Rautha L'mir

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Blank.pngRautha L'mir

Rank: Civilian
Position: Treehouse Lounge Owner
Player: Arnold


Species: Cardassian
Gender: Male
Born: (42yo)
Hair: Black
Eyes: Blue
Height: 6'1"


Tall, dark, and handsome. (For a Cardassian that is.) He projects an air of friendly confidence that puts some on edge, but gives him a favorable air to the rest. His body is riddled with scars, although he has taken great care to remove as many from his face as possible. Despite his current lifestyle as a bar-tender he maintains a relatively fit appearance, though some extra gut has definitely crept through the cracks. Under the small amount of extra flab however are muscles of steel, hardened by many years as a killer and spy.


A charming man, genial and friendly. Rautha is the sort of person that everyone likes, simply because of the way he presents himself. Under his mask-like personality however there are many currents, some of which are decidedly darker then the rest. The general truth is that it’s better not to try and delve into his mind or past, doing so is likely to result in a swift and painful end. He has a sense of logical certainty in his actions, everything he does is precisely ordered according to his own slightly twisted moral and ethical view, but he lives by his code and he’ll die by his code. Aside from his work it’s the only thing he has.

Rautha also finds himself wary of the very idea of family. Children are one of his greatest joys, but he forcefully distances himself from the idea of ever being close to a child again for fear of undergoing the pain of losing a child again.

Rautha finds talking to people to be one of his favorite “sports”. He enjoys learning others secrets while letting them know nothing about himself, and he loves spreading the odd rumor around. An ex-spy has to find something to keep himself entertained with after all.


All true personal history remains unknown to any but a few surviving members of the Obsidian Order. His official profile shows him to be a simple farmer's son who grew up to be a barkeep, nothing more. (As in nothing else at all which in itself could be considered strange).

Rautha grew up on Cardassia, the son of a lowly food merchant, Jeil Ket, who’s wife had died during childbirth leaving Jeil to care for his son alone. Jeil was a good father to his son and did everything he could to teach his child from his own ethical and moral viewpoint, which was decidedly dissident. The first five years of Rautha’s life were good ones spent eking out a living with his father who was finding it very hard to support himself and give his son some sort of future. Rautha has always had clear memories of these days, the only time in his life he remembers being truly happy.

When Rautha was six, the Obsidian Order began making more concentrated attempts to weed out dissident supporters. Jeil had made the mistake of saying a few of the wrong things at the wrong times to the wrong people and he suddenly found himself under arrest. The Order came in the early morning before Rautha was even awake, a dozen Cardassians armed to the teeth and ready for the kill. Jeil was no fighter, but he did his best against a far superior group of opponents; in the end he was captured and taken away, never to see his son again.

Rautha was then taken into custody of the state, seemingly destined for a life hardly better then that of a slave. He had no family, few friends, and no one willing to stand up for him against the Obsidian Order. It was somewhat ironic that those who had destroyed his life would soon become his saviors.

Two months after his father was taken away, Rautha was selected in a random sweep of orphan children. Selected by the Obsidian order as part of their new recruiting drive; their motto being: “Start young, build strong”. And so at the tender age of five Rautha began his new life, the life of the Obsidian Order, the most feared, ruthless, and powerful covert intelligence agency in the alpha quadrant.

The first few months in the order's training program were grueling, and Rautha found himself lost among the crowd unable to find a place he could fit in. However as time wore on it became apparent that young Rautha was an extraordinary Cardassian. Perhaps it was some need to be recognized, or maybe it was just an inner spark of darkness that lead him forward, whatever the reason Rautha suddenly began to mature. By the time he was six he had taken everything he was being taught to heart, and his mind had been cleansed of all thoughts of grief at his father's death. The Order fed him, clothed him, taught him how to survive, and slowly began to mold him into one of the deadliest operatives the Order had seen. He was selected to train with some of the best students within the training circle: Dumir, Luget, Lifmarta, Garak, and several others. Together these students formed an elite group of young operatives under the direct command of Enabran Tain the head of the Obsidian Order.

