Roman Stringfellow Ditondo

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WO3.pngRoman Stringfellow Ditondo

Staff Warrant Officer Ditondo

Rank: Staff Warrant Officer
Position: Assistant Security / Tactical Officer
Player: Steve


Species: Human
Gender: Male
Born: (33yo)
Hair: Dark Brown
Eyes: Light Brown
Height: 6'
Weight: 195 lbs.

Roman wears his hair long and in a pony tail, in the style common among the citizens of Nova Abruzzo. He has a athletic build and a ready, broad smile.



Like most of the Ditondos, Roman has a gregarious personality and a quirky sense of humor. He is an incorrigible flirt and an incurable romantic. He not only likes to have a good time, but likes to see those around him having a good time. He enjoys (in moderation) good food, good wine and good music. He has eclectic tastes, an inquisitive mind, and likes to learn about new things, which means Roman always has a new hobby which, after a few weeks, will probably be set aside for a new pursuit. There are a few hobbies that have stuck, though and, as an investigator, his multiple, if briefly indulged, interests have served him well.

Roman has an oddly effective martial art style that encompasses the wide range of martial arts that Roman has dabbled in. The core elements of Roman's martial arts style are Savate, Eskrima and Krag Maga.

Like most Ditondos, Roman has a serious case of wanderlust, although he has begun thinking about settling down so as to raise the next generation of Ditondos.)


Roman is the oldest of the nine children of Anthony and Elisabetta Ditondo, who run a small Italian restaurant in the North American town of Ouray, Colorado. His mother is the primary manager and chef of Ditondo's, since his father is also a partner/guide/instructor in one of the local ice climbing outfitters.

Summer before joining Marines

Besides his large immediate family, Roman has family scattered not only throughout the Sol System, but throughout the Federation. It is something of a Ditondo family joke that the Ditondos can be found anywhere in the Federation (and beyond), enjoying the local cuisine, sports and (in the case of the Ditondo men) the local women. More than once, Roman has ran into a previously unknown Ditondo, and the two have sat down over a glass of La Rossa, comparing family lines until a common ancestor can be established.

Roman had what he considered an idyllic childhood, spending weeks at a time with the extended Ditondo family, but always returning home to Ouray.

Upon turning eighteen, Roman followed another Ditondo tradition: joining the Starfleet Marine Corps. Roman served eight years in the Corps with distinction, spending the last two in Starfleet's Second Marine Expeditionary Force in a Direct Action Platoon. After leaving the Marines, Roman migrated to the colony world of Nova Abruzzo, a planet whose climate and topography was reminiscent of Earth's Alpine regions. (As a side note, Nova Abruzzo's population of approximately seven million sentient beings with a make up of 70% human and 22% Andorian, with the remaining population consisting of a mix of various Federation member races, all concentrated in the planetary capital of Lugano).

Detective Ditondo

Roman worked full time for the Nova Abruzzo Polizia di Stato (a combination of planetary police force, ski patrol and forest rangers). Roman quickly moved up the ranks, and at the age of thirty, found himself partnered with one Detective th'Zarath, a senior Andorian detective. Despite differences in temperament, the two became an effective team and often found the more challenging cases tossed in their direction.

After two years of serving together, Detective th'Zarath retired and Roman found himself on the fast track to becoming a Senior Detective. Again, Roman found himself in an idyllic situation. He had a satisfying and successful career, as well as an interesting and enjoyable social life, which included working part time as a cook in Ditondo's, an Italian restaurant in the city of Lugano. (This Ditondo's was owned by Michael Ditondo, a distant relative). Roman probably would have remained on Nova Abruzzo for the rest of his life if it hadn't been for Starfleet's Criminal Investigators Initiative (CII).

As Starfleet began renewing its efforts in exploration and colonization, it found itself with a dearth of non-commissioned and warrant officers with experience in security investigations. Deciding to try to recruit from individuals who had left Starfleet and entered into law enforcement professions, Starfleet created the Criminal Investigators Initiative, a nine-month program where candidates were given specialized training in Advanced Fraud Investigations, Criminal Investigative Techniques, Crisis/Hostage Negotiations, Combating Terrorism on Military Installations, Protective Service Training as well as other subjects. Individuals who would be assigned to smaller stations and ships (where they would be expected to serve as Assistant Chief Security/Tactical Officers, in addition to their duties as Security Investigation Officers) were given a three-month "crash" course in tactical operations, with the understanding that the individual in question would be receiving further "on-the-job" training upon reaching their first posting.

After finishing his year in training (including the crash course in tactical operations), Roman was assigned the rank of Staff Warrant Officer and assigned to Kepler station.

Since Arriving on the Kepler

Although having only been on Kepler for a short time, Roman has found himself settling in quite nicely, and has thrown himself into his work, which includes a physical and combat training regimen which he runs along with Petty Officer Dex Maidali. In addition, a burgeoning romance may be forming between Roman and the station's counselor, Dr. Kennedy Monroe.


It has also been revealed that Roman knows the father of Treehouse Lounge hostess/waitress Violet Matthews, and that Roman and Voilet's father share an identical tattoo on their right wrist, although Roman has been very evasive about providing any details of his past history with Violet's father.


Father: Anthony Ditondo
Mother: Elisabetta Ditondo
Sisters: Jolanda Imbruglia, Zola Smith, Giacinta Ditondo, Viviana Ditondo
Brothers: Vitore Ditondo, Neroli Ditondo, Cristiano Ditondo, Luzio Ditondo
Other Relatives: Michael Ditondo (Roman's fifth cousin, once removed, and owner of Ditondo's on Nova Abruzzo), Gawina Bakker (Roman's third cousin and Cook on the FMS Mayfair)


3 Months with Kepler
24 Jul - Sep 2010
6 Months with Kepler
24 Jul - Dec 2010
Newcomer Award
Mission: Tombaugh's Garden
Players' Choice
Mission: Tombaugh's Garden