Robert Tainer

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USS Tribulation:- Crew Manifest

Robert Tainer

Rank: Lieutenant Commander
Position: Officer in Command


Species: Human
Gender: Male
Born: (30yo)
Hair: Black
Eyes: Green
Height: 6'3"

He keeps his hair cut short in a crew cut. His piercing green eyes and his physique belie his intelligence and wisdom. His shoulders are broad and well muscled. These muscles support thick arms, though less muscular, more agile. His torso is roughly barrel shaped, allowing his overall appearance to be rather blocky. Finally, he has thick set legs, and a large boot size. He always keeps himself neat and tidy.


When off duty, Robert is calm, quiet, and withdrawn. He didnt really enjoy the company of people, prefering to observe and think. He spends some time playing war games on the holodeck. When coaxed into talking, he prefers to listen to the views of others before making his opinion known. He has had some personality shifts in the past, and this occasionally shows under pressure or stress.

When on duty, he is a strong and confident leader. While he takes time to consider his movements or orders, when he reaches a conclusion, he is forceful and makes his presence known. Known to be a bit stubborn at times, he does listen to others opinions. An unusual part of his mind set and personality, he thrives on stress and combat.


Robert William Tainer was born in Cape Town, South Africa, to Adam and Paige Tainer, both civilians working in the education system. His childhood was quiet and uneventful. He excelled in school with mathematics and history, with a keen interest in sports, especially rugby. Unlike his cousins, he was not pressured into joining Starfleet. It was just the opposite. His parents believed that the boy was not Starfleet material, and told him to his face. Showing a sign of courage and determination, he defied his parents, and signed up to the Starfleet Officers Academy a week after his 18th birthday.

He found himself being compared to other members of his family. The Tainer family had always had a proud military history, dating back to Waterloo and the Charge of the Light Brigade. The main comparison, he found, was to his older cousin, Brent. Though Brent was his senior, many of his previous records still stood at the Academy.

His first years in the Academy were slow, as his quiet demeanour lended him no help in the social and group setting. While he mastered the fundamentals of starship operations along with the tactical aspects of the Academy education, he lagged behind in terms of psychology and interpersonal relationships. This all changed when he first entered a Command and Leadership course, taught by a civilian by the name of Edward Lloyd. Lloyd took the quiet, withdrawn Robert under his wing, and boosted his interpersonal skills, along with his self-esteem. He found he was slowly improving, to the point where he opening sought command opportunities.

Robert found that he enjoyed command, spending some time in command of a cadet squad during his final year of academy. He graduated well from the Academy, receiving a posting to the Starfleet Command School, where he studied for several years before being posted to a small outpost station, near a mining colony on a moon near Cardassian space. The outpost, though small, was completely under his command, as he was one of two officers there, the other being an engineering officer. With twenty men under him, it was quiet and unimportant.

This all changed after a Jem'Hadar fighter raid on the colony and the outpost. Though it was only one vessel, it's destructive power took its toll. The other officer was killed in the first attack, leaving Robert along to command the enlisted men. He rallied them, managing to shoot down the fighter, but not it's occupants.He led a retreating defence towards the main colony town. They made a stand at a small ditch just outside of the town. The position was bleak at best, but Robert had a trick up his sleeve. He had sent a pair of engineers into the town and gathered the colonists and their mining equipment, and set them up to fire on the approaching ranks of Jem'Hadar. This shock tactic worked to perfection, allowing the meager force Robert had managed to assemble to take down the Jem'Hadar with relatively low losses.

After the defence of the colony, Robert was reassigned to a strategic operations starbase. It was here that he found out that his friend and mentor, Edward Lloyd has passed away. This news crushed him, and he quickly reverted to his old withdrawn and quiet self. But, as if from beyond the grave, Lloyd helped him again. The final message to his quiet protege revitalised Robert, changing his demeanour to a quiet, but strong commanding figure. With these swings of personality, and a sudden need to command, Robert requested a transfer to a combat ready craft in the hopes that he could do his parents, his family, and Edward Lloyd proud.

He took command of a small fleet of runabouts which ran supplies back and forth between beleaguered colonies and starbases. His personal vessel, a Beowulf class Interceptor, ran escort for the supply fleet. He took part in several actions, including the evacuation of a Klingon cruiser which had been damaged by a rogue Cardassian cruiser. While his runabouts were ferrying the Klingon crewmen away, his Beowulf Interceptor, the USS Carroway, protected the Klingon Cruiser from the Cardassian ship, which was still hanging around the system. After this very successful mission, he requested a transfer to a bigger ship. However, his small ship expertise was too valuable, with all the new designs being released.

He was reassigned to the Kepler Station, and the USS Tribulation, a Sabre class starship.


Father: Adam Tainer
Mother: Paige Tainer
Cousin: Brent Tainer