S'pa'kal Hamilton

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Blank.pngS'pa'kal Hamilton

S'pa'kal "Sparkle" Hamilton

Rank: Civilian
Position: Computer Specialist, Janus Outpost
Player: Brian


Species: Half-Xenexian
Gender: Female
Born: 2374
Hair: Blonde
Eyes: Purple
Height: 5'8"


Like many natives of the planet Xenex, S'pa'kal has become known by the colloquial variation on her name: Sparkle. And, as her chosen moniker implies, she has a bright and cheerful personality. However this masks an undercurrent of abandonment issues. Having been raised outside of her native Xenex she has a tendency to dismiss her own culture, which she considers pointlessly barbaric, and has adopted the various aspects of many Federation cultures which she enjoys the most. This can, at times, make the young half-Xenexian seem even younger than she actually is, which hasn't helped her to be taken seriously since being invited to join the team at Janus Outpost.


First contact between the Federation and Xenex occurred in 2373 when the Federation mediated the peace treaty between both the Xenexians and the Danteri. It was during this time that newly minted Ensign, Jennifer Hamilton, met S'h'yne while visiting the village of Moute. Some weeks after setting off on her next posting aboard the U.S.S. Colombia, Jennifer discovered that she was pregnant with S'pa'kal. Although she decided to keep the child, she really had no desire to be a mother. Something which didn't change even after the half-Xenexian was born in January of the following year.

Growing up with little knowledge of her father or his people except that they have a history of warfare, S'pa'kal made a conscious decision to instead embrace the peaceful ideals for which the Federation was founded. She also developed a passion for computer programming at an early age after spending time with the Engineers on her mother's ship and learning directly from them. This interest quickly grew from a hobby into a passion.


In 2386 a weak energy signal led the starship Colombia to a bio-mechanical artificial intelligence which was 'dying' from a fracture in its power core. Beaming the life form onto the ship, the crew discovered that it had been drifting through space for centuries. It was only during a rare period of consciousness that the Mechanoid, as they began calling it, had become detectable by their sensors. Their attempts to repair the damage proved fruitless and the Mechanoid eventually shut down as its reserves bled dry. Believing it to be dormant, the crew stored it in the cargo bay and then continued on with their mission.

The inquisitive ten year-old S'pa'kal couldn't avoid the temptation of seeing a real alien cybernetic mind in person, so she bypassed security protocols to get into the cargo bay and then got to work reactivating the Mechanoid. Her rash actions resulted in the accidental triggering of previously dormant self-preservation commands. Scanning the immediate area, the Mechanoid locked onto the developing, adolescent mind that had revived it and determined that to be the only viable option of staving off its inevitable demise. Grabbing hold of S'pa'kal before she could escape, the Mechanoid implanted a bio-mechanical neural network to enhance her brain and allow it to download itself directly into her mind.

Luckily for S'pa'kal the crew were able to sever the connection before the alien consciousness could take hold of the young girl's mind. Though ultimately S'pa'kal was psychologically undamaged by the intrusion into her mind, the physical presence of the artificial neural network boosted her natural intelligence and granted mild techno-kinetic abilities. More recently, S'pa'kal received an invitation to join Janus Outpost, making her by far the youngest initiate of the Think Tank so far.


Father: S'h'yne of Moute
Mother: Lieutenant JG Jennifer Hamilton