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With the United Federation of Planets now having a presence in The Expanse the balance of local powers has shifted. New agreements must be drawn up before nerves fray and any confrontations begin. To this end, a number of Diplomats, private companies, and independent merchants from around the region have been invited to Kepler Station to take part in formal negotiations. Under the watchful eye of Captain Bakyr and a team of Diplomats from within Task Force 92, this frontier sector must be organised into an efficient trade route that benefits all parties involved whether they be the major players in the area or small independent people trying to make a living.

Mission Log:

0 - Nikolas Bakyr, Isis Rae, Vincent Perry, Maya Takagi

  • MD 2, 1127
  • The transport sent from the USS Monitor, carrying Vincent and Maya, arrives on schedule. Both Captains seem to have meet each other before and there is a definite history between the two new arrivals. How exactly they will all work together over the coming week is yet to be seen.

1 - Nikolas Bakyr, Isis Rae, Vincent Perry, Maya Takagi

  • MD 2, 1136
  • As they make their way towards the Captain's Ready Room the four officers waste no time discussing what might be coming their way during the negotiations. It isn't quite clear to Nikolas or his Executive Officer just what exactly Starfleet expects from them but with a Telepath being included on the diplomatic team the ageing Captain is left hoping things don't get out of hand.

2 - Lerel Tor Fel-B, Mivara Bor Leh-C, Nikolas Bakyr, Isis Rae

  • MD 2, 1820
  • Ahead of schedule the delegate from the Tzenkethi Coalition arrives at Kepler Station and is welcomed by Nikolas and Isis. The two senior members of each party cautiously test the limits of diplomacy while trying to get a feeling for the other. After the very brief conversation Lerel and Mivara head off to find their guest quarters.

3 - Nikolas Bakyr, Hideyoshi Shimura, Maya Takagi, Zachary Eastman, Bianca Shallen, Hayden McGuire, Phoebe Paean, Rexus Spokar

  • MD 2, 1400
  • In preparation for the upcoming arrivals Nikolas attempts to cover as many things in one briefing as possible. Hide makes a shocking discovery when Maya is introduced to the assembled crew members and one or two of the Cadets struggle to understand the different ways of interpreting their orders.

4 - Parel, Nikolas Bakyr

  • MD 3
  • Gul'Parel from the Cardassian Union arrives on Kepler Station and is greeted by Nikolas. This time the Captain isn't accompanied by his Executive Officer which, considering his distaste for the Cardassian, is possible a good thing. Adhering to the behaviour expected of a Starfleet Commanding Officer though Nikolas is nothing but polite until the moment Parel has departed for his guest quarters.

5 - Athonare Makev, Violet Matthews

  • MD 3, 1520
  • Noisy patrons are not uncommon in the Treehouse Lounge however the young representative for the Makev & Sons Intergalactic Freight Company, Atho, is quite possibly the noisiest. This is the male Corvallen's first trip outside of his home system and he plans on using his father's expense account to the fullest. Something that Violet becomes a little less concerned about once the bill is paid.

6 - Hideyoshi Shimura, Maya Takagi

  • MD 3, 1135
  • While Hide contemplates sprucing up his office an old acquaintance surprises him with a visit after the odd reception he gave her yesterday at the briefing. After a moment of annoyance at his actions Maya tries to break the ice with a humour only to find nothing seems to help improve Hide's attitude towards her. In the end she just goes with the direct route and asks what the matter is.

7 - Maya Takagi, Nelwas, Isis Rae

  • MD 4, 2145
  • During a wander around the promenade Maya never expected to come face to face with Nelwas; a Ferengi with more than enough reason to cause her a few problems. His beefy Orion henchmen herd the lithe Betezoid into an empty shop to have a little 'talk'. Isis steps in and offers her own input into the situation. The former Security Officer makes quick work of the two hired muscle and Maya takes the opportunity to deal with the Ferengi personally. She then offers Isis some of Nelwas' champaign as a thanks for the rescue which leads the pair to the Executive Officer's quarters where they share more than just the bubbles.

8 - John Reynolds, Cassiopeia Yale

  • MD 2, 1937
  • John, complete with a new eye, calls to see how Cassi and his friends on Kepler are doing without him. As well as catching up the pair take the opportunity to talk about what they went through in a little more depth.

