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During the wee hours of the morning, the self destruct sequence suddenly initiates and counts down from five minutes. Pajama clad, half asleep denizens of Kepler Station are forced to abandon their homes with no idea why.

Holy *^#@!

Mission Log:

0 - Opening - Gregory Blake

  • MD6 0107
  • Unable to sleep Blake sits in his Ready Room with a drink in hand. Suddenly the computer informs him that the Station's self destruct sequence has been initiated and it's counting down from five minutes. He orders full evacuation.

1 - Van Thurmond, (Eva Blake) played by Gregory Blake

  • MD6 0113
  • Van wakes to an unfamiliar alarm, falling off Eva's bed in the process. They make a mad dash to the nearest turbolift and squish into an escape pod with two strangers. Close quarters in the pod prompts Eva to sit on Van's lap; Van has a reaction.

2 - Julia Holzwarth

  • MD6 0111
  • Aboard the Harbinger, Julia gets a bit of rest before a scientific mission which her ideas and research prompted.

3 - Ling Dessan, Svetlana Ivanova

  • MD6 0111
  • Ling and Svetlana prep the marines for evacuation.

4 - Violet Matthews

  • MD6 0110
  • Violet scurries to find her gecko before heading out to find an escape pod. How close is she cutting it?

5 - Halley Grayson

  • MD6 0110
  • He hasn't had a chance to unpack yet! An exhausted Halley leaves his quarters to look for an escape pod.

6 - Svetlana Ivanova

  • MD6
  • Svetlana ensures all marines are off the station before leaving herself.

7 - Alexander Winters, Gregory Blake

  • MD6 0114
  • Alexander is near Ops when the self destruct sequence begins. He wants to stop it, but Gregory insists that everyone leave and not get blown up.

8 - Ayel Hayle

  • MD6 0111
  • Aboard the Harbinger, Ayel wakes after a bad dream from her past brings a resurgence of memories. She opts to go for a walk to clear her head.

9 - Halley Grayson, Violet Matthews

  • MD6
  • Violet runs into Halley while looking for an escape pod. He helps her off the floor, and then helps her escape - and helps dress her too. Showing off that he can be a gentleman, he even suggest playing poker for chips rather than strips while they wait for rescue.

10 - Aaron Ingles

  • MD6 0109
  • Aaron is working late when the self destruct alert distracts him and he makes his way out for an escape with his data backup.

11 - Isis Rae

  • MD6 0111
  • Isis travels down a few levels in order to reach the escape pods. Once there, she helps a distressed mother... then becomes distracted just before stepping into an escape pod. But, hey, she's got 40 seconds still.

12 - (Harbinger Bridge Crew) played by Gregory Blake

  • MD6 0112
  • Harbinger receives the distress call from Kepler station. The tactical officer is sent off to tell the scientists their mission is canceled.

13 - Kennedy Monroe

  • MD6 0110
  • Kennedy is in sickbay when the station decides to go into self-destruct mode. She helps guide the populace to escape pods.

14 - Cassiopeia Yale

  • MD6 0109
  • ...while Cassi is cleaning up in her quarters, Nurse Patty calls her in for an emergency with a child they've repeatedly treated for food allergies over the last week. Patty pulls Harris along with her when the alarm sounds and Cassi climbs into the pod in time to get puked on.

15 - Gregory Blake

  • MD6 0114
  • Gregory makes it to an escape pod, along with Ben Tremaine, and launches. His internal clock counts down to the big bang... Only there's no debris? WTF?

16 - Ling Dessan

  • MD6 0116
  • Ling watches as the station doesn't explode and opts to not react. Instead, he orders the Marines to inventory everything and anything on the Blackhawk.

17 - Julia Holzwarth

  • MD6 0116
  • Julia's lack of emotional attachment to Kepler gives her a chance to be analytical about the problems it is facing.

18 - Svetlana Ivanova

  • MD6 0116
  • Svetlana takes the marine fighters into action with scans and rescue operations.

19 - Halley Grayson, Violet Matthews

  • MD6 0116
  • The disappearance of Kepler interrupts a hand of cards between Halley and Violet. They place bets on their future after being stumped by what happened to the station.

