Sivran Geist

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Cadet4.pngSivran Geist

Rank: 4th Year Cadet
Position: Lab Technician
Player: Andi



Species: Rutian
Gender: Male
Age: 21 Terran Standard
Hair: Black and Grey
Eyes: Brown
Height: 5'8"


Sivran "Siv" Geist is extremely laid back. He tends to take everything in stride and isn't quick to anger or judgement. He is quite interested in people, from a philosophical perspective - who are you? how did you come to be who you are? A poetic soul, he often finds himself in awe of the beauty and diversity that the galaxy has to offer. He's lived through war and violence but doesn't bare much trauma, cynicism, or mistrust. In fact, he is quite the opposite.

Siv has spent more time learning what makes others tick, and helping his friends through their various minor crises, than in excelling as a Starfleet officer. He has a lackadaisical approach to life. He knows how to do his job, but one wouldn't tell this by his contributions to his work or his career.


Growing up on Rutia IV, a planet racked by decades of civil war, Sivran is more mature and grounded than many of his peers. His family were part of the pro-peace/pacifist minority of the Ansata faction, making them enemies of both the Rutian majority government and the Ansata rebels.

Siv's parents decided to focus their children away from politics. They sent him and his sister to the best schools and pushed him to excel. Given his academic scores, he was encouraged to apply as a non-Federation student to Starfleet Academy. Given the highly competitive applicant pool, he was denied two times before being accepted.

Shortly before leaving for the Academy, Sivran's uncle was assassinated in Siv's presence. Feeling responsible for the death, Siv attempted to defer his admission and dedicate himself to his uncle's peace work, but his parents forced him onto the shuttle.

Upon arriving at Starfleet Academy, Siv decided to walk the road of easy-going slackerdom, partially out of a sense of homesickness, partially because it seemed like the most efficient decision. His grades are middle of the road. He does not stand out in class. He plays sports but is generally non-competitive, enjoying the team aspect rather than winning. He journals and draws, but shares his work with no one.

If one was to pay attention, they would see a young man who avoids living up to his potential, but Siv is quite good at fading into the background.


Father: Ramer Geist
Mother: Chithra Geist
Sister: Arlessa Geist
Uncle: Jayan Geist


Logical Thinking
Challenge 4: 1st - 15th February, 2015
Friendship Ribbon
Mission: Graduation Day
Cute Stripe
Mission: Graduation Day
Snuggly Bunnies Award
Mission: Graduation Day
Eww Ribbon
Mission: Graduation Day