9 - Judd Fitzgerald, Shadowy Woman

  • Back before Kepler Station was presumed destroyed a clandestine meeting took place in one of the many eateries located on Deck 8. A meeting between a mysterious Bajoran, who knows Jedit personally, and a Petty Officer from the Engineering department. Just how exactly these two know each other remains unclear but the reason for their meeting is obvious; something is going to happen very shortly that is in the best interest of this woman and her employers. Little do the crew of Kepler know that one of their own has betrayed them and still lays in wait for instructions all these months later.

10 - Rexus Spokar, Taylor Lawson

  • MD 3
  • Outside Zombo's Burger Joint, on Deck 8, Rexus spots a familiar face; Taylor, a woman he met at Violet's surprise toga party. Remembering Rexus from the incident that almost left her without a toga. The pair strike up a conversation about Kepler and Taylor's previous posting as they enjoy their Zombo's meal.

11 - Rexus Spokar, Nikolas Bakyr

  • MD 1
  • Taking into account the time they missed thanks to Kepler Station's last trip Rexus finds himself beginning his fourth year at the Academy a little behind schedule. After more than a week dealing with various 'piles' of paperwork Nikolas is finally able to process Rexus' case including his request to remain on board the Regula-Class station. Once the weight of his education has been dealt with the young Cadet decides to try sorting out the Holly situation however, after humouring his questions for a few minutes, Nikolas puts his foot down and leaves any decisions on the hologram's future up to her owner; Eva Blake.

12 - Violet Matthews, Cassiopeia Yale

  • MD 4, 1800
  • Stumbling through the door to Cassi's quarters with a variety of shopping bags, Violet hopes to spend a good part of the evening trying to improve her friend's wardrobe. It soon becomes clear that Cassi doesn't seem keen on the idea so Violet tones things down a little by just getting her to try a couple of new tops. Even that pushes the doctor out of her comfort zone though as she explains to Violet that she just isn't as outgoing as her.

13 - Nikolas Bakyr, Maya Takagi

  • MD 2, 2230
  • Finding himself unable to sleep Nikolas decides to pay Maya a visit in the hopes of putting a few concerns to rest. Unfortunately he seems to have only made things more complicated before trying to recover from the failing conversation and eventually leaving as confused and concerned as he was when he arrived.

14 - Rexus Spokar, Cassiopeia Yale

  • MD 5, 1200
  • Meeting up for lunch at Zombo's, Cassi is amused to find Rexus completely oblivious to the flirtatious attentions of the roller-skating waitress who delivers their lunch. This sparks off a conversation about her ideal type of man and Rexus sets himself the challenge of finding Cassi a date.

15 - Violet Matthews, Rexus Spokar

  • MD 5, 1730
  • Hot food in hand Violet shows up at Rexus' door and offers him some company for dinner. After their last conversation a few days ago she thought he could do with some company. Their conversation takes a slight detour into their past issues when Violet confronts Rexus, in the hopes of ending further issues, on their mutual decision to remain friends.

16 - Violet Matthews, Maya Takagi, Isis Rae

  • MD 4, 5 & 6
  • The antics taking place in the Treetop quarters of the station's Executive Officer and everyone's favourite waitress go unnoticed by the latter as Maya resorts to climbing out the window on the morning after her late night tryst with Isis. That night when the two Officers stumble their way up the stairs after having a little too much to drink at the official dinner Maya worries she might have to resort to another reckless exit but Isis assures her that Violet would be pretty hard to disturb. However neither of them counted on the fact Violet had been asked to cover a shift at the Lounge and is up early the next morning. Preparing for work she heads into the bathroom to inform Isis of her breakfast replicating in the kitchen only to discover a strange naked woman in the real water shower. Obviously stunned, given her room mate's lack of visitors during the duration of her stay, Violet waits for an explanation from Isis before finally departing for work.

17 - Nikolas Bakyr, Vincent Perry

  • MD 5
  • With three of the Conference Rooms full of various diplomats and merchants the two Captains, Bakyr and Perry, officially open the negotiations with a quick speech and a run down of the events that have been scheduled to take place.