20 - Ben Tremaine

  • MD6 0110
  • Ben is patrolling empty corridors with his thoughts focused on Ayel when the warning to evacuate sounds. He helps people move along in an orderly fashion and leaves during the last minute with the CO.

21 - Sean Echillias

  • MD6 0111
  • Beyond "accident prone," Sean stumbles out of his quarters at an unsafe speed and slams into an "older guy." (Considering Sean is 26, this npc is possibly as young as 27...) The "older guy" needs to get something, but Sean drags his ass to an escape pod, exposing himself to much verbal abuse.

22 - Isis Rae

  • MD6 0115
  • The next (last?) forty seconds of Isis' life takes her into an escape pod, but a strange tingle causes her to lose consciousness before she can hit the controls to eject.

23 - Ayel Hayle, Venice Marlowe Florian Cade

  • MD6 0111
  • Ayel wanders into Engineering while avoiding sleep and meets with Cade who has coffee (surprise!) and Ayel wants some. Right as their negotiations are about to come to a close, they get a message about Kepler's self destruction and Ayel mistakes Cade for a helmsman.

24 - Ayel Hayle, (Valeri) played by Gregory Blake

  • MD6 0119
  • Ayel goes to the bridge and receives orders to ready an area to start receiving Kepler survivors.

25 - Venice Marlowe Florian Cade

  • MD6 0120
  • Cade takes charge of Engineering and laments his loss of storage unit 3, which his had plans to turn into his own cafe and takes a pause to think about Makani, hoping he got off the station okay.

26 - Julia Holzwarth, (Valeri) played by Gregory Blake

  • MD6 0120
  • Julia addresses the OiC to recommend sending in a probe to investigate what happened to Kepler since, clearly, it did not explode like everyone was promised.

27 - Ling Dessan

  • MD6 0130
  • The Blackhawk is waiting for orders on what to do next. Ling's thoughts turn to Makani and Pili, hoping they're okay.

28 - Aaron Ingles

  • MD6 0114
  • Aaron witnesses the purple disappearance of Kepler and decides he would like Tribulation to rescue him because it has better scientific equipment for analysis.

29 - Cassiopeia Yale

  • MD6 0120
  • Cassi tends to Harris, who has met with an unforeseen force for unknown reasons. Nurse Patty makes it known there is a medical emergency aboard, hoping to be one of the first to be retrieved.

30 - (Valeri) played by Gregory Blake, Ayel Hayle

  • MD6 0122
  • The Harbinger returns to the scene of Kepler's emergency and prepares to begin receiving the population aboard. Ayel is put in charge of overseeing the setup of a medical area.

31 - Van Thurmond, Eva Blake

  • MD6 0133
  • Eva and Van are beamed aboard the Harbinger. Eva, a humanitarian, starts to hand out tea to some of the survivors and looks for information about her brother. Van wisely claims his own bunk when Eva suggests they stake out a place to sleep before it becomes too crowded.

32 - Halley Grayson, Violet Matthews

  • MD6 0134
  • Violet is beating Halley at poker when they get a call to prepare to be beamed to the Harbinger. Violet wants to check on the status of her friends, but there is no news for her yet. Halley parts ways with her in order to work, and Violet asks for his first name, but Halley evades the question.

33 - Julia Holzwarth

  • MD6 0130
  • Julia is busy helping set up the probes in order to look for answers to Kepler's disappearance. A southern accent from one of the scientists leaves her nostalgic for home.

34 - Cassiopeia Yale

  • MD6 0138
  • Cassi and company are transported to the Harbinger.

35 - Aaron Ingles, Ayel Hayle

  • MD6 0138
  • Ayel immediately employs Aaron when he beams to the Harbinger and gives him a manual labor job.

36 - Gregory Blake

  • MD6
  • Gregory is appraised of the situation with as much information that is available and reluctantly takes command of the Harbinger.

37 - Ling Dessan

  • MD6 0145
  • Ling continues to round-up escape pods.