By the time Rautha was ten he had become a skilled killer, and an excellent speaker. Tain assigned him to a mentor, Olim Rarn, a sixty year veteran of the Order. Under Rarn's expert guidance the next ten years saw Rautha's level of experience grow even more to the point where he rival the abilities of his master, and surpassed those of any normal operative. He was an exemplary killer, but more then that he was a master of the art of death. He understood death, he reveled in it, so much so that Rarn began to worry that his pupil had taken his studies too far. and perhaps he had, for Rautha loved death, loved pain, and loved “helping” others along the path of death.

Rautha during his time in the Obsidian Order.

When he was twenty Rautha began serving the order in earnest, seeking out various targets within other empires and eliminating them with ease. He found that it was wonderfully easy to pin blame on the innocent and began to use that as his primary method of covering his tracks; shifting the blame around so that no one could ever figure out who was really guilty. During the next five years he assassinated over a hundred people; Klingons, Humans, Ferengi, Romulans, even other Cardassians, and he likely would have continued in his mission if fate hadn't placed him too close to the end of a Vulcan bodyguard's energy lance. Rautha was hit at point blank range causing severe damage to his dermal layer, but thanks to his body armor, not killing him. A side effect of the blast was temporary memory loss, which kept his entire past locked away for over two years. During those two years he was kept in a sort of meditative prison by his former Vulcan target, the lady P'vor.

P'vor was not an ordinary Vulcan and was possessed of many radical ideas, the least of which was that not all emotion should be purged. She took it into her head that her would-be assassin might become more useful in her service then in the service of the Order, and she placed him under heavy guard deep in the Vulcan desert where a group of Vulcan priests instructed the confused Rautha in the ways of meditation and control. P'vor then sent out word that he had been killed in the assassination attempt, and herself went into temporary hiding alongside Rautha.

The first year of Rautha training saw a different Cardassian born from the embers of his old self. He still had the air of a dangerous man about him, but his killing edge was beginning to become tempered with his new teachers impeccable logic. In his second year the Vulcan priests, under the direction of P'vor began reconstructing Rautha's mind through mind-melds and meditative techniques, and slowly his memories returned. As they did however Rautha found himself unable to take any joy from the acts he had performed during his previous life, it was as if all desire to kill simply for the sake of death had been removed. In its place was the memories of the first five years of his life and the loving face of his father. Rautha would spend the next three years on Vulcan, fall in love with P'vor and begin to raise three children; three of the happiest years of his life, but years that could not last.

During the late part of the fifth year of his time on Vulcan, Rautha's life took on tragedy once again. The Obsidian Order made another attempt on P'vor's life, and this time succeeded, killing not only P'vor but her and Rautha's three children as well.

Rautha was a broken man. He found his anger and lust for vengeance stronger then his love of the peaceful ways and set out for the first time in five years, aimed like an arrow for the heart of the Obsidian order. During the 2360's the order found that nearly twenty operatives were killed during their assignments by an unknown foe who had aligned himself with no one. Rautha had made his mark. Finally however in 2367 the Obsidian Order finally identified Rautha, and began the tedious process of hunting him down.

Rautha found his thirst for vengeance had somewhat waned over the last seven years, and although he still hated the order, he no longer felt the same motivation he once had. So he fell back into the crowd, retreated until such time as he'd be able to strike a killing blow against the Order. His chance never came. In 2372 the Order was annihilated, and Rautha's chance for personal vengeance was gone. Still he felt a certain deep satisfaction at the demise of the group that had caused him so much sadness in his life.

The Dominion war soon engulfed the Alpha quadrant and Rautha found himself lost amid the storm, drifting from one planet to the next picking up small talents along the way that made life bearable. One of these was the art of bar-tending, which oddly enough Rautha found quite relaxing. So during the war Rautha found himself on Earth, learning a new trade, one of mixing substances together, not for the purpose of creating poisons to kill, but instead creating poisons that tasted so good his customers would always come back for more.

By the time 2381 arrived Rautha had seen the end of one of the most bloody and ferocious wars in history, and had begun his career as a professional bar-tender, the one thing in his life that mattered to him anymore. The years strolled by and Rautha found many places to work, but rarely stayed in one place for more then a few months, always searching for someplace he could once again call home, someplace that he feared might not exist for him.

Then his journey lead him to a Starbase controlled by the Federation. A Starbase by the name of... Kepler. Would this finally be his home?


Father: Jeil Ket (deceased)
Mother: (deceased)
Spouse: P'vor (deceased)
Children: Three (deceased)


3 Months with Kepler
Jul - Sep 2010