18 - Zachary Eastman, Bianca Shallen, Phoebe Paean, Rexus Spokar

  • MD 2, 1456
  • In a less than subtle attempt to impress Bianca, Zach takes the initiative and suggests they get the other Cadets together and work out who will be dealing with which delegate given their new orders from Captain Bakyr. Rexus seems to be the only one with a definate group in mind; the Orion delegation. The others seem happy enough with taking whichever group they can get.

19 - Nilari Shendehor, Athonare Makev, Maxwell Roessler

  • MD 3, 1759
  • Taking the unusual step of getting dressed up Nilari nervously makes her way to the Treehouse Lounge to meet Bruiser for dinner after their somewhat date a few days ago. As she waits though the Andorian female attracts the attention of one of the visiting merchants, Atho Makev. Having spent the afternoon drinking and spending his father's money the Corvallen attempts to pick up Nilari until Bruiser makes him think better of the idea. Finally alone the two get to know each other over some Andorian cuisine. That is until the sexual tension reaches a peek and Bruiser decides to take matters, and Nilari herself, in hand and up to her bedroom.

20 - Nelwas, Maya Takagi, Vincent Perry, Nikolas Bakyr, Isis Rae

  • MD 8, 1012
  • During the early morning break from negotiations the two Captains are called, together with Isis, to come and speak with Nelwas who claims to have information about some goings on that they need to put a stop to. The Ferengi drives a hard bargain in the hopes of being compensated for his losses at the hands of Maya and her crew. Nikolas has other ideas however and eventually agrees to give him two store fronts on the Promenade, private Living Quarters (currently being used by the Ferengi delegation), a kiosk and tickets to the formal closing dinner. Nelwas then reveals that Athonare Makev, the Corvallen merchant representing his father's business interests, has taken to blackmail and extortion in the hopes of earning a larger slice of the proverbial pie. But worst of all the boy's final scheme could bring the wraith of every ship gathered around Kepler Station down on them all.

21 - Rexus Spokar, Hideyoshi Shimura, Taylor Lawson

  • MD 5, 1900
  • Rexus once again finds himself spending time at Crazy Ei8hts when he suggests the idea of hanging out to Hide. The pair unwind over drinks as they discuss their day so far. Soon afterwards, Taylor, another invitee arrives and joins the drinking. It doesn't take long before Hide has had a little too much to drink but Rexus decides the situation doesn't warrant too much effort on his part and continues his conversation with Taylor. Eventually even Taylor has abandoned her concerns over the amount of drinking as the topic becomes more philosophical when Rexus asks his friends their definition of love. A topic that Hide decides is fictional in nature. Finally Rexus decides Hide has had too much and attempts to take him up to his Quarters.

22 - Vincent Perry, Hideyoshi Shimura, Rexus Spokar

  • MD 6, 0320
  • Vincent is quietly smoking his pipe and wandering the Promenade when he bumps into Hide and Rexus. Despite the fact Rexus is struggling to keep the pair of them from falling on the floor he agrees to help Vincent find the Cargo Bay so he can smoke his pipe. Once there the trio converse about life on Kepler Station and the negotiations from their perspectives. Jumping in head first Rexus lays out how he sees things in The Expanse and what he would hope to achieve from the current negotiations. The next thing he knows he's being offered a job for the duration of the proceedings.

23 - Nikolas Bakyr, Hideyoshi Shimura, Maya Takagi

  • MD 6, 1220
  • Performing his usual tactic of joining a crew member for lunch turns out to be beneficial for Nikolas when he gets the idea to have Hide work closer to Maya in the hopes of keeping an eye on things while also using the younger man's skills to aid a delicate situation. Much to his annoyance Hide agrees and is asked to approach Gul'Parel and help with smoother communication between the two parties.

24 - Tavat Hovek, Athonare Makev, Keena Makev

  • MD 6, 0843
  • Atho transports over to the MFC Kattim Makev to contact the head of the Makev & Sons Intergalactic Freight Company, otherwise known as his dad, but instead ends up talking to his sister. Keena holds a grudge against the treatment her brothers receive from their father and her animosity towards the youngest Makev is thinly veiled at best. Throughout their discussion though Atho takes solace in the fact he has a plan in the works that will prove his worth to everyone and earn his father's respect.

25 - Rexus Spokar, Maya Takagi, Vincent Perry

  • MD 6, 0727
  • Showing up for duty after his drunken run-in with Vincent last night Rexus is rearing to prove himself to both the Captain and his moody Lieutenant. In he end though all he really manages to do is get the other Cadets pulled into a guided tour of the public areas of the station.

