Rory Kiriakis

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Cadet3.pngLorelai 'Rory' Kiriakis

Cadet Rory Kiriakis

Rank: 3rd Year Cadet
Position: Command Trainee
Player: Tammie


Species: Human
Gender: Female
Born: 2365 July 27 (22)
Hair: Brown with red highlights.
Eyes: Brown
Height: 5'7


Flirtatious, Strong willed, Compassionate, Sarcastic, Loyal.


Her advisors would say to annoy them mercilessly, however, in fact, it is to just get through the Academy at this time and hopefully not crash a shuttle.


Rory in duty uniform

3rd Year Cadet, Starfleet Academy

Major: Command. (Transferred from Flight)
Minors: Strategic Operations, Advanced Tactical.

Growing up with Starfleet parents, was not the most enjoyable thing as most would be like to believe. Lorelai, or rather, 'Rory' as she is known to her friends and family, is the fourth of six children born to Henry and Leslie Kiriakis, and the older she grew, Rory always wondered how two people who fought like wild animals when they breathed the same air, managed to create six balanced individuals. Of course once she hit puberty and Parker explained things to her, she figured it all out pretty quickly.

And had wanted a bleach bath for her brain.

Still wants one actually.

Her first two years at the Academy on earth were pretty normal in most respects, however at the end of her second year, Rory landed herself in trouble when she mouthed off to the wrong instructor at the wrong time, earning her a trip to Kepler Station in the Expanse to finish out her Academy years, if she can curb her sarcastic nature. Recent events on Kepler involving her favorite instructor have brought out a side of her, that Rory herself, didnt know exisited- and after much thought, she has put in a request to switch from her much loved and expected path of becoming a Helms officer, to the Command route.


Father: Commander Henry Kiriakis, U.S.S Kodiak
Mother: Commander Leslie Winslow-Kiriakis, U.S.S Barton
Brothers: Cayden (27), David (24), Anthony (18)
Sisters: Parker (29), Abigail (21)

Significant other: Ensign Kathryn Grant, ACEO Kepler Station.


Snuggly Bunnies Award
Mission: Piazzi's Penance
Snuggly Bunnies Award
Mission: Piazzi's Penance
Romance Ribbon
Mission: Piazzi's Penance
Extra Credit
Mission: Piazzi's Penance
Snuggly Bunnies Award
Mission: Piazzi's Penance
Friendship Ribbon
Mission: Piazzi's Penance
Romance Ribbon
Mission: Piazzi's Penance
Snuggly Bunnies Award
Mission: Take It or Leavitt