Rebecca Rines

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Lieutenant.pngRebecca Rines


Rank: Lieutenant
Position: Security Observer
Player: Nick


Species: Human
Gender: Female
Born: 21 November 2358 (29 Years-old)
Hair: Brown
Eyes: Brown
Height: 5'8"

Rebecca is of athletic build. While appearing small, she has surprising amount of strength. Her brown hair is her pride and joy. It is always done differently, but her prefrence, during work, is to keep it out of the way in some form of ponytail.

She has long been known for her very 'girl next door' good looks. She has often fooled people by simply looking the way that she does. People underestimate her, or assume that she is not able to defend herself.

Her stance is somewhat graceful, yet strong and determined. Her motions are fluid as she is well trained to minimize movement while maximising results.

She maintains her fitness through a rigorous routine, and the occasional trip to the holodeck to go climbing.


Rebecca has an effervescent, fun loving personality. She has been the target of so many male officers attempts at flirting that she has taken a surprisingly forward approach and declares almost instantly to the men she meets that she is not interested.

While on duty she is incredibly professional, but knows that camaraderie is important to the life of a crew, and attempts to balance her professionalism with friendliness and sincere concern for others.

She is furiously loyal to her authorities. That comes from her intense love for her father (who she can often be heard quoting). Even when her superiors do, or order things that she disagrees with, she does not utter a word of discontent. Off the record she may say something, but few people have the privilege of being close enough to her to hear those words.

Rebecca believes that everyone should push to better themselves, and does not accept that mediocrity is good for anyone.

There are very few times where she stops to just sit and do nothing. If she is sitting, she is reading and/or studying. She takes anyone up on a physical challenge, and thrives on competition.


‎David and Michelle Rines moved to Australia when they had had their fourth child, Tracy. As a result, the older two Rines children grew up maintaining their British accents, whislt their younger siblings had a decidedly Australian variety to the English accent. Rebecca is often mistaken for being British, but she remembers little of her place of birth and holds the continent down under as her place of origin.

Rebecca grew up in the most ideal of situations. Her parents, both talented artists, encouraged their four children to reach their potential. Rebecca was not the typical oldest child; she did not spend a lot of time at home in her teens helping her parents with things around the house. In fact, she found the domestic life that her parents both embraced to be rather dull. She longed for excitement, and physical challenges.

Rebecca was involved in every sport she could find time for in High School. She captained the school netball team, the first 11 cricket team, and won a number of gymnastics competitions. When she was 14 she took up Ju-jitsu and excelled in the discipline. Sports were a means to an end for Rebecca. She hungered challenge and pushed herself to succeed.

When questions started to be asked about what she was planning to do after graduation, Rebecca looked into careers in Starfleet. She could see clearly that Starfleet provided, in ample amounts, the excitement and adventure that she craved. She seemed most inclined towards the Security and Tactical side of Starfleet operations, and set her mind solely on the goal of becoming a Starfleet officer.

Rebecca decided that in order to better serve as Security officer she would need to understand more about the races that she would be protecting and protecting against. She studied hard to gain honours her degree in Xeno-psychology. She graduated 2nd in her class behind her friend Juliet Summers. Summers would often give Rebecca a hard time about coming second, but Rebecca always reminded her that she had participated in at least 3 different sports per semester while all Juliet maintained was a nominal membership to the Academy chess club.

Rebecca then attended Starfleet Academy where she excelled in the areas of hand to hand combat, weapons usage, and security tactics. While never being able to out muscle the likes of Krag, son of Tragh, she was still agile and fast enough to render their lumbering brute strength almost useless. There was often heard, during the training exercises, the annoyed yell of strong and brawny men, "STOP MOVING RINES!"

She led her squad of cadets to victory in all four simulations against opposing classes in her last year. One time in particular the instructors insured an unknown advantage for the three opposing squads; Rines noticed that they were conducting themselves in a fashion that indicated they had been given more freedom. She changed her team’s tactics, and went on an attack instead of luring them into a trap as before. The high risk manoeuvre succeeded, but Rines lost her 'life' in the process.

She was especially commended for her ability to neutralize enemies without causing any serious injuries to them.

As much as she impressed with her physical abilities it was her mental aptitude in stressful situations that shone the strongest. Her test results and practical training in the area of Tactics so impressed her instructors that they asked her stay on as a teacher, but her eyes were set on the stars. She graduated, top of her class, much to the ire of a rather disconcerted Klingon.

Her successful run in life continued when she was posted to the USS Portland, under the command of a respected figure in Starfleet, Captain Matthew Bell. Her time was split evenly between Security and Tactical, and she was noted for impressive work in both areas. Unfortunately, there was no room for positional advancement on the Portland, in spite of having been promoted once. After two years service on the Portland, she sadly moved on to the USS Archimedes to take up the role of Chief Security officer.

After an impressive, although truncated stint as Chief of Security on the USS Archimedes, Rebecca transferred to Starfleet Academy where she picked up a position as a Junior Instructor in Field Combat Tactics. She was neither the favoured, nor the most detested teacher in her field. This position lasted until she received proverbial 'tap on the shoulder' from those in higher positions in Starfleet, namely the Intelligence division. Apparently Kepler Station had seen some level of upper level mismanagement in the past, something regarding an errant CO, and Intelligence desired to become aware of any abnormalities that perhaps were allowed to creep into the stations conduct or personal (civilian or otherwise) during the time of the former CO.

Now, under the guise of a 'so-called' routine check of Security and Tactical divisions, Rines finds herself approaching the station crewed with a few former comrades, and a destiny with no small amount of intrigue.

Special Notes

Having been completely goal orientated for the majority of her life, Rebecca has seen many things as necessary sacrifices in order to maintain her forward momentum in her career. Among those things sacrificed are: her latent artistic ability, relationships, and a desire to teach (the later being partially fulfilled).


  • Sydney University – Xeno-psychology
  • Starfleet Academy – Security, Weapons


Mother: Michelle Rines (Artist)
Father: David Rines (Artist)
Siblings: Caleb Rines (In Sydney University studying political science.)
Heather Rines (High School Student, Class President)
Tracy Rines (High School Student, aspiring artist)


3 Months with Kepler
21 June - September 2009 (as Jon'a Despard)
Newcomer Award
Mission: Rutherford's Fork (as Jon'a Despard)
Players' Choice
Mission: Rutherford's Fork (as Jon'a Despard)
Romance Ribbon
Mission: Rutherford's Fork (as Jael Parano)
Newcomer Award
Mission: Honey, I'm Holm! (as Vidarr)
Challenge 1: 5th - 12th May, 2011 (as Vidarr)
Grrr Ribbon
Mission: A Tiny Oversight
Antagonist Award
Mission: A Tiny Oversight
Snuggly Bunnies Award
Mission: A Tiny Oversight (as Vaatrik Orta)
Dream Sequence
Challenge 2: 13th - 20th April, 2012
Brown Nosing Trophy
Mission: A Tiny Oversight
Snuggly Bunnies Award
Mission: A Tiny Oversight (as Cadet Hana Gable)
Dream Sequence
Challenge 2: 13th - 20th April, 2012 (as Cadet Hana Gable)
Dream Sequence
Challenge 2: 13th - 20th April, 2012 (as Jon'a Despard)
Romance Ribbon
Mission: A Tiny Oversight (as Vaatrik Orta)
Combat Medal
Mission: Curieosity Killed The Cat (as Cadet Hana Gable)
3 Months with Kepler
9 Mar 2012 - May 2012
Captain's Choice
Mission: Mission: A Tiny Oversight