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The Donkey's Brahe

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The cadets are getting underfoot so the Chief Security / Tactical Officer and the Intel Chief take the rugrats out in Harbinger, for a cadet cruise. Taking bets on how many cadets will make it back alive :P

Mission Log:

0 - Opening - Cole Lockwood, John Reynolds

  • MD1
  • Commander Lockwood decides to test the Chief Security/Tactical Officer by putting him in command of a group of six Cadets, five newly transferred from Endeavour, for a joint Patrol and Training exercise on the USS Harbinger.

1 - John Reynolds, Bianca Shallen, Kaspar Szarecki, Rexus Spokar, Hana Gable, Phoebe Paean, Zachary Eastman

  • MD1 1120
  • Assembling the six Cadets, a rather unprepared John gives them a brief idea of what they will be doing for the next three days and then leaves them to get to know each other. With six unique personalities in one room the fun starts instantly.

2 - Rexus Spokar, Phoebe Paean, Hana Gable, Bianca Shallen, Zachary Eastman, Kaspar Szarecki

  • MD1 1140
  • Given his current mood Rexus leaves the others behind and instead uses his training to get to know them from their records.

3 - Bianca Shallen, Zachary Eastman

  • MD1
  • Having fairly successfully convinced Bianca that he is a chauvinist pig, Zach surprises the Flight Control Cadet by opening up about his tragic past and manages to regain a little footing in the female Cadet's mind.

4 - John Reynolds, Thomas Stuarde, Halley Grayson, Bianca Shallen, Kaspar Szarecki, Rexus Spokar, Hana Gable, Phoebe Paean, Zachary Eastman

  • MD1 1345
  • Transporter Room Two gets a little crowded as John, Thomas, Halley and the Cadets prepare to board Harbinger. Being an old fashioned guy John lets the women beam over first however Rexus points out his department needs the extra time to prepare so accompanies them.

5 - Kaspar Szarecki, Rexus Spokar, John Reynolds

  • MD1 1415
  • Rexus begins to show a new tendency for bossing the other Cadets around and manages to find a willing participant in Kasey. The pair hound John for permission to perform a diagnostic and some maintenance which he agrees to so long as the Engineering PO keeps an eye on the eager Cadets.

6 - Halley Grayson, Zachary Eastman

  • MD1 1425
  • Zach seeks advice from the more experienced Medic about the immunizations he is required to provide the crew with. Halley shows early signs of suffering from the very flu the vaccine is supposed to prevent.

7 - John Reynolds, Bianca Shallen

  • MD1
  • John discusses the flight plan with Bianca who suggests a few modifications to cut down on travel time. He then offers her the position of co-XO for the duration of the training exercise.

8 - Rexus Spokar, Hana Gable

  • MD1 1430
  • Rexus decides that his duties should include Hana's department, forgetting that for this training exercise he is back to strictly Tactical, but the female Cadet lets him help so she can so some investigating. The pair make an aliance against their fellow Cadets should they need backing up over the next couple of days.

9 - John Reynolds, Bianca Shallen, Kaspar Szarecki, Rexus Spokar, Hana Gable, Phoebe Paean, Zachary Eastman

  • MD1 1537
  • John gets the briefing underway and appoints Phoebe as the second co-XO for the training exercise.

10 - Zachary Eastman, Kaspar Szarecki, Bianca Shallen, Rexus Spokar, Hana Gable

  • MD1 1550
  • Zach administers some cheesy lines and vaccines to the other Cadets. When Hana shows signs of being uncomfortable the Medical Cadet unsuccessfully tries to make her feel more relaxed until Rexus butts in and tries to protect the damsel in distress. Something that certainly doesn't impress the Medical Cadet.

11 - Zachary Eastman, Phoebe Paean

  • MD1 1605
  • Having avoided the immunizations after the briefing Zach tracks down Phoebe and gets more than he bargained for. Being mostly talk though he chickens out and gives her the Hypospray in her neck.

12 - John Reynolds, Kaspar Szarecki

  • MD1 1607
  • John checks on the diagnostic progress with Kasey and then gives him a deadline to have everything ready for departure.

13 - Bianca Shallen, Kaspar Szarecki, Rexus Spokar, Hana Gable, Phoebe Paean, Zachary Eastman

  • MD1 1615
  • Hana brings the Cadets together to perform an assessment of their combat abilities with some humourous results. Despite his previous agreement to work together with Hana, Rexus instead makes himself a bit of a bother. Zach accepts the challenge and goes at the blond Security Cadet with everything he can. Which proves to be very little; all he achieves is to exhaust himself, leaving it to the remaining Cadets to see if they can do better.

