Raoden Imenand

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Ensign.pngRaoden Imenand


Rank: Ensign
Position: Former Assistant Medical Officer
Player: Nicholas


Species: Human
Gender: Male
Born: 2358 (27yo)
Hair: Light Brown
Eyes: Brown
Height: 1.85 metres


He is a charismatic person, being razed in a stable, positive environment he grew up to be a positive person, trying to lower tensions when they appear and to make everyone around him feel good.

Also he is a chatty and curious person, always trying to find out more about anything from the person / persons he is talking to.

Raoden always believes that there is a way out of every situation, and with the correct way of thinking any obstacle can be passed.


Raoden Imenand had a bad start in this world. At the moment he thinks his age is around twenty-seven, celebrating his birthday with the occasion of the new year festival. Why so? Twenty-four years ago he was found by a Betazoid cargo ship on an almost destroyed human vessel.

By chance twenty years ago the Betazoid ship stumbled upon a human vessel floating in space, wearing the signs of battle. On board everyone was dead, or better to say everyone had been killed. The search party from the Betazoid ship found a survivor: a human child, approximately 3 years old in human years, hidden in a secret compartment in the cargo hold of the human ship. That young human child was Raoden.

For the next few months he stayed aboard the betazoid ship, being under the care of the crew, who named him Imenand, which meant "the hidden one" in an ancient human language. As the child barely knew how to talk properly the crew began to teach him the Betazoid language, which he managed to get a small grip at soon. When the Betazoid ship returned to Betazed one of the crew members, Vlanis, adopted Raoden as his son.

Raoden spent his childhood on Betazed. Growing up was harder for him, as he did not posses any psychic abilities he was at lost compared with the Betazoid children. But life was not that hard as in the environment that he grew in nobody teased him or made fun of the fact that he was just a human. He had the luck to grow surrounded by people who supported him and helped him pass his disadvantage. After a while he managed to make friends and in the end to get accepted by the other children.

At the age of 14 apart from the lack of any empathic powers Raoden was just like any other normal Betazoid kid. He didn't feel any longer strange or weird. He grew to accept and embrace the Betazed culture. As time passed he began to show interest in engineering and medicine, two domains not so different. While engineering, in his opinion, treated ill ships, medicine treated ill people. Later at the age of 16 he decided to focus on medicine and joined Medical School on Betazed. He was accepted despite his young age because he showed both promise and enthusiasm. While not a prodigy child, he did fare well, and for someone his age he managed to do fine, maintaining a steady medium performance... a medium - good performance, despite the difficulties he faced.

At the age of 18 his step-father, Vlanis, took him to Earth to show him who were his real people and asked him to take a decision: go back to Betazed and follow a certain path in life with the Betazoid or stay on Earth and begin anew with his kin. Raoden choose to stay on Earth and join the Starfleet Academy in hopes of helping to make life in space safer and to prevent other tragedies like his own from happening ever again.

Between the age of 18 and 26 Raoden continued his medicine studies in the Academy. While not the top student of his class Raoden did finish with good grades and recommendations as a competent doctor. Graduating the Academy at the age of 24, Raoden was assigned to the USS Interpid. He didn't stay more than two months on the Interpid as the ship had suffered serious damage from an encounter with a Romulan Bird of Prey. During the combat Raoden managed to prove that he knew what he was doing and the could keep his calm in a tight situation despite his jolly general attitude.

After the Interpid enter reparations he requested a transfer to an active ship, so he was transferred to the USS Rome. Serving on the USS Rome has been an unpleasant experience for Raoden as he and the CMO of the ship had more than one disagreements. The CMO was a strict officer that didn't like medics with Raoden's happy and cheerful attitude, so naturally, he didn't even try to show his problem with Raoden's character. After a few months after a fight with his CMO Raoden requested another transfer, a transfer that the CMO was all to happy to approve. The next assignment as been on the USS Galaxy. There, despite what his former CMO said about him Raoden found that he would fit in quite nicely. He had a good chief medical officer that welcomed his good mood to lighten up the medicbay. The time spent serving on the USS Galaxy lasted 3 years. After these 3 years his CMO considered it was time he should be promoted and recommended him for a new assignment.