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Hi everyone, and welcome to Kepler!

Glad to see you've survived your first joint post, now here below, are the ranks that we use on Kepler. Feel free to familiarize yourself with them. After all, you'll need to know the difference between ranks, rates and other designations to help your writing feel that much more authentic.

The following is to help you, so when you read our Manifest you can understand your character's rank, and decide on how you wish to proceed. We have provided several charts, to assist you in your efforts to help further your character(s) careers! Please keep in mind that while you can determine your character's career choices, we ask that you run your decisions by the GMs, so we can work it into the plot.


Confused? Don't know what color your uniform should be? Didn't know that uniforms came in more than three colors? Well, lucky for you, we're here to help. Now on the side bar there, you can find out some more information about the Departments that we currently use, here on Kepler. I'll provide you with uniform colors for defunct departments in a different table below.

Names Color
Command and Flight Control Red.png
Medical, Science, and Counseling Teal.png
Operations, Engineering,

Tactical and Security

Civilians White.png

We know, civilians don't actually have a uniform, but just in case you were wondering what color we'd give them...

Defunct Departments
Names Color
Legal, Communcations,

and Strat Ops

Intelligence Grey.png
Marines Green.png
Starfighters Blue.png
Diplomatic Corps Lavender.png


So, you'll notice on the manifest that we have enlisted ranks! What does this mean? This means that this particular character did not go through Starfleet Academy, and instead, went through something that mirrors boot camp. They spent weeks and months rather than years training for their particular field. Those who enlist complete ten weeks worth of basic training, and then go on to a school, where they learn their field. If you have an enlisted character but want to be an officer- you can, once your character reaches at minimal rank of E5 they can qualify to enter Officer Candidate School, where they'll endure more training for approximately twelve weeks before walking out as an O1 or an Ensign.

Non Commissioned Officers

What is an NCO? An NCO, is a non-commissioned officer, someone who does not have their commission. Basically, they haven't gone through the Academy or aforementioned OCS. There are just a few things you'll need to know about your character as they hit E4 or Petty Officer 3rd Class, because all Petty Officer designations; are non-commissioned officers, with that said. Those characters who are E4-E6 are 'junior' NCOs, and those who serve in the top tier E7-E9 are considered 'senior' non-commissioned officers. What's the difference? E4 and E5, function as technical leaders. While those between E7-E9 serve as more, they're expected to exercise leadership, and lead larger groups of service members and serve as advisers, mentors, and in general have a greater responsibilities bestowed upon them.

Petty Officers are the backbone of the enlisted service members within Starfleet. They're the primary and sometimes most visible leaders. Primarily responsible for executing Starfleet's missions and for training to help prepare for said missions. Starfleet provides education that includes leadership, management and service-specific and combat training. The senior NCOs are considered to be a primary link between the enlisted personnel and the commissioned officers of Starfleet. Their advice and guidance is of particular importance to junior officers who begin their careers in a position of authority but generally lack practical experience.

Name Rank Grade
Crewman Recruit Crewman3.png E1
Crewman 2nd Class Crewman2.png E2
Crewman 1st Class Crewman1.png E3
Petty Officer 3rd Class PO3.png E4
Petty Officer 2nd Class PO2.png E5
Petty Officer 1st Class PO1.png E6
Chief Petty Officer CPO.png E7
Senior Chief Petty Officer SCPO.png E8
Master Chief Petty Officer MCPO.png E9


So, you wanna be a cadet, eh? Well, first of all, you wouldn't be on Kepler, as anything other than at least a third year cadet, but we'll include first and second year so you get an idea of how the ranks for a cadet would work. First of all, congrats to your character! You got into the Academy! Getting into the Academy is no joke, first of all its hard work from the get go. Requiring significant academic achievement while in High School, and of course your Math and Science scores have to be the best. Like any other academia, you'll have to maintain your GPA above 2.7 in order to stay at the Academy. Bad grades while at the Academy, can get you kicked out. Cadets fall under the same uniform code of justice, and of course subordinate to the orders of their superiors. They are also expected to show military respect to said superiors.