14 - Bianca Shallen, Kaspar Szarecki, Rexus Spokar, Hana Gable, Phoebe Paean, Zachary Eastman

  • MD1 1622
  • The combat assessment continues with Phoebe managing to apply her knowledge of momentum to her advantage. Bianca also proves herself against the Security Cadet, with a little hair pulling, however Kasey is a somewhat less willing to match himself against the feisty Hana.

15 - Hana Gable, Rexus Spokar

  • MD1 1630
  • What should have been a simple training rematch turns into a pissing contest between Rexus and Hana. A sneaky move involving a stolen Hypospray allows him to press the advantage and turn the tables on the Security Cadet.

16 - Rexus Spokar, Halley Grayson, Zachary Eastman

  • MD1 1640
  • With a broken nose in need of fixing Rexus goes his his friend Halley for medical attention. However given they're on a training cruise the Medic instead sends him to Zach. Despite the issues between them Zach manages to remain professional throughout their conversation.

17 - John Reynolds, Thomas Stuarde

  • MD1 1649
  • While they have a moment of peace John and Thomas discuss the Cadets and a plan to follow Harbinger's usual two-shift system despite their small crew number.

18 - Zachary Eastman, Halley Grayson, John Reynolds, Cassiopeia Yale

  • MD1 1655
  • Zach concerns himself with the missing hypo, Grayson's rising temperature, and John's order to round up the Cadets. Grayson tells John that he is not fit for duty any longer and the SecTac Chief considers the medic's suggestion for arranging a swap for Cassiopeia Yale. She is beamed aboard and confirms that her duties are to "babysit" Eastman. John then orders the Harbinger to set sail.

19 - Rexus Spokar, Cassiopeia Yale, Zachary Eastman

  • MD1 1655
  • Rexus makes a call to Cassi to talk about his ongoing issues with Violet and his problems with his coworkers. Cassi offers him some advice. Zach sees their conversation and mentions that Grayson will be transported back to Kepler.

20 - Zachary Eastman, Cassiopeia Yale, Rexus Spokar

  • MD1 1715
  • Zach alerts Cassi about the missing Hypo, who offers to help. Rexus interrupts them to greet Cassi and Zach takes her gear to the bunkroom for stowing. Rexus and Cassi chat for a little bit before parting.

21 - Rexus Spokar, Bianca Shallen

  • MD1 1725
  • Rexus finds Bianca in the Wardroom after launch and suggests that they practice together in the future. Somehow along the way, he confesses to her about the stolen hypospray. She considers the ramifications and Rexus suggests that they test Hana with this situation, by going to Reynolds. She agrees, but warns Rexus that if it turns against her, she will make his life hell.

22 - Hana Gable, Zachary Eastman

  • MD1 1719
  • Hana plans on taking a break in the bunk room only to find Zach putting away Cassiopeia's belongings. The pair have a surprisingly good conversation where both learn a little more about the other and Zach becomes aware of the Hypospray Rexus stole earlier.

23 - John Reynolds, Kaspar Szarecki

  • MD1 1720
  • Making a rare trip down to Engineering John and Kasey discuss topics from philosophy to engine diagnostics.

24 - Rexus Spokar, Bianca Shallen, John Reynolds

  • MD1 1743
  • With a lull in activity Rexus and Bianca approach John about the stolen Hypospray and the Lieutenant reluctantly agrees to their plan to test Hana.

25 - Zachary Eastman, Bianca Shallen

  • MD1 1836
  • In a surprisingly sweet move Zach brings Bianca some quiche for dinner but unfortunately things don't go so smoothly when each of them touches a raw nerve in the other.

26 - John Reynolds, Thomas Stuarde, Rexus Spokar

  • MD1 2231
  • Rexus is raked over the coals by Thomas while a disappointed John attempts to keep the Cadet cruise on course.

27 - Zachary Eastman, Kaspar Szarecki, Hana Gable, Phoebe Paean, Rexus Spokar

  • MD1 2240
  • Zach suggests a game of poker that escalates when Hana suggests the loser should strip.

28 - Cassiopeia Yale, John Reynolds

  • MD1 2245
  • Cassi and John shoot the breeze on the bridge.

29 - Rexus Spokar, Zachary Eastman, Kaspar Szarecki, Hana Gable, Phoebe Paean,

  • MD1 2253
  • Rexus and Kasey quickly find themselves a little out of their comfort zone as the poker game continues and then Zach realises he should be careful what he wishes for as far as Hana's concerned.

