Samuel Collier

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Lieutenant-JG.pngSamuel Collier

Rank: Lieutenant JG
Position: Former Chief Medical Officer
Player: Daniel


Species: Human
Gender: Male
Born: (36yo)
Hair: Brown
Eyes: Hazel
Height: 5'11"

No distinguishing marks. No piercings. No scars. Collier is lean, square shouldered, and energetic, dark hair, dark eyes, and an open face.


A gregarious, competent physican with a strong medical and mechanical engineering background. Dr. Collier's outgoing, gregarious disposition has made him a few choice friends. His command style is based largely on a "mother hen" approach, having faced harsh and unexpected reversals in his own life, he confidently prepares himself and those around him for the challenges they may face in their jobs.

His strengths include a strong personal drive, competitive spirit, and a mind for engineering. He wants nothing more than to learn, grow, make a difference, and serve others. Additionally, he thrives under pressure, enjoys challenge, and craves competition. He feels that since he has worked 'without a net' for several years (and feels confident in his ability to handle any engineering problem) that the chain of command should trust his expertise.

Dr. Collier has other strengths, namely compassion. His ingenuous nature has at times earned him scrutiny. He is deft at phonology, able to begin conversing in new tongues with remarkable ease. Cole was a collegiate athlete in swimming, lacrosse, and rugby.


Born in old New England to Henry and Irma Collier, his father served for several years in local government as deputy governor of the State of Delaware.

Samuel Collier was raised in a nuclear family, replete with community and religious participations. This included from an early age a balance of sports and academia. He attended an Andorian prepatory school in preparation for matriculation to Duke University Medical School. He interned in Fairbanks, Alaska with a xenobiology tract on Andoria. He also has a bachelor of engineering degree in mechanical engineering University of Alaska Fairbanks, but decided that this career was not for him and followed a medical path.

Samuel surprised parents and friends when he signed up for Starfleet. Driven to make a difference, "it was still the most worthwhile place to be."

Relatively new as an officer, Dr. Collier relishes the military lifestyle. Soon after completing OCS, he participated in a peacekeeping mission and was injured. The repercussions of which, including a long convalescence, bore strong influence on his personality and perspective.

He has served competently in several assignments throughout the fleet.


Father: Henry Collier
Mother: Irma Collier