Tisran Joost

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Blank.pngDoctor Tisran Joost

Rank: Civilian
Position: Xenobiologist
Player: Mitchel

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Species: Siraxian
Gender: Male
Born: 2361 (25yo)
Hair: Black
Eyes: Black
Height: 6'2:

Tisran isn’t particularly tall for a Siraxian, though he is taller than the average. Compared to most humans however he is considered quite tall. He has a thin muscular build, and a soft beige tone to his skin. His “hair” is pitch black matching his eyes. At first glance one might think him to be human or betazoid. However, if one were to examine him more closely they find a series of brown diamond shaped bone plates that run down his spine starting at the base of his neck.


Tisran is a friendly and personable guy. He enjoys meeting new people, especially new species and those of mixed decent. Most he meets find him likable. It would be difficult to make him not like you unless you were just straight nasty. He has a desire to prove himself not only to his superiors but also his family. He is anxious to discover some new unnamed species and make his mark on history.


Tisran was born in 2361 the second child and son of Bruk and Netra. He wouldn’t be the youngest for very long. Before he knew it he had two little sisters. Childhood wasn’t the easiest time for him. He was constantly living in the shadow of his brother, who is a remarkable genius. It didn’t help that his father was a councilman, which always drew attention towards the family. Despite all this Tisran managed to have a fairly normal Siraxian childhood.

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Tisran graduated his primary schooling at the age of 12 from one of the top schools in Siraxia City. He had made decent grades and with the weight of his father’s position Tisran managed to get an appointment to Kret University, the top university in Siraxia. Tisran decided to persue a degree in the field of Xenobiology. He would follow in the footsteps of his mother. He opted to follow the PhD path as opposed to the MD path. Tisran’s university years went very well. He managed to graduate near the top of his class. Unfortunately, graduating near the top wouldn’t be good enough to get him the appointment that all Siraxians dream of. He missed getting an appointment to one of the deep space exploration vessels by one percent.

Tisran made the decision to work with Starfleet, though it wasn’t an easy decision to make. But, it was the only way he would get to explore the vast extent of space. However, his first assignment wasn’t what he had hoped for.


Father: Councilman Bruk Joost
Mother: Doctor Netra Phehest Joost
Older Brother: Dr. Felroon Joost
Oldest Sister: Nisy Joost Hellvoon
Youngest Sister: Aabyyst Joost
Plus many extended family members to numerous to name.