38 - Julia Holzwarth, Gregory Blake

  • MD6 0220
  • Julia is summoned to the bridge to explain what happened. Gregory expresses himself and explains that he does not like time travel.

39 - Violet Matthews, Van Thurmond

  • MD6
  • Violet finds Van when she is transported to the Harbinger. Van is introduced to her gecko with some reluctance. He then suggests she finds a bunk before they're all taken.

40 - Venice Marlowe Florian Cade

  • MD6 0230
  • Cade drinks coffee and familiarizes himself with the Harbinger's warp core.

41 - Violet Matthews, Julia Holzwarth

  • MD6 0245
  • Julia and Violet meet up. Julia offers a change of clothing to Violet, but not before a science petty officer gets in her way one too many times. Uncharacteristically, Julia tells him off and simultaneously entertains Violet.

42 - Julia Holzwarth, Gregory Blake

  • MD6 0255
  • Julia reviews her plan to the commodore, hoping to re-open the wormhole that stole Kepler away. Despite the inherent dangers, Gregory agrees to her plans and issues orders to move people to safety.

43 - Svetlana Ivanova

  • MD6
  • Svetlana enacts orders to organize the marines into moving people to safety.

44 - Ling Dessan

  • MD6
  • Ling's team is ready to work, but a sudden engine problems puts a halt on their plans.

45 - Venice Marlowe Florian Cade, Svetlana Ivanova, Ling Dessan, (the letters M and F, and the number 3)

  • MD6
  • Cade makes coffee for ten minutes, taking his time before transporting to Ling's craft. Ling is anxious about blowing up, but Cade lets him know that the issue isn't that serious.

46 - Ayel Hayle, Ben Tremaine

  • MD6 0255
  • Ayel's thoughts drift to several days earlier when she took a clandestine lunch break in Ben's quarters. Their talk at that time leads to an uneasy pause in their blossoming relationship.

47 - Alexander Winters

  • MD6 0310
  • Alexander operates the transporter controls, condemning civilians into confined escape pods.

48 - Ayel Hayle, Violet Matthews

  • MD6 0300
  • Ayel runs across Violet on the Harbinger. As they begin talking, Ayel laments her heritage and Violet shows off her lizard. (The gecko!!! jeesh! dirty minds!)

49 - Gregory Blake, Eva Blake

  • MD6 0310
  • Eva tackles Gregory in the bathroom. He mistakenly admits to his recent marriage when Eva comments about "his wife."

50 - Gregory Blake, Julia Holzwarth, Alexander Winters, Ben Tremaine

  • MD6 0319
  • With non-essential civilians and those of the familial nature beamed off the ship at a safe distance, Julia begins her probing of space. The purple intrusion reappears to claim the Harbinger, much to the disappointment of the remaining crew.

51 - Svetlana Ivanova

  • MD6
  • Svetlana watches the purple cloud consume more ships with a casual distance to the event.

52 - Samuel Collier

  • Wilmington, Delaware
  • Samuel tells his girlfriend he won't be home for christmas due to a new work assignment.

53 - Ling Dessan, Svetlana Ivanova (as the Pilot), Venice Marlowe Florian Cade

  • MD6 0310
  • Dessan has mixed feelings about Cade being in his craft. The engine problems are beyond a "quick fix" and Cade admits he cannot repair them at the moment.

54 - Julia Holzwarth

  • MD6 0327
  • Julia wakes to find the probe she sent to find Kepler still exists. Her revival lasts only momentarily however and she faints once again from shock.

55 - Gregory Blake, Alexander Winters, Ben Tremaine, Ayel Hayle

  • MD6 0327
  • Crew on the bridge of the Harbinger begin to wake after being consumed by the purple cloud (some wake to more compromising situations than others). Amazingly, the Kepler can be seen out of one of the windows. Hooray!

56 - Svetlana Ivanova, (Robert Tainer) played by Gregory Blake

  • MD6
  • Tribulation is four minutes away from the scene of a few rather large abductions. Svetlana is calling for help but can do little more than wait.

57 - Svetlana Ivanova, (Robert Tainer) played by Gregory Blake

  • MD6
  • Svetlana appraises Robert of the situation. Robert begins a rescue operation to recover survivors from the escape pods. He's gonna have a lot of paper work to fill out.

