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Below are details pertaining to the various locations within the Expanse which have been visited, or at least mentioned, by the crew of Kepler Station during their adventures.

Astarte X

Within a few days travel of the border to Ferengi space, Astarte X is the location of Zann's Technology Extravaganza, a Ferengi salvage business run by Zann, and possibly his cousin Zum. Contained within a protective field that keeps the greenhouse gasses at bay, customers can enjoy a wide range of services while they load or unload the latest in repurposed equipment.

Dreon VII

The only inhabited planet in the Dreon binary star system, the colony was originally established following the Cardassian Occupation of Bajor by refugees who fled to the planet. In the following years it has become a thriving centre of trade and a valuable member of the Republic of Bajor.

Kejal Province

Located in the southernmost region of the largest landmass on Dreon VII, the natural separation from the neighbouring provinces by the Kola Ridge mountain range makes it an ideal location for the industrial and commercial districts which dominate the province. An extensive Maglev transportation system overcomes the difficult terrain, providing easy access to and from amenities such as the spaceport (KS20: Piazzi's Penance).

Egul II

Egul II, M Class

On the outer rim of Breen space, Egul II is home to all sorts of irreparable people from black market dealers to slave traders and pirates. The shipping lanes established in the Expanse Provisional Accords pass within range of the Egul system but all travellers are advised to avoid it due to the infrequent Federation patrols.

Ju'Vor City

The largest city on Egul II, Ju'Vor boasts the most affordable rental rates in the Sector which is the main attraction to the various smugglers and pirates who frequent the planet. Despite the dubious nature of most businesses within the city, crime amongst residents and visitors is kept relatively low thanks to an agreement between local law enforcement and the Breen where prisoners are handed over as labourers.

Kraldal III

Kraldal III, J Class

Having been kidnapped by the psychotic Romulan, tr'Rot, and held captive for three weeks on his ship, Cassiopeia Yale was brought to the largest moon of Kraldal III for the sale of the Andorian-Human hybrids she carried.

The types of high density gas which makes up the planet was perfect for marking the approach of both the Vengeance and the ITA Dacoit, who had individually been searching for Cassiopeia since her kidnapping.

Oratt IX

Oratt IX, O Class

Oratt IX is a medium-sized O Class planet within The Expanse that was mapped by the USS Endeavour during their long-range sensor sweeps of the region. Further investigation was conducted by the Science Department who launched a probe to take more detailed scans of key areas. It was upon retrieval of the probe that the mineral later classified as Teslacite was discovered.

Consisting mostly of water, like other O Class planets, the land formations have built up over millions of years worth of volcanic activity. There is no indication that any of the volcanoes located throughout the planet are still active however which has allowed plant and animal life to thrive across most of the larger continents.

Native Species

While most of the indigenous lifeforms on Oratt are aquatic there are one or two land dwelling species, such as the lizards and rabbit-sized deer encountered by the Away Team from Kepler Station. The dominant species are known as the Oratti and are humanoid amphibians who live in subterranean structures scattered about the planet.

Planetoid (2433614) 2386 KA

Romulan Satellite

Roughly one day away from Kepler Station at cruising velocity (Warp 6), this seemingly dead planetoid proved to be the location of an elaborate satellite network that masked the location of a Holodeck facility. How or why they were built is unknown but at the time the U.S.S. Harbinger passed by they fell into the trap of a rather mad Romulan, tr'Rot, who had taken up residence.

The planetoid was surrounded by a series of cloaked defence satellites that maintained a perimeter around the planetoid and insured that tr'Rot was never caught unprepared. After the team from Harbinger deactivated the system, the satellites were dismantled and sent to Janus Outpost for research. The interior consisted of a series of caves equipped with various forms of Romulan technology. Most notably holographic projectors which allowed tr'Rot to control the environment he placed his 'play things' in.

Tarandia VI

Tarandia VI, M Class

Native home to the Tarandian, a species of cyan coloured reptilian sapiens who have magenta frills dividing most of the vertical hemispheres of their heads from the neck up. Their proximity to both the Breen Confederacy and the Ferengi Alliance has made their interstellar advancement rather difficult.

Some Tarandian have still ventured out into the Expanse as merchants and traders after purchasing warp capable vessels from their Ferengi neighbours.