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Commander T'Sura

Rank: Commander
Position: EOA Command Representative
Player: Emily


Species: Vulcan
Gender: Female
Born: 2313
Hair: Black
Eyes: Brown
Height: 5'4”


T’Sura, like most Vulcans, prizes logic above all else. The suppression and purging of emotion is a primary concern of her existence. Many would say that this means T’Sura has no personality.


T’Sura was born on Vulcan. At the age of 25, as the Federation and Klingon Empire negotiated peace accords, strengthening the ties established at Khitomer, T’Sura entered the Vulcan Science Academy to study xeno-anthropology. In 2364, as the Romulan Empire began to emerge from a long period of isolation, T’Sura found it logical to offer her expertise to Starfleet and enrolled in the Academy.

In 2368, T’Sura graduated and was assigned to Starfleet Command as an intelligence analyst. This post lasted until war began between the Federation and the Klingon Empire in 2372, at which point T’Sura was promoted to Lieutenant, junior grade, and reassigned to the Third Fleet. She remained with the Third Fleet until the near destruction of the Seventh Fleet in 2374, when the Federation required reallocation of personnel. She was promoted to Lieutenant and transferred to the U.S.S. Sarek. During the battle to retake Deep Space Nine from the Dominion occupying force, the Sarek’s first officer was killed. T’Sura was given a battlefield promotion to Lt. Cmdr. and served as the Sarek’s first officer through the end of the war.

In 2376, T’Sura was transferred to Starbase 46 as the second officer, where her duties continued to include intelligence analysis, though her focus had turned to the edges of Federation space. By 2384, T’Sura had been promoted to commander. The need for a command representative on the Expanse Oversight Advisory Board and close intelligence analysis in the expanse has resulted in her transfer to Kepler Station.

T’Sura is married to Sular, an attaché to the Vulcan ambassador to Trill.


Father: Kasek
Mother: T’Pel
Husband: Sular