Shivani Vilina

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Blank.pngShivani Vilina


Rank: Civilian
Position: Engineer, ITA Dacoit
Player: Heather


Species: Betazoid (appears: Human)

  • Please see history and notes below regarding telepathy

Gender: Female
Born: 2351 (35yo)
Hair: Dark Brown
Eyes: Black (appears: Dark Brown)
Height: 5'5"


Shivani often lies in the bed of enigma. On first contact, she often appears to have very little in the way of intellect, depth of character, or personality. In fact, she would prefer that people maintain this perception of her. She is shy and hesitant around strangers, though a better word may be cautious, and possibly evasive.

Those who know her on a more intimate level quickly realize that Shivani is an actress portraying the role of an idiot, though very few know her secrets. In fact, she is highly intelligent and insightful.

On the subject of work, Shivani is dedicated to her job and is the epitome of a loyal crew mate. She excels in reconstruction and maintenance of ship mechanics and specializes in exterior repairs. She easily recognizes the need to balance work with personal time.


Shivani was born on Betazed to a small and young family. It was quickly discovered that Shivani had been born fully telepathic, a rare condition for Betazoids (who often develop their telepathic abilities in adolescence). Betazoids born with their telepathic abilities fully developed almost never lead normal lives - they are constantly bombarded with the thoughts of others around them, and drive themselves to distraction attempting to block out the never-ending telepathic "attack."

To help their daughter learn to cope with this strange affliction, Shivani was hospitalized and schooled privately until the age of ten. At that point, she had developed the essential skills to block the majority of telepathic onslaught and was able to function at a reasonably normal level for a child of her age. She continued her education in private schools with a limited number of students to help further develop the control needed to function normally.

In school, she scored top scores in mathematics and sciences, but struggled in other subjects. Shivani was a valuable aide to her friends, helping tutor them in her strong subjects while they tried to return the favor. In her final year of secondary schooling, her class managed to turn in some of the best test results in recent history, elevating the prestige of their school and causing tuition costs to rise the following year.

During her late teens, Shivani focused her attention on the detailed work of ship mechanics and took courses which involved space-walk construction. Out in the depths of space, a quiet peace allowed her to focus much easier. She relished these moments, eventually taking employment in this field.

Shivani was born "Aurora Skye Lewan." At the age of twenty-five, Shivani was witness to a political crime. Despite efforts of the authorities to protect her, Shivani found herself in a constant state of fear. She took matters into her own hands, changing her identity in order to protect herself. Using artificial lenses, she changed her eye color to look Human rather than Betazoid. Taking a hindu name and manner of dress, she became Shivani Vilina at the age of twenty-seven.


Shivani's new history reflects similar elements to that of her true childhood with changes to reflect an upbringing on Earth. Finding work was a challenge at first. One of the more logical choices for her would be to apply to Starfleet in order to work at the fleet yards on Mars. However, the threat of losing her alias was too great a risk. This lead to her search for employment with less notable/reputable businesses in order to protect her anonymity.

After a month on Earth, Shivani found employment on a large freighter. For half a year, the ship's run was predictable and reliable, but the captain's unexplained death created alarm in a percentage of the crew. The assemblage of the crew consisted of a number of people who had secrets to keep. The captain had promised them new beginnings, but his first mate had other ideas; she intended to collect rewards and quickly took measures to secure her future income with lock and key.

Unfortunately, she also needed a crew to keep the ship moving. With more than half of the crew manacled, the ship quickly fell into disrepair. Shivani had managed to avoid suspicion, her worth remained that of an engineer and she worked quickly to earn the new captain's trust. At a re-fueling stop, a Shivani assured Leslie Maple that everything was in working order, but before they could reach their destination, the ship ran shy of fuel and systems repeatedly failed. Leslie was right to place blame on Shivani.

Towed to a wayward port, Leslie went about her way, finding a new engineer. Shivani was abandoned with no funds, yet there was a satisfaction to her departure which Leslie had yet to discover; Shivani set the port authorities after Leslie with charges of slavery and Leslie was an easy catch, considering her route coordinates had been locked despite the efforts of her new crew.

In the mean time, Shivani searched out new employment once again. The Dalliance became her new home when the previous engineer prematurely died in an accident. With little effort, Shivani quickly became an invaluable asset.

  • Note: to other telepaths/empaths, Shivani appears as a blank page similar to how a Ferengi would appear. Please talk to player for further details.


Father: Gabren Lewan
Mother: Norma Lewan
Sister: Selene Luna Lewan
Brother: -none-
Spouse: -none-

Additional Information

ITA Dacoit

The crew's latest, and current, vessel is an Orion freighter that was recently procured by Schass through his Uncle. The agreement saw a shift in the command structure, with Bruiser being named Captain, thanks to Shivani who agreed to sweeten the deal.

Prior to this, in an attempt to make amends for what he saw as their mistreatment at the hands of Starfleet, Captain Bakyr arranged for the Dacoit to perform an important delivery run of newly discovered satellite technology from (2433614) 2386 KA to a research team on Deep Space Three.

Although the name comes from an Orion word, Dacoit is also an Indian word for a member of a gang, or organized criminals, who commit violent robberies.

SS Dalliance

Originally purchased and commanded by Andre Stormgald, ownership of the vessel was passed into the hands of the crew upon his death. They continued to operate Dalliance in the Round Table, an area of space in the Delta Quadrant, by way of a make-shift committee until late into 2386.

At that time a group of Bajoran terrorists, using connections they had to Doctor Rasmussen, crashed the vessel into Kepler Station to gain entry and steal vital Starfleet intelligence. This action resulted in both the total destruction of the Dalliance and Module C, which was torn from the station, and resulted in at least eight deaths including Jozef himself.

Whether or not Jozef had a bigger part to play in this attack remains unknown to this day however his crew mates were eventually cleared of any wrong doing.

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