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tr'Rot and Layla

Subcommander tr'Rot

With multiple sightings in and around Sector 1757 since mid 2386, this strange Romulan and Human duo seem to cause chaos and mayhem simply for their own enjoyment. Just what it is that the pair might derive enjoyment from seems to be varied and change rapidly; sometimes it involves elaborate traps and games of subterfuge while other times they are content to perform difficult tasks for paying clients.

Both tr'Rot and Layla are cunning and intelligent and, as such, there is no telling the extent of their capabilities if pushed far enough. They are wanted in connection to numerous crimes across the galaxy.

Although tr'Rot much prefers to use is mind as his primary weapon, and has never been reported to have killed anyone, he has been known to go to extreme lengths to torture victims both physically and mentally. Layla on the other hand seems to have less of a natural predilection to the pain and torture tr'Rot is known for. However she has proven willing do anything to protect him, including kill.


Although sources are unsubstantiated it appears that tr'Rot was at one time or another in the employ of the Tal'Shiar; the elite intelligence agency of the Romulan Star Empire. During that time he reached the rank of Subcommander and was involved in numerous incursions into Federation space throughout the 2360's.

It was during such a mission where Centurion tr'Rot first came into contact with a seven year-old Human girl by the name of Layla who had been orphaned after a malicious Tal'Shiar-led attack on a Federation colony along the Neutral Zone.
Although it was later discovered the outposts, and those belonging to the Federation, had in truth been destroyed by the Borg the Romulans were convinced that the colony was secretly a covert weapons facility. For reasons that even he may not understand tr'Rot took the girl in and raised her, in his own twisted way, like a daughter.

Due to the nature of his work for the Tal'Shiar the pair lived constantly on the move, often with months between contact with anyone other than the targets tr'Rot was assigned. Many of his torture victims are only attributed to tr'Rot because of the calling card he would leave behind after their torture and, even at a young age, Layla was noted to bear signs of his penchant for scars and tattoos.

Even the outbreak of the Dominion War in 2373 didn't affect them much beyond the minor political ripples filtered down from the Senate. However following the Star Empire's involvement with the Federation in fighting the Dominion, something transpired between tr'Rot and his Tal'Shiar masters that led to he and Layla setting off on their own. Since then the pair have almost never been sighted separately.

(2433614) 2386 KA

Romulan Satellite

Exactly when tr'Rot and Layla reached The Expanse is unknown, but by June 2386 they were set up in an elaborate base of operations within the seemingly dead planetoid, later designated (2433614) 2386 KA by Starfleet.

Using contacts and resources remaining from his time in Romulan Intelligence, the planetoid was able to be equipped with a variety of advanced features including, holographic environments; a series of cloaked defence satellites that maintained a perimeter around the planetoid and insured that tr'Rot was never caught unprepared; and various means of escape.

From this base of operations, using a fake distress call, the pair lured a number of unsuspecting civilians into their trap where they would put them through a series of physical and psychological tests. The exact purpose of these tests remains unknown but could possibly have just been for tr'Rot's amusement. Eventually the distress call drew the attention of Lieutenant John Reynolds and Doctor Cassiopeia Yale, on the U.S.S. Harbinger, who beamed down to offer assistance.

Separating them upon their arrival, tr'Rot took a hands on approach with John at first while he studied Cassiopeia from afar; having Layla pose as a Trader who had crashed on the planetoid prior to Harbinger's arrival and was desperately searching for her crew mates. Layla put Cassiopeia through a serious of challenges to test her abilities and composure however it soon became clear though that neither of the Starfleet Away Team members were fooled by her act.

Matters took a dark turn when tr'Rot changed his approach and began to torture them both. After he was satisfied with slowly cutting her name into Cassiopeia's abdomen he turned his attention to John, mercilessly attacking him and leaving him on the verge of death. As he and Layla made their escape, the other members of the Cadet cruise managed to defeat the satellite network protecting the planetoid and rescue John and Cassiopeia. Although it was touch-and-go, Cassiopeia treated John's most severe injuries and kept alive until they could operate on him properly back at Kepler Station (KS11.2: The Donkey's Brahe).

R.C.V. Aehallh

Veranal-Class Freighter

The demented duo managed to remain under the sensor grid for almost eight months. During which time they took on a contract from an Andorian politician within the Treishya Party to kidnap their old friend Cassiopeia Yale and deliver the two genetically engineered, unborn children she was carrying to term for Petty Officer Nilari Shendehor and Maxwell "Bruiser" Roessler. Something of a political 'hot button', the unborn children could potentially be utilised as pawns in the agenda of whoever managed to posses them.

In order to achieve this, tr'Rot established a base of operations on the largest moon orbiting the planet Kraldal III, in Ferengi space and hired a team of mercenaries, including: Kavel, a male Boslic Soldier-For-Hire; Jirin, a female Boslic pilot and smuggler; and Cassius, a male Romulan and former Tal'Shiar member. The latter used his terminal medical condition as a means of infiltrating the station to gather intel while the two Boslic posed as civilians and gathered the resources to build a bomb which they planned to utilise as a distraction once they were prepared to abduct the Doctor. Their plan adapted however, when an impending asteroid strike led to an evacuation of the Medical module and offered them a perfect opportunity to kidnap Cassiopeia from under the nose of her colleagues.

Things didn't quite go according to plan however; in the process of slipping out unnoticed Jirin was left to fend for herself on the station and, out of necessity, Kavel was forced to take Intelligence Officer Iari Eolical and Cadet Zach Eastman captive when they stumbled upon his bomb preparations.

Playing a game of hide and seek with pursuing vessels for almost three weeks, Layla played host to Cassiopeia while tr'ot occasionally checked in on them. As time wore on it became clear to him that Layla was becoming sympathetic to the pregnant woman's plight and he had to keep an increasingly tight leash on her. The other two captives however were almost completely forgotten after being locked in a storeroom and warned that attempting to escape would be fatal. Their situation changed though when Kavel's darker nature got the better of him and he took Iari to his room. The Boslic was rewarded with a nasty wound and then quite literally cut from the team when tr'Rot allowed Layla to vent him into space.

The Aehallh eventually reached the rendezvous point only to find that their Andorian clients were nowhere to be seen. Fearing betrayal, tr'Rot changed course and headed back toward his moon-based compound in the Kraldal system. In the meantime the former pirate ship Vengeance, being spurred on by Eugene Reynolds in his desperate need to be reunited with Cassiopeia, was able to track them down thanks to the aid of people working back on Kepler and the Vulcan bounty hunter Sorok's Ferengi contacts. The Jem'Hadar vessel engaged the Romulan freighter just as three Andorian vessels dropped out of warp and joined the fight. Managing to keep them occupied while Sorok boarded the freighter, he and Iari discovered Cassiopeia in the process of childbirth. With tr'Rot and Layla both attempting to escape it was simple for the Vulcan to get everyone, including the newborn Thanleros, back to Vengeance (KS19: Boy Who Cried Wolf).