Talva Ren

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Lieutenant-JG.pngTalva Ren

Rank: Lieutenant JG
Position: Former Chief Engineer
Player: Dave


Species: Bajoran
Gender: Male
Born: 2358 (28yo)
Hair: Bald
Eyes: Brown

Tall and of moderate build. Chiseled features with a strongly defined chin. Large angular scar on the left cheek. Has normal brown eyes, however these are often the best indicator of what Talva is going to do next. Talva is BALD; it is a mystery as to whether this is by choice or a result of nature taking it's course (ok, so it's pure, simple nature, but as many subjects are with Talva, it is taboo).


Talva has the usual near-stereotypical brand of Bajoran attitude. This initially lead to concerns about his ability to complete his training at the academy. Many have speculated that he completed his training to spite his instructors, however this is a misconception brought about by Talva's highly unsociable personality. Talva was the victim of a series of betrayals at the hands of a number senior members of the Bajoran resistance who saw the young Talva as cannon fodder. As a result Talva has issues with the development of new relationships. Talva has an extremely low tolerance for small talk and has no issues voicing his position and demanding that anyone who dares to enter a conversation with him does so and moves along. Talva is extremely sensitive about being follicly challenged. Talva has just about enough respect for the chain of command to do as he's told, and just about enough common sense to do what he's told in the way that will be the most effective.


Ren was raised by his parents in Tozhat province on Bajor. During the Cardassian Occupation of Bajor Ren was a young child, but was active in the local Bajoran resistance cell as a result of his parents' involvement with the same (this particular resistance cell is notable for being locally based only and having no formal connection with the wider resistance, which operated as a concerted effort). On a number of occasions Ren was encouraged to enter potentially lethal situations by leaders of the resistance cell, entirely without the knowledge of his parents. Towards the end of the occupation (2367) Ren is used as bait in a trap set for the Cardassian authorities. The trap goes awry and results in an open firefight. Ren is badly injured while trying to escape the battle and his father, now aware that his son has been used by the resistance cell leaders is killed by Cardassian phaser fire in a valiant effort to save his son. Ren bears witness to the battle, which would eventually be known locally as one of the bloodiest battles of the occupation in Tozhat province and begins to feel the effects of a mixture of grief at the loss of his father and anger towards those who had brought the situation about. After a long recovery Ren is told by the local resistance leader that in a time of war sacrifices must be made. Ren quietly asks the resistance leader if he would have sacrificed his own son in the same way and is met with a dead silence. With the death of that conversation died any respect that Ren had held for the resistance and many of those within it. For the remainder of the occupation Ren chose to operate on the basis of survival only and defended his family from the Cardassians.

After the occupation Ren joined the Bajoran militia as an engineer, operating primarily to repair the extensive damage done to the Bajoran cities. Following this Ren was reassigned to a Bajoran engineering detail on Deep Space 9. Ren made few friends on the station and it was soon apparent that he was going to find it difficult to integrate himself into Bajoran society once again. Any faith that Ren had previously possessed in the prophets was gone, killed by the hypocrites who swore to protect Bajor 'as it is the will of the prophets' and had abandoned him. As a result of this Ren no longer considered himself to be a true Bajoran any longer and has not worn the traditional earring in some years.

Out of admiration for federation technology and what he considered a more stable and consistent regime Ren made an application to Starfleet Academy viewing this as the potential for a new start (the fact that he had an almost instinctive dislike for humans was just a minor setback).

During an already tempestuous year at the academy Ren suffered a serious setback; news reached him that his mother and brother had been killed in a fire at their home on Bajor. Ren was now essentially alone in the universe. After this point various instructors noted that Ren often appeared 'distant' or 'unfocused', others noted that for a period Ren developed a very short fuse. Upon graduation of the academy Ren was lauded for his exemplary work in engineering and starship operations, but cautioned for his overtly aggressive approach to group work.

In 2384 Talva was assigned to be the Chief Engineer of the USS Relentless, but was quickly reassigned following an incident involving Crewman Adrian Willis and a length of ODN conduit that Talva had 'lying around the Engine Room'.

In 2385 Talva is reassigned as Chief Engineer to USS Archimedes.


Talva's family are dead. Mother: Dead. Father: Dead. Brother: Dead. It's a sad story, and if you want Talva to be in a bad mood for a few days you should ask him about it. If you want Talva to carry out a poorly co-ordinated attack during which he (unsuccessfully) attempts to insert various tools into various orifices throughout your body then ask him after getting him drunk (half a glass of Lemonade Shandy should do the trick).