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The science colony on Anticulo IV invite Kepler's science nerds down for a meet and greet. They also take a few engineers with them to check up and tune the colonists equipment and fusion reactor, which provides the power for the colony. Meanwhile those on Kepler are ordered to attend Violet's party in the arboretum. It's the perfect opportunity for the stressed crew to unwind and get to know the newer members of the crew in an off duty and peaceful setting...

Side Event: Eat, Drink and be Merry

The commanding officers of Task Force 47 join Commodore Gregory Blake for a boys' night out with gambling and drinking. This party is sadly gatecrashed by women including a CO's wife, the Commodore's little sister and Admiral Elizabeth Bassenthwaite.


Orders have been given for an away team of scientists and engineers to beam down to the science outpost on Anticulo IV to meet the locals, be geeky and check over their fusion reactors. Orders have also been given for those remaining on Kepler to attend a mandatory party in the arboretum.

Preparations and beam down of the away team commenced. New characters arrived and the party on Kepler is imminent.

The away team beamed down to the surface of Anticulo IV and found the place to be rather ominously deserted. They soon come across a small group of non-scientists who claim that one night the scientists all seemed to up and leave and haven't been seen since. A teenaged boy claims to be the leader of those left behind and shows half of the away team the archaeological artefacts that the scientists of the colony had returned with from their dig. A few items seem to be missing, but what attracts the attention of the away team is one of the gems. Could it be that people are trapped inside it? Not wanting to take chances the team encases the gems into secure canisters and go in search of this mysterious dig site.

Meanwhile on Kepler Station the party is in full swing. Violet and the crew from the Treehouse Lounge really have outdone themselves. A large clearing in the arboretum has been magically transformed into a fairy oasis, with coloured lighting, a holographic band, a dance floor and buffet tables and free alcohol. This party gives everyone on board a chance to relax, mingle and meet the newbies. All thoughts of a night of happiness are ruined when a mysterious rift opens up between the Commodore and the counsellor and a strange man in a disheveled uniform falls through. He collides with the Commodore, raises his arm and discharges a phaser burst into the chest of the counsellor. Mayhem is avoided by the quick thinking of those on hand. The Commodore, Sarah and Dex beam away with the injured and the intruder. Medical sets about doing what it was trained for, leaving Dex (in her sexy dress) to guard the intruder. Back in the arboretum security and the XO are left to evacuate non essential personnel to their quarters and for everyone else to report to their duty stations.

Ensign Shimura and Security Cadet Spokar decide to investigate the archaeological dig where the artefacts were found. While traipsing through the jungle they are attacked by a wild looking woman who turns out to be the head scientist of the colony. After knocking the woman unconscious they take her back to Kepler for medical attention. Meanwhile the rest of the away team are studying the artefacts and fixing damaged engineering equipment.

On Kepler the medical team work diligently on the counsellor who has suffered severe burns to her chest. The stranger who suddenly appeared in the arboretum and shot her, before passing out, is interrogated by security and intelligence. It soon becomes apparent that he had no idea how he got there. Sciences set about answering that question and come to the conclusion that a temporary wormhole was opened in the Gamma Quadrant, snatched him away and deposited him on Kepler. An overzealous science Ensign though has a run in with a kind security crewman who lets her off with a warning.

The away team return to the site to investigate what the head scientist of the colony claims to be the ruins of an advanced society that were in a 'great sleep' when the scientists disturbed them. The beings entered their bodies and took control, intent on returning though to their resting place. The away team find the rest of the scientists but no signs of the beings that had possessed them. They are quarantined until this is confirmed.