Svetlana Ivanova

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First-Lieutenant.pngSvetlana Ivanova

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Rank: First Lieutenant
Position: Marine Squadron Officer (Acting)
Player: Jenny


Species: Human
Gender: Female
Born: 12 September, 2361 (24 years old)
Hair: Brown
Eyes: blue
Height: 157.5 cm


Svetlana is cheerful and enthusiastic, but not above using sarcasm and irony to make her points. She has a habit of asserting that everything was invented by a Russian.


Svetlana Yevgenevna Ivanova was born and raised in the intensely Russian city of Lunagrad, on Earth's moon. The city had a "bat cave," an immense cavern where the naturally low lunar gravity allowed self-powered flight, and both of the elder Ivanovs were enthusiastic members of the flying club there. Svetlana learned to fly this way shortly after she could walk, and developed an early appreciation for three-dimensional thinking.

Svetlana was in high school when the Dominion War broke out. She and her best friend, Lenina, forged identification and attempted to enlist in the Starfleet Marines. However, the recruiter was sharp-eyed, and spotted the fraud. Ivonova was returned to school. She didn't, however, give up the idea of serving. Though the war was over by the time she finished high school, she went to Starfleet Academy and chose the Marine option.

Lenina did not make the Academy, and chose to enlist in the United Federation of Planets Marine Corps. She was killed in battle.

Service Record

Svetlana Ivanova graduated from Starfleet Academy in the top third of her class. After earning her flight wings, Ivonova was assigned to VMF-119, the Sharks, assigned to protect Deep Space Station R-4, on the Federation / Romulan border. She performed well there, and has now been assigned as a flight leader on detached duty with VMF-86, the Green Dragons, at Kepler Station.


Father: Yevgeny Alexandrovitch Ivanov, professor of classic literature, College of Sankt Vladimir, Lunagrad
Mother: Lenina Ivanova, political apparatchik, Lunagrad


Newcomer Award
Hello, My Name is Kepler
Combat Medal
Darwin's Malady
Plot Development Award
Darwin's Malady
3 Months with Kepler
21 Feb - May 2009
6 Months with Kepler
21 Feb - Aug 2009
Players' Choice
Mission: Halley's Complaint