26 - Violet Matthews, Athonare Makev, Isis Rae

  • MD 8, 1027
  • Following their information from Nelwas, Captain Bakyr leaves orders with Isis to find the Corvallen and discreetly take him into custody. Tracking him down to the Treehouse Lounge, and somehow managing to avoid Violet, Isis spots Atho as he prepares to leave with a scantily clad woman looking for someone stupid enough to let her near his latinum. When the Corvallen comes to the bar to pay his tab Isis makes her move and uses both her natural assets and the fact men are fairly easily led by their hormones to convince Atho that she would be a far better choice in morning companion. Mesmerised almost from the first instant Atho readily agrees to show Isis a good time only to find himself bound and helplessly listening as she reveals the fact they know all about his plans.

27 - Maya Takagi, Isis Rae

  • MD 6, 1843
  • Arriving at Isis' office with a nose bleed from over exerting herself, Maya laments the temporary loss of her telepathy while the station's Executive Officer offers comfort in the way of a relaxing massage. Convincing Isis to abandon her paperwork for the evening the pair head to Maya's Quarters for a bland meal and then decide to continue their evening under the flow of the recently installed water shower.

28 - Rexus Spokar, Kirsten Santos, Nilari Shendehor

  • MD 6, 0805
  • With all the textbook knowledge he has to offer Rexus sets forth a plan for keeping the delegates occupied during and between visits with the Captains. After a bit of retooling from two of his fellow Security personnel the plan is ready to be implemented. Considering, of course, that Rexus procures the appropriate permission.

29 - Hayden MacGuire, Harrison Matthews

  • 1100
  • The rather slow-moving counselling session continues as Hayden attempts to get to the bottom of the reasons behind Harrison's drinking problem. With neither one quite managing to get the other's point it remains unclear just how much progress is being made so far.

30 - Nikolas Bakyr, Shivani Vilina

  • MD 7, 1159
  • Picking up on the chance to get away from all things negotiation related, while dealing with some of his other duties, Nikolas pays a visit to the Orion freighter that has become the new home and workplace of the Dalliance crew. Shivani offers him a tour of the Dacoit as the aging Captain is reminded of what first drew him, as little more than a farmer in the technologically advanced world of the Federation, to a career in Starfleet back in the 30's.

31 - Rexus Spokar

  • MD 6, 0830
  • Rexus sends out a message to the other Cadets informing them of the new schedule for dealing with the delegates.

32 - Zachary Eastman, Cassiopeia Yale

  • MD 6, 1043
  • What starts off as a brief conversation where Zach brings Cassi up to speed on all the duties he and the other Cadets are being assigned quickly becomes an argument. Things only get worse when Zach tries to avoid the argument and in turn causes Cassi to punch him in the stomach. Relenting a little he apologises and they manage to at least find enough common ground to leave the conversation on good terms.

33 - John Reynolds, Sarah Martin

  • MD 8, 0620
  • Elsewhere in the Alpha Quadrant John wakes up on a cool summer morning to enjoy a quiet beer before being joined by Sarah. As they enjoy a quiet moment together before her duty shift begins Sarah reveals to John that the people running one of the research projects here want her to stay in order to help them complete their research by the deadline. Fearing a replay of the break up with Lana, John is at first nervous about the situation but in the end he realises that she deserves the chance to advance her career and help people as best she can.

34 - Rexus Spokar, Maya Takagi, Owaine

  • MD 6, 1735
  • After his first day working directly under Captain Perry, Rexus finds himself discussing the day's events with a rather distracted Maya. However she soon makes it clear that she is distracted for a reason; a group of merchants are plotting something and she needs to keep an eye on them. Recruiting the Cadet to keep them occupied they head to Crazy Ei8ts where Rexus, rather cleverly, keeps them drinking without getting drunk himself.

35 - Rexus Spokar, Cassiopeia Yale, Hideyoshi Shimura

  • MD 6, 0655
  • Stumbling into Sickbay after his night of drinking, Rexus attempts to make sense of things while Cassi just tries to follow along with his train of thought while administering medication to help his hangover. Just as the pair start to discuss the matter of Hide the man himself arrives looking for help with his own hangover issues. Rexus decides to make a hasty retreat which leaves the other two alone to their discussion. Not realising that they actually have a lot in common Hide turns down Cassi's offer to talk, citing the confidentiality of the subject.

