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Rank: Civilian
Position: ITA Dacoit Crew
Player: Heather


Species: Orion
Gender: Male
Born: 2343 (43yo)
Hair: Brown
Eyes: Brown
Height: 6'6"


Schass is a stubborn man that relishes in a predictable environment. He prefers for events to work to his advantage and has been know to express his feelings with his fists.


Schass was born on a merchant ship and spent all of his life learning the trade.


Father: Rimran
Mother: Chysnn
Sister: Ryrves, Shist
Brother: -none-
Spouse: -none-
Other relatives: Pyr (paternal uncle)

Additional Information

ITA Dacoit

The crew's latest, and current, vessel is an Orion freighter that was recently procured by Schass through his Uncle. The agreement saw a shift in the command structure, with Bruiser being named Captain, thanks to Shivani who agreed to sweeten the deal.

Prior to this, in an attempt to make amends for what he saw as their mistreatment at the hands of Starfleet, Captain Bakyr arranged for the Dacoit to perform an important delivery run of newly discovered satellite technology from (2433614) 2386 KA to a research team on Deep Space Three.

Although the name comes from an Orion word, Dacoit is also an Indian word for a member of a gang, or organized criminals, who commit violent robberies.

SS Dalliance

Originally purchased and commanded by Andre Stormgald, ownership of the vessel was passed into the hands of the crew upon his death. They continued to operate Dalliance in the Round Table, an area of space in the Delta Quadrant, by way of a make-shift committee until late into 2386.

At that time a group of Bajoran terrorists, using connections they had to Doctor Rasmussen, crashed the vessel into Kepler Station to gain entry and steal vital Starfleet intelligence. This action resulted in both the total destruction of the Dalliance and Module C, which was torn from the station, and resulted in at least eight deaths including Jozef himself.

Whether or not Jozef had a bigger part to play in this attack remains unknown to this day however his crew mates were eventually cleared of any wrong doing.

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Mission: Fleming's Stratagem
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Mission: Hunting Party