58 - Ling Dessan, Svetlana Ivanova (as the Pilot), Venice Marlowe Florian Cade, Gregory Blake

  • MD6
  • The blackhawk's occupants are beamed to Harbinger after realizing they're not in Kansas anymore.

59 - Isis Rae, Gregory Blake

  • MD6 0206
  • Isis is fairly certain she is dreaming when she wakes up in Gregory's arms. He takes her to sickbay, avoiding answering too many questions - not that answering them would make a difference, considering Isis doesn't believe him. Reversing the classic tale, Sleeping Beauty, Gregory puts Isis to sleep with unfamiliar passion.

60 - Kennedy Monroe, Halley Grayson, Cassiopeia Yale

  • MD6 0138
  • Kennedy arrives on the Harbinger and takes over the care of Michael Harris, only she doesn't have a tricorder. She sends Halley out to find one; he comes across Cassi who offers hers up, along with her previous prognostic to leave him to sleep it off.

61 - Ayel Hayle, Ben Tremaine

  • MD6 0310
  • Ayel unintentionally overhears a private conversation between the Blake siblings
  • MD6 0315
  • Ben comes across Ayel and he regrets his decision to call off their relationship. Ayel affirms her desires and Ben locks the cargo bay doors under the premise of a diagnostic which will last for ten minutes.

62 - Ayel Hayle, Ben Tremaine

  • MD6 0315
  • Continuing from #61, Ben and Ayel take 10 to explore each other with kisses and touches, but restrain their extreme desires, promising to pick up where they left off at a later time when privacy is guaranteed.

63 - Alexander Winters, Kennedy Monroe, Halley Grayson, Ayel Hayle

  • MD6 (follows #55)
  • Alex and Ayel move from the bridge to check the status of the remaining crew aboard the Harbinger.

64 - Gregory Blake, Alexander Winters, Ben Tremaine, Ayel Hayle

  • MD6
  • Sensor readings of Kepler reveal one life form aboard, but no further detail. As plans begin to come together, Ben's injury reminds him it's there.

65 - Gregory Blake, Ayel Hayle, Ling Dessan, Halley Grayson, Julia Holzwarth

  • MD6
  • A boarding party is formed and they beam over to Kepler.

66 - Julia Holzwarth, Ling Dessan

  • MD6
  • Julia heads to Ops to secure the station, accompanied by a pair of Marines. They discover nothing until they see an unusual ship parked outside in space that no one noticed until now...

67 - Gregory Blake, Halley Grayson, Ayel Hayle, Isis Rae

  • MD6
  • Ayel leads Gregory and Halley into Sickbay where a lone, life sign registers on the tricorders. Gregory finds his XO sleeping on the job and interrogates Isis to figure out why she's on the station rather than an escape pod. Unfortunately, her answers lead him to the realization that time travel was involved in the mystery.

68 - Ayel Hayle

  • MD6
  • Ayel worried about the time travel comment.

69 - Gregory Blake, Julia Holzwarth, Ling Dessan, Ayel Hayle, Halley Grayson, Isis Rae

  • MD6
  • The away teams converge in Ops to learn that they aren't in Kansas (well, the delta quadrant) anymore.

70 - Ling Dessan

  • MD6
  • Ling slips away to get a bite to eat and a bit of sleep.

71 - Gregory Blake

  • MD6
  • Gregory talks with the CO of the Hippocrates, asking for help with populating the station.

72 - Aaron Ingles, (Julia Holzwarth)

  • MD6
  • Aaron has a strange conversation with a voice which tells him to use caution - or outright avoid some of the gathered delta quadrant artifacts.

73 - Violet Matthews, (Julia Holzwarth)

  • MD6
  • Violet has a strange conversation with a voice which offers her a glimpse of the future. Violet's not willing to place her trust in the voice, and the voice leaves - and leaves behind a gift.

74 - Gregory Blake, Julia Holzwarth

  • MD6
  • Julia reveals her identity to Gregory and offers small glimpses of the future without answering any questions.