36 - Nikolas Bakyr

  • MD6, 2036
  • Nikolas records a log entry detailing his thoughts on the negotiations, Maya and Perry, and the contracted job soon to be taken on by the crew of the ITA Dacoit.

37 - Phillip Sheridan

  • MD 8, 1049
  • Phillip makes a log entry detailing his thoughts and current duties during the negotiations.

38 - Nikolas Bakyr, Vincent Perry, Judith Pond

  • MD 8, 1749
  • After wrapping up another day of negotiations the two Captains get some time to discuss the matter of the foiled blackmail attempt that Nelwas brought to their attention earlier in the day. This also brings up the subject of Maya and Isis' knowledge of the Ferengi's presence on the Station, something that each of the men have differing opinions over. Deciding not to overstep his boundaries Nikolas changes the subject to the current state of affairs with the Cardassians only to learn that Vincent is aware of one of the reasons he assigned Hide to work with Maya on the matter. With their working lives seemingly following opposing paths Nikolas suggests they meet for dinner to catch up on old times without the negotiations getting in the way of their previous friendship.

39 - Joseph Takagi, Maya Takagi, Vincent Perry, Violet Matthews

  • 17 years ago / MD 8, 1920
  • Feeling a little like she did all those years ago when she had been informed of her mother's death, Maya is brooding by the pond in the Arboretum when none other than Violet comes along to shatter her peace. Reluctantly the Counselor talks to the teenager and finds herself realising why Isis likes her so much. Having managed not to end up thrown in the pond, the pair part when Maya receives an emergency call from Vincent.

40 - Rexus Spokar, Taylor Lawson

  • MD 6, 1937
  • Rexus meets up with Lawson at the Crazy Ei8hts for some casual conversation. Lawson's interest peaks at the mention of Hide and then, after discussing Kepler's recent history, they decide to meet up tomorrow for Eightball.

41 - Judd Fitzgerald, Hideyoshi Shimura, Parel, Nilari Shendehor, Kirsten Santos, Zachary Eastman, Cassiopeia Yale

  • MD 8, 1836 / 1909 / 1910 / 1915
  • Due to the changes Rexus has made to the Security procedures surrounding the delegates Judd is forced to personally disable the internal sensors so that the assassin, whoever that may be, can strike. Half an hour later Hide is escorting Parel back to his Temporary Quarters when Security loose sight of them after entering the Turbolift. This forces Kristen to head down there to see what the problem is while Nilari attempts to solve the issue from her end back in Security Operations.

     At that same time down in the Medical module, Zach is trying to get Cassi to stop working and go with him to get      something to eat. All of their plans are forgotten though when the heavily wounded Cardassian and human transport into      Sickbay. Parel is so severely wounded that Cassi has no choice but to just start operating on him right there. After more than      fifteen minutes though she concedes defeat and calls time of death.

42 - Nikolas Bakyr, Jeremiah Holden, Judith Pond, Isis Rae, Cassiopeia Yale, Vincent Perry, Zachary Eastman

  • MD 8, 1913 / 1929 / 1934
  • Unaware of what is happening elsewhere on the station, Nikolas is still talking to the Rear Admiral about the recent developments in the Trade Negotiations. As soon as the conversation ends his Yeoman informs him of the attack on Parel and Hide and, after ordering Isis to coordinate with Security, they both head to Sickbay. Once there Nikolas witnesses Cassi's fight to keep Parel alive and then he and Vincent start contemplating how to handle the situation. After informing the Cardassians of the Gul's death they go their separate ways to try and smother these fires before they engulf the whole station.

43 - Phoebe Paean, Zachary Eastman, Rexus Spokar, Bianca Shallen

  • MD 7, 1200
  • Exhausted from their midterms and other duties, that seem to constantly be increasing, the Cadets get together for lunch which might not be the best idea given their current mood.

