Stephen Huddle

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Blank.pngStephen Huddle


Rank: Civilian
Position: Civilian
Player: Huddle


Species: Human
Gender: Male
Born: (38yo)
Hair: Brown (greying)
Eyes: Brown
Height: 6'2"

Stephen is a towering presence with a worn out demeanor. He walks with a slight limp, and always appears to be in some state of self reflection.


Stephen was once known for his abundance of humor and positive outlook. A decorated veteran of the Dominion War, those who have heard the stories of 'Marine Captain Steve Huddle' are all too eager to tell. Stephen remembers them differently and dismisses them as lies- never wanting to say too much of his time on Betazed during the war.

Having served as a desk jockey for the last several years, Stephen has become bitter and introverted. His Commanding Officers have noted that rather than contribute to discussions, Stephen is quick to lace his words with sarcasm and insults.


Stephen is the product of Starfleet. The son of an Admiral, he's seen his share of Starbases and Starships, never settling down during his young years.

As he grew older, his relationship with his brother had become a strained at times. He became evermore jealous of Brad, always seeing him as the loved child, the 'prodigal son'. By the age of 16, Stephen had become a removed child, spending most of his time away from home. That same year he ran away from home, going from town to town with a couple of other teenage boys until they were found 16 months later.

Only a few months after his return home to the Huddle Estate in Florida, Stephen quickly applied to Starfleet, only to have his application denied following his low grades. Angry and upset and feeling like a failure, he immediately enlisted with Starfleet's Marine, moving to Fort Benning.

Quickly it became quite clear to his Officers that Stephen was a natural leader. With the advice of his father, he was admitted into Starfleet Marine's Officer Program, with a Specialization Weapons Development.

By the time the War had broke out with the Dominion, Steve has been promoted to Lieutenant and sent to Betazed as Starfleet was beefing up Security on the Core Worlds. Not much is known about his time on Betazed, however he was able to survive the assault on the planet.

Over the next few years, Stephen was shuffled through the ranks as a Strategic Operations Adviser and eventually named the First Officer of the Caesius Marine Base at the rank of Colonel.
Colonel Huddle, now on indefinite leave from active service

Having seen his Commanding Officer, Rae Ann, crack under the stress of the Divine War, Stephen is granted an indefinite leave from Service, and returns home to Earth, before deciding to leave Society for the near future.

His hope is to reach the frontier and find some self reflection.


Brother: Brad Huddle