Shirina Walker

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Shirina Walker

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Rank: Lieutenant Commander
Position: Executive Officer


Species: Human
Gender: Female
Born: 2349 (36yo)
Birthplace: London, England, Earth
Hair: Brown
Eyes: Brown
Height: 5'10"
Weight: 141lbs



Cold, and impersonal in her dealings with those under her and social situations. She often talks to her engines and equipment, giving them names and almost applying personalities them. She gets along better with technology than people. While not being an 'people person', she has become able to work with those under her command with the realization that they are as much a part of the efficiency of the ship as the technology that makes it up. She is straight forward, a straight talker, and pulls no punches.

One word describes Shirina's approach to her work and that is efficient.



  • Le Collège et Lycée climatique d'Argelès-Gazost (Permanent Boarding School outside Toulouse, France)
  • Paris Institute of Warp Mechanics
  • Starfleet Academy - (Subspace Mechanics, Mechanics: Warp Drives, Engineer: Impulse Drives)

Shirina's parents met during her father's academy days. They married shortly after his graduation and were happy for all four weeks of their short marriage. While Ensign Walker was awaiting his first posting he was killed in a swimming accident in a nearby river.

In grief Shirina's mother fled to France and tried to hide herself in the countryside. She was unaware at the time that she was pregnant with Shirina. A month before the child's birth Helena Walker met a charming Frenchman who had dreams of only doing one thing, staying on Earth. Helena fell in love the man, but found a few rough edges that she wasn't expecting. Going against the inner voice that spoke against it, Helena married Carl Le'Frei when Shirina was 2 years old.

Growing up, Shirina was always the outcast, and often was the object of her step-fathers unwanted attention. She felt trapped, and hurt by the fact that her mother, knowing what was happening, refused to do anything for the sake of her other 4 children. Shirina poured her heartache and pain into her passionate love for mechanics. She was naturally gifted. When she worked up the courage and threatened to tell the authorities about her step-father, Carl Le'Frei confronted her, and threatened her mother if Shirina was to say something. Shirina could not stay any longer and a compromise was reached to have her sent to a prestigious boarding school, Le Collège et Lycée climatique d'Argelès-Gazost near Toulouse.

Shirina Walker

Away from her family and feeling increasingly more confident, Shirina excelled at every mechanical task she put her hand to. Seeing her great gift, a teacher decided to try and steer Shirina towards Starfleet Academy. At first Shirina resisted, but after a fight with her mother she decided to go in order to be spiteful. Helena Le'Frei officially disowned her daughter when she saw her making a decision of which she disapproved.

As in her past, Shirina excelled in the mechanical sciences of Starfleet Academy. She stayed focused completely on her studies until the last year when a young Starfleet cadet came walking into her life. Shirina was swept away, and her grades suffered a little as a result. It was their intention to marry as soon as they graduated, but one week before graduation Shirina discovered his unfaithfulness and was heartbroken. She swore to never love again, and became even more infatuated with her work.


She graduated with honours despite her slight slip in grades over the 6 previous months. Shirina was assigned to the USS Visage, an Oberth Class vessel on a scientific mission. She served as a warpcore technician there for 5 years. When a mysterious anomaly incapacitated the Alpha shift engineering crew, Shirina stepped in as the temporary Assistant Chief of Engineering. While not being a hit as far as her less than affable personality socially, she was commended for her work. When the Visage ended its mission the Captain recommended a promotion for Shirina.

Not only did she receive that promotion but also a transfer. She took up a position as Assistant Chief of Engineering on the USS Gloustershire, a Miranda class vessel. They only ever ran transportation missions. The most dangerous assignment they had was moving refugees during the war on the Dominion.

Shirina had some personal issues with a member of the crew, and she requested a transfer to a vessel as far away as possible. She heard that the USS Hyperion needed some engineers and requested the transfer.

Shirina served her time on board the Hyperion with distinction. She started out as the Assistant Engineer, but moved up to Chief when her superior Lt. Schuler was killed in action. After a few years of service, Shirina's efficiency was noted and she was promoted to second officer.


Father: John Walker (Deceased, Starfleet Ensign)
Mother: Helena Le'Frei (Remarried after first husbands death. Maiden name: Samadi.)
Step Father - Carl Le'Frei (Farmer)
Half brother - Jacques Le'Frei
Half brother - Jean Le'Frei
Half brother - Jarrett Le'Frei
Half sister - Juliet Le'Frei