30 - John Reynolds, Cassiopeia Yale

  • MD1 2256
  • Cassi and John's conversation takes a strange turn as they discuss the practicalities of fairy tales in real life.

31 - Hana Gable, Zachary Eastman, Rexus Spokar, Phoebe Paean, Kaspar Szarecki

  • MD1 2300
  • Luckily for Zach the dare is changed to include the sultry Security Cadet instead. From there the dares become more and more interesting as the Cadets discarding clothing begin to run out.

32 - John Reynolds, Cassiopeia Yale

  • MD1 2302
  • John tries to convince Cassi she's braver than she thinks but she remains doubtful.

33 - Zachary Eastman, Rexus Spokar, Kaspar Szarecki, Hana Gable, Phoebe Paean, Bianca Shallen

  • MD1 2315
  • The poker game reaches a climax when Zach is dared to kiss an unsuspecting Bianca.

34 - Rexus Spokar, Cassiopeia Yale

  • MD1 2325
  • Rexus, having fleed the poker game, comes clean to Cassi about his actions since boarding Harbinger.

35 - Rexus Spokar

  • MD1 2332
  • Alone in the shower room Rexus lets his thoughts wander.

36 - Rexus Spokar, Phoebe Paean, Hana Gable

  • MD1 2340
  • The female Cadets give Rexus some conflicting advice about women.

37 - Rexus Spokar

  • MD2 0001
  • Rexus' confused subconscious runs wild.

38 - Kaspar Szarecki, Zachary Eastman

  • MD1 2330
  • After making sure Casey wasn't planning on keeping Cadet Paean's discarded clothing he and Zach have a chat about starting out life in Starfleet.

39 - Zachary Eastman, Cassiopeia Yale

  • MD2 0023
  • Zach confesses to Cassi that not everything is going as smoothly as he would like on the Cadet cruise.

40 - Hana Gable, John Reynolds, Zachary Eastman

  • MD2 0850
  • Hana and Zach come to see John about the Hypospray incident when the ship suddenly lurches from an impact.

41 - Thomas Stuarde, Bianca Shallen, Phoebe Paean, Rexus Spokar, Kaspar Szarecki, John Reynolds

  • MD2 0901
  • Harbinger collides with a cloaked satellite and some of the Cadets are ordered to go out onto the hull and investigate.

42 - Rexus Spokar, Kaspar Szarecki, Phoebe Paean, John Reynolds

  • MD2 0920
  • The Cadets, along with Chief Petty Officer Stuarde, get into their EV suits and prepare to head out onto the hull.

43 - John Reynolds, Rexus Spokar

  • MD2 0923
  • John attempts to fix things between he and Rexus and comes to the realisation that a friendship with someone under his command might not be so simple.

44 - John Reynolds, Cassiopeia Yale, Zachary Eastman, Bianca Shallen

  • MD2 1000
  • A transmission from the supposedly dead planetoid creates some friction between John and one of his co-XO's when Bianca reminds him of standard operating procedures that go against his decision to beam down to the surface with Cassi to provide medical assistance.

45 - Rexus Spokar, Bianca Shallen, Kaspar Szarecki, Thomas Stuarde, Phoebe Paean

  • MD2 1005
  • The Cadets begin their investigation of the satellite resulting in a force field being erected around them.

46 - John Reynolds, Cassiopeia Yale

  • MD2 1010
  • Beaming down to the area where the transmission was broadcast from John and Cassi find themselves in complete darkness. Trying to put Cassi at ease John leads them in search of the woman in the distress call. Unfortunately their search ends abruptly when the pair are fired upon.

47 - Layla, Cassiopeia Yale

  • MD2 1037
  • Cassi is awoken by the woman they beamed down to help however she soon discovers that the distress call was a trap set up by some mysterious man who seems to have Layla extremely spooked.

48 - Zachary Eastman, Bianca Shallen

  • MD2 1011
  • Once again Zach attempts to mend the fences he knocked down but this time he might be asking for more than he can achieve.

49 - Rexus Spokar, Bianca Shallen, Kaspar Szarecki, Thomas Stuarde, Phoebe Paean

  • MD2 1015
  • Kasey shows some rather smooth moves and helps Phoebe overcome a momentary panic attack brought on by their situation while Thomas realises that they might be running low on space inside the force field.

50 - Layla, Cassiopeia Yale

  • MD2 1050
  • Cassi and the mysterious Layla enter the game set up for them by their captor known only as 'him'.

