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Security / Tactical

The Security / Tactical Department incorporates Security and Tactical duties. All personnel in this career field receive training in security procedures and tactical readiness. This doubles the efficiency of the department.

Security Offices

Although the main Security offices are located on Deck 2, civilians can access immediate assistance through the kiosk in The Plaza which is staffed around the clock. The office area itself, much like the layout of a Police Station, is a bullpen where Junior Officers and Enlisted members of the Department work alongside each other with the Officer on Duty at the main desk to facilitate civilian needs. Both the Chief and Assistant Chief's offices branch off from the main office and can be accessed via doors at the rear.

Department Position Descriptions

Chief Security / Tactical Officer
Responsible for the overall safety of the station and those living and working aboard, the Chief manages all Security and Tactical personnel and is responsible for ensuring that all other departments are complying with Starfleet Regulations. She or he is also the primary tactical officer in combat situations and the primary investigator of any security breaches.

Assistant Chief Security / Tactical Officer
Serving as an alternate to the Chief, the Assistant Chief is responsible for the hands-on management of the station's Security and Tactical personnel and systems. She or he may personally lead security details, tactical drills, training of station's personnel in basic use of weaponry, conduct drills, act as security detachment during away missions as needed, and offer strategic advice and consultation during missions and combat situations.

Security Officer / Crewman
Entrusted with ensuring the safety of the crew and Federation citizens, both on-station and during away missions. Ground combat and small unit training is common for Security personnel. She or he also operate the Brig and are responsible for guard duty and prisoner transport.

Tactical Officer / Crewman
Responsible for maintaining and operating the station's offensive and defensive capabilities. She or he provides tactical advice and operates the tactical station during combat situations, and is required to keep current with the latest technological capabilities of all known alien races, be they friend or foe.

Master At Arms
Occupied by a Non-Commissioned Officer, the position of Master At Arms is more commonly known as the Gunner's Mate. The MA is responsible for a number of duties ranging from maintaining the armoury and small weapons to controlling the inventory of shipboard ordinance. They facilitate the training and personnel decisions made by the Chief and Assistant Chief to the best of their ability and are tasked with enforcing Starfleet Regulations.

Departmental Numbers

  • Officers: 5
  • Enlisted: 15
  • Civilian: 0
  • Cadets: 0

Special thanks to Elisa of the USS Archimedes for the department and position descriptions