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Remember that what your character does will have consequences!

Kepler's Guidelines

Posting Guidelines

The stories we tell on Kepler Station are from a third-person perspective and utilizes either the past or present tense. We would appreciate at least 300 words per In Character (IC) post and that they are submitted to the correct section of the forum. Out Of Character (OOC) posts are to be submitted elsewhere.

Star Trek may not be the most realistic form of entertainment but we try to keep things on Kepler as realistic as possible. Superhero antics, unless specifically required, are also frowned upon and may result in a warning from the Commanding Officer.

When including signature images in a post please make sure to add your own as well. This will insure that details will remain accurate even if you change your forum profile information at a later date.

There is no set maximum amount of posts required, each mission will dictate how quickly things can progress. Usually the Commanding Officer will put a limit on which Mission Day can be written until everything has been achieved and the days can roll over. This may mean that sub-plots will be affected so be cautious when planning too far ahead. Our minimum posting requirement is at least four times a month. If that isn't possible for some reason, then please post an LOA on the forum. Repeated failure to meet requirements will result in two warnings and, subsequently, removal.

Sim Rating: 18+

You have to be at least 18 years or older to join this sim. This is because posts may contain violence, offensive language, sexual references, nudity, drug use, horror related themes and antisocial behaviour. However this does not give you permission to constantly write overly descriptive violent or sexual scenes. Please think of others before you send your post and use common sense. If in doubt ask someone or ask yourself - 'would I be embarrassed if my mother read this?' (even for my PG posts my answer would be yes.)

Sometimes it's best to just err on the side of caution and just imply that it happens.

Writing Other Characters (PC)

We have our own characters called Player Characters (PC), which are the sole property of the player who created them. You write your own character. If you want your character to interact with another PC then contact the other player and write a joint post (JP) together. Otherwise ask their permission if you can use their character in your post. But remember, JPs are our friends and friends are fun.

The same applies to Protected Non Player Characters (PNPCs). Check with the owner of the PNPC first.

Protected Non Player Characters (PNPC) and Non Player Characters (NPC)

Kepler Station is such a small base that the number of people we can cram on board is limited to 200. Because of this everyone is restricted in the number of secondary characters, or PNPCs and NPCs, they can play. Each character must be approved by the Command Staff and will be limited basted on certain requirements, such as writing ability and activity. Sometimes there will be mission specific characters needed however those will be decided by the Command Staff and may not remain active after the mission is over. If you would like either a PNPC or NPC please submit a bio to the Commanding Officer and the relevant Department Head for approval; bios do not have to be as detailed as PCs but appearance and personality are a must, and at least some basic history.

Department Head Positions

We ask more of our Department Heads than most sims do, but we also give more back.

Job Description:

  • Post at least once a week, because you are essential to every mission
  • Responsible for players in your department (mentoring and encouraging activity)
  • Organise and run department wide subplots (or inter-departmental as required)
  • Smack the Command Team

What do we give you? Think of it as mini CO experience. This is an excellent way to get a taste of what a real command might be like. To help make this as real as possible the Command Team will ask for your advice and opinion on missions that might affect your department, run all applicants for your department past you and also offer you the opportunity to command one of our two support vessels.

If at any stage you find that you can’t keep up with the posting requirement, real life is taking centre stage, or you’re struggling with your responsibilities as Department Head then please contact the Command Team ASAP. It might be that some responsibilities can be delegated or put on hold for a short time or it might be best for you to step down as Department Head so the position can be filled by someone with a bit more time to spare.


The Commanding Officer will start and end the mission and everyone gets to fill in the bits in between! We expect these to run two to three months OOC.

Subplots are encouraged, however if they will impact or affect anything or anyone other than your own character then please run this past your Department Head or the Command Team.

Problems, Questions, Feedback, Nominations, Concerns and Complaints

If you have any of the above (nominations being who you feel is worthy of an award), please contact your Department Head or Command Team, preferably in private. We can then deal with it from there.

Awards & Promotions

Awards will be handed out depending on their individual requirements. While some are decided by the command team each player can nominate, by contacting the CO, their fellow writers for any they deem appropriate.

Promotions will be made based on the recommendations from your Department Head, also in part due to your character’s age and experience and if there is a need on the station. This is the same for your character’s initial starting rank, so please consider realism (or whatever passes for it in Star Trek) when first creating your character.

Leave of Absence (LOA) or Resignation

If you gotta go on holiday, or can't get online or just need to get away from us for a few days or more then please post a Leave of Absence (LOA) in the forum. It helps us know who's around for subplots and JPs - especially if you can tell us when you'll be back. We also like it if you keep in touch with us while you're away.

If for whatever reason you need to resign from the sim or want to transfer to another one then we will be very sad to see you go. We've all been there and done that and totally understand that life comes first or you just don't think the sim is for you anymore. So you don't leave us in the lurch, it's polite to contact Commanding Officer and let them know. This is just so we don't all start to worry that something has happened to you. It's also good to not burn any bridges in case you're able and want to come back later.