44 - Judith Pond, Nikolas Bakyr, Nilari Shendehor, Kirsten Santos

  • MD 8, 1938
  • Arriving at the scene of the attack, Nikolas tries to piece together the various elements to form an overall picture of the attack that took place nearly an hour ago. At the moment the evidence does nothing to prove Hide's innocence however Nikolas orders Security to go through everything with a fine-toothed comb until they are completely positive about what happened.

45 - Vincent Perry, Rexus Spokar, Nilari Shendehor

  • MD 8, 1936
  • Before they can make their way to Command Operations Vincent and Rexus are attacked, leaving the older man gravely wounded and fighting to remain conscious while the younger man gets them both to sickbay.

46 - Rexus Spokar, Vincent Perry, Cassiopeia Yale, Maya Takagi, Isis Rae

  • MD 8, 1943
  • Rexus and Vincent stumble into Sickbay as the medical staff are recovering from the abrupt arrival earlier. Cassi and the others hurry to get the wounded Captain, and his arm, reunited while the nurse keeps Rexus as comfortable as possible until a doctor can treat his shrapnel wounds. Given the extent of his wound Vincent's stats beginto drop rapidly, however with Maya offering assistance Cassi is able to keep the Captain from going into cardiac arrest, and can then continue the operation to restore his severed arm.

47 - Cassiopeia Yale, Zachary Eastman, Rexus Spokar

  • MD 8
  • Once things in Sickbay have had a few minutes to settle Cassi takes Zach over to Rexus' bio-bed and they start to treat the young man's wounds. After that Cassi attempts to fill in the necessary paperwork when fatigue finally catches up to her.

48 - Hideyoshi Shimura, Maya Takagi

  • MD 8, 2013
  • Waking up in recovery Hide, attempts to make sense of the attack before Maya confronts him with their only method of learning what actually happened; she will have to enter his mind and retrieve the information. Something that does not go down well with the Ensign. Eventually though Maya is able to sweet-talk (at least coming from her) Hide into agreeing, by revealing a similar negative experience involving telepathy, and the process begins. Entering Hide's memories the pair have to fight his inner demons to uncover the identity of the attacker. Finally Maya is able to see a Breen helmet through the memories of Captain Sulan and leaves a sedated Hide to recover from the ordeal.

49 - Athonare Makev, Hayden McGuire

  • MD 8, 2011
  • Having spent most of the day in the brig after his failed randevĂș with Isis Rae, Atho is paid a visit by the Station's new Counselor who hopes to discover whether or not the Corvallen was involved in the attacks as well as his failed blackmailing scheme.

50 - Rexus Spokar, Maya Takagi, Nikolas Bakyr

  • MD 8, 2055
  • Maya gets collaborating evidence from Rexus about the identity of their attacker and reports it to the Captain before taking some time to help the Cadet get over his issues surrounding the attack.

51 - Rexus Spokar, Hideyoshi Shimura, Taylor Lawson

  • MD 7, 1800
  • Another outing for the three amigos.

52 - Nikolas Bakyr, Isis Rae, Maya Takagi

  • MD 8, 2027
  • Security escort Nikolas to Command Ops where he and Isis try to decide how to handle this escalating situation. Finally they decide to set up a checkpoint so they can process the delegates as they return to their vessels.

53 - Ghor Toet, Phoebe Paean, Nilari Shendehor, Isis Rae

  • MD 8, 2100
  • Having realised his cover is blown Ghor takes the nearest person, Phoebe, hostage and attempts to reach the Transporter Room to beam back to his ship. Some quick thinking on the part of Security and Isis leaves them with one dead Breen and a perfectly healthy, if slightly shaken, Cadet.

54 - Cassiopeia Wood, Christopher Wood

  • Project Quantum Leap
  • A rather dejected, and newly married, Cassi is contemplating her failed attempts at escape while she undoes her hair from the wedding. Much to her dismay her husband, Christopher, has certain expectations for how the night will play out and has no intention of taking no for an answer.

55 - Maya Takagi, Isis Rae

  • MD 7, 1913
  • The holodeck has many romantic programs for a couple to enjoy each other's company, however the program that Maya and Isis select has less to do with romance and more to do with shooting things before they shoot you. At least from Maya's perspective while Isis chooses to see something with a little more finesse. Isis easily takes out the first few targets and then an enemy sniper while Maya plays bait. Then with them both feeling encouraged by Isis' phaser skills the program changes and the pair put thoughts of weapons behind them.

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