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Lieutenant-Commander.pngPr'ithitan "Prith" Ch'gra'thaniy

Rank: Lieutenant Commander
Position: Former Executive Officer
Player: Sean


Species: Andorian
Gender: Thaan (Male-ish)
Born: 2351
Hair: White
Eyes: Grey/Silver
Height: 6'4"

Pr'ithitan is a muscular six feet four inches and tips the scales at two hundred thirty-seven pounds (107.5 kg) as of the date of his last physical. As is typical of the Andorian species he is blue skinned and has two antennae that protrude from the top of his skull and he wears his long white hair tied back in a ponytail. His build is indicative of a man that spends more than a little bit of time in the gym. In terms of distinguishing marks Pr'ithitan is easily identified by his metallic cybernetic right arm which extends from the shoulder down and several plasma burn scars on his chest and back.


Pr'ithitan, or Prith as he's come to accept being called, is one of the many consummate professionals among Starfleet's officer corps. Respectful of his superiors and diligent to following the orders he is given, even if that means thrusting himself into a dangerous situation. Off duty Prith tends to be a more private man and keep to himself until he adjusts to new environments and becomes more comfortable with both his surroundings and fellow officers. He's never one to turn down conversation and interaction with his crewmates, but he also is rarely active in seeking out opportunities to meet new people on entering a new environment. When presented with combat situations he tends to react aggressively, sometimes even a bit over-aggressively when he feels that either his crew or his person is in danger. He also tends to react a bit hot-headedly in the face of personal insult, personal injury, or repeated stupidity.


Prith was born and raised on Andor until he entered Starfleet Academy shortly before turning eighteen. While at the Academy the bulk of his course work was focused on engineering, particularly in the field of weapons and defensive systems, though he also took all of the required courses in addition to the elective command course and advanced hand-to-hand combat training focusing on judo and ground fighting and during his final year at the Academy he finished in the top ten at the Academy in the annual Academy-wide MMA tournament.

As he failed, through no lack of effort, to graduate in the top ten percent of his engineering class at the Academy, Prith was initially assigned to the USS Montezuma to serve as the ship's weapons specialist and third shift engineering officer on deck as a fresh-faced ensign. Prith would remain on the Montezuma through the conclusion of the Dominion War and rise to the position of Deputy Chief Engineering Officer following the promotion of the Montezuma's Chief Engineer to ship's Executive Officer and the subsequent promotion of the previous Deputy Chief Engineer to Chief Engineer.

At the conclusion of the war Prith requested, and was granted, transfer to Deep Space Seven as the station's Chief Engineer, a position that came with a promotion to full Lieutenant. During his first mission as Chief Engineer on the station Prith was tasked with setting up and monitoring ground-based shield systems that were installed to protect the local population from adverse weather conditions.

It was during a subsequent mission that Prith was serving as Chief Engineer of the Christoper Reeve, one of Deep Space Seven's attached starships, that he lost his right arm in the line of duty. The Reeve has been ordered on an intercept mission to aid a civilian vessel that was in some distress as a result of warp core problems near DS-7. As Chief Engineer Prith was part of the Away Team that beamed over to the distressed ship, which was later discovered to be a smuggling vessel. Despite his best efforts in attempting to save the vessel, the ship was still destroyed and in the course of the mission Prith lost his right arm from the shoulder down and suffered plasma scarring on his back, shoulders, and chest. For his actions, and the injuries he sustained, he was awarded with a purple heart.

Prith would continue to serve on DS-7 for several years, rising to the rank of Lieutenant Commander and eventually attaining the role of Executive Officer of the Christopher Reeve for those occasions when the support vessel was called upon. At the conclusion of his posting on DS-7, Prith was offered a position at Utopia Planitia Fleet Yards in the Sol System as a weapons designer. Following the completion of his first proposed upgrade to starship phasers, which ultimately failed, Prith was temporarily assigned to the USS Horizon for field tests of the new phaser upgrades.

At the conclusion of his temporary assignment on the Horizon, during which his phaser upgrades failed, Prith returned to Utopia Planitia Fleet Yards and continued to work with a team of engineers on ways to upgrade Starfleet's weapons technology while assisting with the occasional mission, when needed, as part of the crew of the USS da Vinci. After a couple of years of work at Utopia Planitia with the achievement of no major breakthroughs in the area of weapons technology Prith has put in for a transfer to another space station or starship seeking a posting as Executive Officer and winding up on Kepler Station as he attempts to further his command career and perhaps command his own billet at some point in the future.


3 Months with Kepler
13 Jun - Sep 2009
Captain's Choice
Mission: Rutherford's Fork
Newcomer Award
Mission: Rutherford's Fork