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Sassobaun Consociation


(See also Rho Geminorum VII)

A civilisation aged somewhere between the Iconians and the First Federation, the Sassobaun Consociation seems to have originated outside our own galaxy. Leadership of the Consociation falls to a Triumvirate, which consists of members selected, when needed, from amongst the populace.

During their evolutionary process the Sassobaun developed a need to metabolise huasytan radiation in much the same way Humans require vitamin D. Although it is an exotic form of subspace radiation, huasytan particles were produced in abundance as a result of a natural phenomena occurring within the K-Class star which denoted the Sassobaun Centre, the point from which the entire Consociation is focused.

While the extent of the Consociation's power remains unknown, at one time it consisted of three billion individuals. Whether that number made up the sum total of Sassobaun citizenship within the Consociation or is, in fact, the entire population remains unclear.


While the specific details remain unknown, it is clear that the Sassobaun Consociation suffered some form of catastrophe, either in the form of natural disaster or an external force, that resulted in a majority of the population being wiped out. This catastrophe seems to have taken place more than sixty thousand years ago however records are incomplete.

In an attempt to stave off their complete extinction, an Ark was constructed to house the remaining Sassobaun in suspended animation until a new source of huasytan particles could be discovered in a form that met their particular needs.
The Sassobaun Ark
The Ark was actually hundreds of separate structures built within the natural protection afforded by an asteroid field.

Each was equipped with a portion of the Sub-spatial Engine Matrix which worked in conjunction with its other portions to both generate power to the various systems and to propel the asteroid field through subspace at high warp velocities.

Guided by an artificial intelligence known as the Interactive Interface, the Ark was launched from Sassobaun Centre and continued on its journey mostly unmolested until reaching the Expanse in April of 2387. The asteroid field first came to Starfleet's attention when it rounded the T-Class planet Rudellia, on the edge of Cardassian space, and then continued on a new trajectory which would lead it directly towards Kepler Station. A response team was dispatched aboard the U.S.S. Harbinger and the U.S.S. Tokyo with the intention of finding a way to stave off this collision. It soon became clear though that these asteroids were far from normal.

Every plan the team could come up with (after they moved passed blowing them up) posed a potential threat to the stability of space around the Expanse, do to the heavy concentration of subspace damage inherent in the area and the phasing occurring throughout the debris field. Finally Lt. Commander Isis Rae gave the Tokyo's Chief Engineer, Lieutenant Fernando Smith the idea he needed; using the strange attraction the asteroids were exhibiting towards the station's Coaxial Trajector Manifold, the device which anchored Kepler Station in place to insure no further leaps through space and time, they could lure the field off course. Unfortunately when they were finally ready to put the plan into practice it proved too much strain for the aging Sub-spatial Engine Matrix and rather than preventing the disaster they brought up the timetable (KS19: Boy Who Cried Wolf).