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Rank: Former Starfleet Ensign
Position: Civilian
Player: Andi


Species: Vulcan
Gender: Male
Born: 28 Years Old
Hair: Black
Eyes: Brown
Height: 6'0"

A dark skinned young Vulcan man with a closely trimmed beard.


Taciturn, observant, diligent, Sorok speaks rarely but acts with brutal efficiency when he must.

While he maintains a stoic appearance, he has not undertaken the Vulcan studies in the control of emotions. His rare moments of emotional behavior can be shocking to others, as it often manifests at unexpected moments.


Sorok's parents were Vulcan iconoclasts. They did not raise him in the traditional manner, and lived in a Vulcan colony with like-minded Vulcans. While many cultural traditions remained the same, the dogmatic aspects of Vulcan society were shunned.

As a child, Sorok excelled as an athlete more than as a student. He joined the Maquis as a teenager, leaving his homeworld to fight for the freedom of others. He was rounded up by Starfleet before the Dominion wiped out the Maquis, and after a period of rehabilitation was offered a chance to rejoin the Federation.

Sorok was sponsored to attend Starfleet academy, with the intention to become a security officer. During his first tour he struck a superior officer who had put his hands on a female colleague, but at the disciplinary hearing gave no defense, and served several months in the brig.

Later, Sorok served on the USS Renaissance as the ship's morale officer. He was dishonorably discharged from Starfleet after he killed a mentally unstable crewmember when less lethal methods were available. Once again, Sorok voiced no defense.

After his jail sentence ended, Sorok worked primarily as a laborer in the transportation and shipping industries.


Friendship Ribbon
Mission: Vakil's Speciality
Combat Medal
Mission: Boy Who Cried Wolf
NPC Award
Mission: Boy Who Cried Wolf
Combat Medal
Mission: Boy Who Cried Wolf
Big Damn Hero Medal
Mission: Boy Who Cried Wolf
Subplot Stripe
Mission: Boy Who Cried Wolf
Cute Stripe
Mission: Boy Who Cried Wolf
Snuggly Bunnies Award
Mission: Lewis' Bond