51 - Layla, Cassiopeia Yale, tr'Rot

  • MD2 1100
  • Continuing through the strange maze Cassi and her annoying companion reach what they believe to be the last challenge before reaching John. However much to the Doctor's disappointment she realises it is in fact Layla's boyfriend tr'Rot not the Chief of Security.

52 - Thomas Stuarde, Phoebe Paean, Kaspar Szarecki, Rexus Spokar

  • MD2 1100
  • As Thomas takes stock of the situation Kasey accidentally triggers another booby trap and ends up electrocuting himself.

53 - John Reynolds, tr'Rot

  • MD2 1050
  • Going ever so slightly backwards in time we see what happened to John after he was separated from Cassiopeia. At first things seem much the same; a strange cell with a mysterious occupant. But something from John's memory makes him nervous about the Romulan who seems to be asking more questions than he's answering.

54 - John Reynolds, Catherine Reynolds, Samantha Reynolds

  • MD2 1120
  • Lying on the cold stone floor, after a savage beating at the hands of tr'Rot, John retreats into his subconscious while his body fights for survival. Manifestations of his mother and sister appear to help keep his mind focused on something other than the pain inflicted upon him by the Romulan.

55 - Samantha Reynolds, John Reynolds, Catherine Reynolds

  • MD2 1125
  • John reflects on his first meeting with Cassiopeia Yale and then finds his helpful manifestations steering the topic towards the first love of his life; Apres Lana.

56 - John Reynolds, Catherine Reynolds, Apres Lana, Samantha Reynolds

  • MD2 1127
  • As the tour of his brain continues, the manifestations force John to relive one of his most painful memories; breaking up with Lana. Before he can fully process everything a sudden jolt brings him back to the real world.

57 - Rexus Spokar, Thomas Stuarde, Phoebe Paean

  • MD2 1118
  • With their Engineering expert incapacitated it falls to the remaining two Cadets and the Intelligence Chief to discover a method of disabling the satellite before further booby traps are triggered. Finally the field around them drops and they're able to receive a communication from Harbinger.

58 - Zachary Eastman, Rexus Spokar, Phoebe Paean, Thomas Stuarde

  • MD2 1129
  • The team come back from their successful trip onto the hull with the answers they need to take out more of the satellites. Zach brings Stuarde up-to-date on the developments with John and Cassi while providing a still unconscious Kasey with medical treatment.

59 - Cassiopeia Yale

  • MD2 1129
  • Cassiopeia finally manages to find John. Unfortunately he seems to have gone through far more than she was led to believe and is in need of drastic medical attention. Doing her best to treat the Security Chief's injuries Cassi is about to breathe a sigh of relief when the glass of water Layla gave her turns out to be laced with a sedative.

60 - Rexus Spokar, Bianca Shallen

  • MD2 1132
  • Rexus heads to the bridge to discuss taking out more satellites when he discovers that Cassi and John have beamed down to the Planetoid and remain MIA. Given his friendship with the civilian Doctor the young man doesn't take the news well.

61 - tr'Rot, Cassiopeia Yale

  • MD2
  • tr'Rot shifts his focus from John, whom he has severely beaten, to Cassi. This time though he seems to want to savour the torture rather than just take out his frustrations. One by one he painstakingly carves the young doctor's name into her stomach while John watches in a state of semi-consciousness. Thankfully their ordeal appears to be over as Harbinger finally beams them to safety.

62 - Bianca Shallen, Rexus Spokar, Zachary Eastman, Phoebe Paean

  • MD2 1136
  • The crew of Harbinger attempt to track down their missing members now that Rexus' plan has knocked a number of the satellites out of commission. Finally they manage to clear up residual interference enough to locate four possible life-signs. The only problem is that two are distorted. Do the other two belong to John and Cassiopeia?

63 - Cassiopeia Yale, Zachary Eastman, Rexus Spokar

  • MD2 1143
  • Zach has his medical skills put to the test, along with his constitution, when John and Cassiopeia beam back to Harbinger. The stubborn Cassi proves the old saying 'doctors make the worst patients' by refusing to accept medical attention for herself until John has been seen to.

64 - Rexus Spokar, Phoebe Paean, Bianca Shallen, Zachary Eastman, Thomas Stuarde

  • MD2 1215
  • Now that things have settled down somewhat the Cadets plan their next move; the trip back to Kepler Station.

65 - Bianca Shallen, Zachary Eastman

  • MD2
  • Hoping to avoid running in to any of the others, Bianca takes some time as they head back to Kepler to have a shower and calm her rattled nerves. Unfortunately a certain Medical Cadet also takes the opportunity to have a moment to himself after dealing with Cassi and John's treatment.