outpost
Player: Heather


Gender: Female
Born: 22 yo
Hair: Red
Eyes: Green
Height: 5'8"


Phoebe is a generally likable-type of girl. She's smart, often witty, and playful when she thinks it's okay for her to be so. She is conscious of her professional appearance, and attempts to shut up when doing otherwise would land her in trouble. Phoebe is an occasional prankster (occasional, because more often would be too predictable).

She chose the field of science because she tends toward the geeky-side of smart. She is excellent with numbers, and a stickler for details. Environmental sciences choose her as she was looking to narrow her field of study, though she has a general understanding of many other areas of science.


Phoebe was born to Myron Paean and his mistress, Tiffany Walters. Her youth was spent between households in a subversion of the truth as Myron was still happily married to his wife, Charlotte. Phoebe, thus, only spent time with her father under the premise that he was "Uncle Myron," a good family friend to Tiffany.

When Tiffany and Phoebe spent time away from Myron and his family, their own family life did not exist. To Tiffany, Phoebe was a means into Myron's home and nothing more. She provided the minimal amount of care to keep her child healthy, but did little to stimulate her and rarely showed her any affection.

Myron, a freighter captain, spent a majority of his time on the move, his family in tow. Tiffany tended towards a settled lifestyle, but would occasionally tag along with her merchandise to its final destination. It wasn't obvious to Charlotte until Phoebe was older who the father was. When the discovery was made, there were a lot of consequences dealt out.

Initially, Charlotte directed her anger on Phoebe, then on Tiffany. Finally, she dealt directly with Myron. This discovery ruined the Paean family initially.

Myron's parents stepped in to take care of the children while Charlotte and Myron tried to mend their relationship. Phoebe was included in this absorption into the family, with much resentment from the other children. Eventually, they went back to their parents, everything mended, but Phoebe lacked a home and the Paean elders took pity on her. They backed her education, seeing a girl who was a victim of circumstance rather than the catalyst for family annihilation. And for the first time in her life, Phoebe found the support of a loving family; she was ten years old.

To further prove her worth, and to show she deserved all the attention her grandparents were giving her, Phoebe easily settled into her studies and returned the best grades to them - for them. When the time came to make decisions for her future, she chose Starfleet after discussing the options with them.

Service Record

  • Starfleet Academy - 4 years, environmental science major
    • Kepler Station - Starfleet Academy Satellite Program
  • Janus Outpost - Environmental Officer


Father: Myron Paean
Mother: Tiffany Walters


Pie-In-Face Award
Mission: The Donkey's Brahe
NPC Award
Mission: The Donkey's Brahe
Friendship Ribbon
Mission: Schwann-upmanship
Project Quantum Leap
Leap Year Challenge 1: 29th February, 2012
Snuggly Bunnies Award
Mission: Schwann-upmanship
NPC Award
Mission: Curieosity Killed The Cat
Logical Thinking
Challenge 2: 13th - 20th February, 2013
Asteroids Survival Pin
Mission: Boy Who Cried Wolf
Facepalm Pin
Mission: Piazzi's Penance
Logical Thinking
Challenge 4: 1st - 15th February, 2015
Friendship Ribbon
Mission: Graduation Day
Cute Stripe
Mission: Graduation Day
Snuggly Bunnies Award
Mission: Graduation Day
Eww Ribbon
Mission: Graduation Day