Name Rank Grade
Cadet 1st Year Cadet1.png C1Y
Cadet 2nd Year Cadet2.png C2Y
Cadet 3rd Year Cadet3.png C3Y
Cadet 4th Year Cadet4.png C4Y

Commissioned Officers

Congrats! You survived the academy! You've got your commission as an officer in Starfleet, but what does that mean? Well, don't worry your pretty little head about it, we've got your back! A commissioned officer of Starfleet, is someone who has spent either four years in the Academy, or has a four year degree- in case of the latter, they'll have to go through Officer Training School, in order to gain their commission. Commissioned officers, can be thought of as the leadership and management team of Starfleet. They hold positions in dozens of different career and job areas from medical to engineering. These men and women are highly educated/experienced, and they use their professional skills and leadership abilities to inspire the best in others. So whether you're an Ensign, or you're a Lieutenant JG [because you're Doctor Smartstuff and became a physician], you'll be expected to do a lot with your abilities. If you need assistance out there, be sure to turn to your friendly, neighborhood NCO, they'll help you out!

Name Rank Grade
Ensign Ensign.png O1
Lieutenant Junior Grade Lieutenant-JG.png O2
Lieutenant Lieutenant.png O3
Lieutenant Commander Lieutenant-Commander.png O4
Commander Commander.png O5
Captain Captain.png O6

Warrant Officers

What if you want to be a Commissioned Officer, but don't have a four year degree, and never went to the Academy? Well here we go! Chief Warrant Officer Program! Lemme guess, you've never heard of it? You might have if you're a military brat, but outside of that- probably not. That's okay! Stick with me, and I'll show you around. So, a Warrant Officer, rather a Chief Warrant Officer is someone who is a technical specialist. They have the knowledge and skill or skills, of a specific occupational field at a level beyond what is normally expected of senior non-commissioned officers. The CWO Program, provides commissioning opportunities to qualified senior enlisted personnel. Chief Petty Officers typically (E7-E9), and E6 who are already eligible for E7 may qualify as well.

How do you become a Warrant Officer?

As mentioned above, your character will already need to have been a Chief Petty Officer at E7 or above, this does include E6 personnel, who, when notified have been recieved by the commanding officer that the individual is to be selected for Chief Petty Officer, or that advancement to Chief Petty Officer has been authorized. They'll must have served at least twelve years active duty, but no more than twenty-four years of service as an active service member. Must be of good moral character, and have no record of disciplinary action on their record.

Warrant Officer
Name Rank Grade
Warrant Officer WO.png W1
Chief Warrant Officer 3rd Class WO3.png W2
Chief Warrant Officer 2nd Class WO2.png W3
Chief Warrant Officer 1st Class WO1.png W4
Master Warrant Officer MWO.png W5


Alright hot shot, you just got to be Commodore, how do you feel? Awesome right? Well, I hope you like a good desk job, welp here we go. You are now a Flag Officer, fancy that. You are among the most senior officer ranks. You're functioning at the highest level of command within Starfleet. You're operating as Sector Commanders, Superintendent of Starfleet Academy or one of its satellite branches, Chief of Starfleet Operations or Starfleet Chief of Staff, which well for us, the latter two are unlikely, however; that being said, you have gained a lot of knowledge over the years and many look to you.

Name Rank Grade
Commodore Commodore.png A1
Rear Admiral Rear-Admiral.png A2
Vice Admiral Vice-Admiral.png A3

Alternate Realities

As often as we sometimes like to pretend they don't exist, they actually do. Kepler has ran into an alternate reality, with a darker timeline than what we're familiar with, and it just so happens they used Marine rankings. What's that? Defunct? Yeah, they are, but maybe one day, over the rainbow we'll bring them back. Until then just look at their pretty rank set, and we're only going to display officer ranks, as those are the only ones that we here at Kepler are dealing with right now.

Marine/Alternate Reality
Name Rank Grade
Second Lieutenant Second-Lieutenant.png O1
First Lieutenant First-Lieutenant.png O2
(Marine) Captain Marine-Captain.png O3
Major Major.png O4
Lieutenant Colonel Lieutenant-Colonel.png O5
Colonel Colonel.png O6

Special thanks to Jessica, Pips by Kuro-RPG