Tedran Sagin

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Tedran Sagin

Rank: Civilian
Position: Former Federation Ambassador

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Species: Argelian
Gender: Male
Born: (45yo)
Hair: Black
Eyes: Brown
Height: 5'9" (1.8m)

Ambassador Sagin's olive complexion, black hair, and brown eyes give him a dark, almost foreboding appearance. His hair is short for an Argelian, a trapping of working outside the hedonistic environment of Argelius II for so long.


An avowed pacifist (as most Argelians are), Tedran Sagin takes his diplomatic work very seriously, sometimes working after hours combing through treaties and diplomatic documents line by line and clause by clause for anything that might help him at the negotiating table. Maintaining such professional dedication is often at odds with the Argelian way of life, which values pleasure above all else, even work. As a result, he is prone to fits of spontaneity, largely unpredictable. Most of these fits center on the more hedonistic elements of Argelian lifestyle, but he is sometimes moved to paint, sculpt, make music, or to really get back to his academic roots and engage in archaeological research.


Ensign Tedran Sagin on his first assignment after graduation from Starfleet Academy
(ca. 2365)
Once upon a time, Tedran Sagin was a Starfleet science officer specializing in anthropology and archaeology. His career in Starfleet was relatively unremarkable, and after ten years in the service he resigned his commission, mustering out as a lieutenant. Not wanting to return to Argelius II (whenever he is asked why anyone would want to leave the overly indulgent society, he politely points out that "wanderlust is the most pleasurable indulgence in which I have ever participated."), he led a vagabond's life for a few years, traveling along the Federation's frontiers, visiting some of the
Tedran Sagin during his post-Starfleet travels
(ca. 2377)
non-member worlds within Federation territory. At the end of his travels, he booked passage to Alpha Centauri and enrolled in the University of the Federation's Cristofur Thorpe School of Astropolitics. Upon completion of his graduate degree, he embarked on his second career as a member of the United Federation of Planets Diplomatic Corps.

In diplomacy, Sagin found the drive and purpose that had evaded him in Starfleet. His only regret was that it had taken him so long to discover. He held down minor field assignments, mediating trade and political disputes between neighboring worlds or star systems, counseling candidate worlds who were seeking admission to the Federation, and always trying to make inroads with the oldest of the Federation's nemeses, the Romulans.

During the Dominion War, Sagin was assigned to a team of diplomats charged with fast-tracking warp-capable non-member worlds into an alliance with the Federation. He earned a reputation as a "closer" for the compelling way he tried to convince those worlds to commit personnel or equipment to the war effort or to volunteer their planets as supply bases. Argelian philosophy was known on many worlds, and Sagin's participation in a recruitment effort for the war made his arguments all the more convincing. Unfortunately, his presence earned him few friends among his own kind. He has not visited Argelius II since the beginning of the Dominion War, choosing a life of self-exile from his home planet.


Newcomer Award