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U.S.S. Tokyo (NCC-2719-B)

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Following the failed Trade Negotiations at the end of 2386, due to the assassination of Gul Parel, tensions within The Expanse were at an all time high (KS13: Schwann-upmanship). Because of this a few more heavily armed vessels were reassigned to the region. One of those vessels was the USS Tokyo-B, which had just come off a successful term as an escort vessel along the Romulan Neutral Zone and was being reassigned crew.

Around the same time it was subsequently decided that Kepler Station required greater protection than the U.S.S. Harbinger could provide alone. While assessments were made into improving Security, the Tokyo was sequestered into assisting in a retrieval of missing Away Team members from Oratt IX. During that mission they were attacked by a former Jem'Hadar Fighter, commanded by an Orion slaver who utilised his knowledge of the unique electrical interference created by the planet's atmosphere to overwhelm the Tokyo. Among the various other lives lost that day were the Commanding Officer, Lt. Commander Lance Van Eden, and the Executive Officer, Lieutenant Fred Martin Jr (KS14: Curieosity Killed The Cat).

Interim command was given to Lt. Commander Rae who succeeded in bringing the vessel back to Kepler Station for extensive repairs. Tokyo was then permanently reassigned to provide an additional escort, as well as increasing Kepler Station's ability to provide assistance to Federation interests in the region (KS16: Maxwell's Dozen).


U.S.S. Tokyo (NCC-2719)

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Launched in 2251, the first Federation starship to carry the name Tokyo was a Loknar-Class frigate constructed at the Salazaar Shipyard orbiting the third planet in the Kalnor system. The five design variants of Loknar vessels were named for Federation colony provinces and cities, and many were crewed exclusively by Andorians as part of the "Blue Fleet". Due to their performance in the Four Years War the Loknar became a staple of fleet action, and remained in production until the late 23rd century, with older vessels continuously refit to newer standards.

Having been one of the original forty-eight Loknar-Class vessels constructed to fight against the Klingon Empire during the war, the U.S.S. Tokyo got her first taste of combat at the Second Battle of Axanar. Serving in multiple engagements throughout the Four Years War, the Tokyo continued to operate under the command of five different Captains until it was destroyed when the Warp Core overloaded in 2288. The escape pods and shuttlecraft all made it to safety prior to the explosion.

U.S.S. Tokyo (NCC-2719-A)

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Following the prestigious service career of the previous incarnation it was decided to commission a new vessel named Tokyo in the form of the highly successful Miranda-Class design. Constructed began at the 40 Eridani A Starfleet Construction Yards and the U.S.S. Tokyo-A launched in 2295. Throughout countless commands and refits, over the next seventy years, the Tokyo-A surpassed the reputation of the previous ship and went on to forge its own. In 2366 it was decided that the Tokyo had done her time and would become a training vessel rather than being decommissioned. Early the following year however the Tokyo-A was recommissioned in response to the Borg attack on the Federation at Wolf 359 where she was destroyed, all hands were lost.

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