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Rank: Civilian
Position: Diplomatic Representative for Oratt IX
Player: Brian


Species: Oratti
Gender: Male
Born: 2355
Hair: Grey Hair-like Fins
Eyes: Yellow
Height: 5'5"

The Oratti are short amphibious humanoids with a slim and gangly build much like that of adolescent Humans. Although the colours vary with each individual, their grey rubbery skin is covered with spotted patterns that shift colours slightly depending on the lighting. Large, frog-like, eyes are positioned on their heads in roughly the same location as those on a Human however their lack of a nose, and slightly wider mouths, makes them seem even larger in comparison. Hundreds of wispy fins which aid in swimming cover their head in an approximation of hair. Those fins tend to grow longer on the females and, along with their slightly less angular jaw and body, is the only real difference between the two genders.


Saba is a careful, generous leader who only wants what is best for his people. He tries to put the misgivings of the past behind him and treat everyone as if they are a friend until they give him a reason not to. His thirst for knowledge is perhaps the only thing greater than his loyalty but both pale in comparison to the love for his daughter.


When he was twelve years-old, Saba was exploring caverns along the western shore of Oratt's Southeast Continent when a Slaver vessel caught him off-guard. Beaming him aboard they then moved on to attack the underwater Priory where he lived. Having to witness this little prepared Saba for the atrocities he would encounter after being taken from the Ocean. The next several years were spent in the servitude of a number of different masters. Each time, Saba was able to educate himself further and, mostly in secret, broaden his understanding of the strange world that he now found himself trapped in.

Using his new found knowledge, Saba was able to learn the identity of the Slaver responsible for taking him; an Orion by the name of Mustava. He also discovered the location of his home planet and devised a plan to return to his people. Stowing away on a transport vessel allowed him the next few months to prepare. Upon arrival Saba was able to arrange placement on Mustava's ship, Vengeance, and then escape to the surface during another raid. But not before making sure they had to cut the hunt short thanks to some inconvenient damage to important systems. Saba tried to teach his people all that he had learnt about the Slavers, and warn them of further attacks to come, but he was shunned by his former brothers and his superior knowledge unsettled many of the elders. This eventually forced him to leave and seek acceptance from a new Priory. Although it took some time, he finally found a new place to call home. Somewhere that saw his knowledge as a useful tool rather than something to be feared. It was this new Priory where Saba met a young female by the name of Hual. Her father was the current Priory leader and the only elder willing to heed the warning of future attacks by the Slavers. Following his death, Saba and Hual became the leaders of the Priory and continued to prepare and educate the Oratti to secure a brighter future. Leadership was a role they shared equally until Hual died in childbirth and Saba was left raising his newborn offspring, Nuii.

After the battle between the pirate vessel Vengeance and the USS Tokyo-B, Saba knew that life on Oratt XI would never be the same again. Mustava was sure to come back seeking revenge and there was no way that the Oratti people, whose development was roughly on par with Bronze-Age Earth, could withstand anything like that. He convinced his people to allow him to travel beyond the ocean and represent them in a request for Federation protection (KS14: Curieosity Killed The Cat).


Spouse: Hual (deceased)
Children: Nuii (9)