The Ambassador's View

From Station

The Ambassador's View

by Caroline Post, News Anchor, Kepler News

Station personnel will be relieved to know that Ambassador Tedran Segin is back on station, no worse for the wear. His visit to the Tiddleoff's ship proved interesting, but not particularly productive. At least, not yet.

I asked him about his first impressions on board their ship. "It looked more like a residence than anything . . . Generations of Tiddleoffs have been born and died on that very ship."

An interesting fact, to be sure. We can add that to our slowly growing body of information about these unusual looking sentient beings. I was curious how they manage without an opposable digit of some kind, so I asked the Ambassador what the ship's controls were like.

"I didn't see any parts of their ship where I could glimpse control surfaces, and I'd hate to speculate," he told me. At another time, he related, "I did not see anything related to the weapon, but threat assessment isn't part of my mission."

However, he added a different bit to our Tiddleoff knowledge bank when he added, "I did learn that they don't like to be touched . . . It . . . impacts the way they mate . . . in spite of the aversion to physical contact, I did see a few of them cleaning each other with their tongues." He speculated that those pairs might be a family unit. While there's lots of room for speculation there, this correspondent isn't going any farther. That's up to you, if you are so inclined.

When asked about his first thoughts on entering the ship, Sagin's quick response was, "The largeness of it for such a diminutive people." Those who watched the news broadcast, or any of the re-runs, or were there at the historic meeting, must realize how small these little balls of furry feathers are. It appears one could easily crush them underfoot. Not a good diplomatic action, of course, but indicative of their small size. Nevertheless, there was that enormously effective purple beam weapon on their ship.

The Ambassador continued with details about the ship, and few about the Tiddleoffs themselves. I don't know whether that's because of a lack of knowledge about the Kitty Ducks, or whether there are secrets he must hold.

"Naturally, there were ponds situated throughout the interior of the ship," he told me. That stands to reason, I suppose, and gives rise to the thought that they act more like ducks than cats. Perhaps. Or perhaps there's no way for us to relate anything they do, or are, to anything we've ever known, appearances notwithstanding.

As for what comes next, Sagin indicated that he is involved in ongoing negotiations. He has faith that a diplomatic solution will be reached regarding the impasse currently in place --- they want us gone, and we aren't inclined to go. He is feeling optimistic about results, as he told me, "We're going to try our best to stay right where we are. And I believe we will forge a mutually beneficial relationship with our new friends, the Tiddleoffs, when all is said and done."

I hope he's right. I don't want to go out in a flash of purple. It really isn't a good color for me.